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Tough sentences are the answer.

Tough sentences are the answer WELL, no surprises. e law enforcers and the Government are at it again, with a new anti-knife campaign getting its seasonal kick-oSS. Are we any nearer solving the knife problem? No we're not. As ever, knives continue to be carried and often used for crime.

And why are we no nearer sorting this hideous problem? It's really very simple. e law enforcers, guided by the Home O(c)ce clowns, just don't get it.

I suggest they start by taking politics and political correctness out of the frame, then just get on with the job of enforcing the law on carrying knives and, while they're at it, hand down the most severe mandatory sentences in all cases of persons illegally found carrying knives and at least life imprisonment for wounding when using a knife.

Hand down to oSSenders who kill whilst using knives a death sentence as a standard punishment.

David Stamps, Kings Norton
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 11, 2014
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