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Tote board.


The NH tea partiers/Free Staters' least favorite Granite State GOP national committeewoman (there's only one, BTW) hangs on by the skin of her teeth, winning another term by two votes. And post-election, it wasn't exactly kumbaya.


The Dem state senator from Portsmouth, one of the state's eight superdelegates, says she'll be supporting Bemie Sanders at the DNC confab in July. Which means BS is no longer being shut out from NH superdelegate support. (All the others, save for "officially neutral" chair Raymond Buckley) are all in for Hill. Clinton.


The other candidate in the GOP US Senate raci says he stands by his endorsement of Trump with the claim that his prez candidate "is not a racist." Why? "His decades of hiring practices prove that!' Get it?


The former guv and father of a wannabe guv announces he'll be voting for Trump, despite his previous warning to GOPers not to drink the "Kool-Aid" being served by the bullying billionaire.


The Keene resident, former Free Stater (he was kicked out the movement earlier this year) and whose home was raided in March by the FBI in what was described as a possible child porn investigation, announces his candidacy for the Dem nod for guv.

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