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Totally Hip's Webpainter 1.0 for Macintosh Receives 4 out of 5 Diamonds in Macweek Review Score Card.



Totally Hip today announced that it has signed an agreement with GMS Datalink International Corporation as the company's first Canadian distributor. GMS Datalink will help to satisfy consumer product demand following an outstanding review of 4 out of 5 diamonds for WebPainter 1.0 for Macintosh in MacWeek's December 9th 1996 print and on-line issues ( This two page review is hot on the heels of last week s 4 out of 5 star rating given by PC Computing magazine for WebPainter 1.0 for Windows in the publications January 1997 issue.

"Totally Hip offers WebPainter as yet another tool to make captivating Web design easy for - who else? - the beginning Web designer. What distinguishes it (WebPainter) from others that make the same claim is its focus. It knows exactly what it wants to do and doesn't promise more that it can deliver," Jeff Glasse, of MacWeek wrote in his review. "Despite what Microsoft Corp. may want us to think, you don't need a bulldozer to shell a peanut. Small, easy, efficient development products such as WebPainter are just what the Internet ordered."

"The exceptional reviews in MacWeek and PC Computing during the past week have increased the awareness and demand for WebPainter dramatically, enabling Totally Hip to secure new distributors, VARS, resellers and OEM partners," said Randall McCallum, CEO and chairman of Totally Hip Software. "GMS Datalink is a recognized Canadian distributor of multimedia-related products, having established relationships with all major retailers in Canada. With over $12 million in sales annually, GMS Datalink will be a huge asset in obtaining retail space for WebPainter 1.0 for Macintosh and Windows." "We approached Totally Hip Software once we saw the initial industry response to WebPainter and the overwhelming popularity of Sizzler," said Greg Stanwood, president of GMS Datalink. "Now with the reviews in, WebPainter is sure to become a hit. We will be able to leverage from WebPainter's media attention to facilitate getting the product into the retail channels - quickly and efficiently."

With strong support for WebPainter 1.0 from consumers and industry, Totally Hip is entertaining a number of proposals from Australian, Japanese, European and American distributors, as well as educational and academic distributors. Currently, WebPainter 1.0 is distributed through a number of on-line retailers, mail order and catalogues. An easy-to-use, cel-based paint and animation program with extensive exporting and importing capabilities, WebPainter 1.0 complements many design tools such as Adobe Photoshop(TM) and Web page authoring tools such as Adobe PageMill(TM) and Claris HomePage(TM). With an SRP of $99.95/ $135.95 CDN, WebPainter includes a concise manual, a step-by-step tutorial and a library of sample animations.

Totally Hip Software Inc.: Founded in 1995, Totally Hip (ASE - THW) designs, develops and markets Web-based multimedia software and technology. These include Object Scenario, a multimedia authoring technology, Sizzler media players, and WebPainter animation software, which are all available commercially, as well as on a non-exclusive OEM licensing basis. The Object Scenario technology was developed with the assistance of the Province of British Columbia through the Technology BC program of the Science Council of British Columbia. Object Scenario can be used to develop new products or customize existing products including multimedia content creation tools, multimedia Web browsing, Web creation and Web server software, Web entertainment products, and multimedia authoring and presentation tools.

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CONTACT: Totally Hip Software Contact

Shelley Voyer, 604/685-6525


Verrecchia Group

Media Relations Contact, 604/737-8640
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 10, 1996
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