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Total terror.

I have recently bought and read your book Totalitaria, which was a very interesting and somewhat sobering book. To be honest, if I had not run into the ideas and thoughts of Alice A. Bailey and the Luciferian New Age movement before, I would have been hard pressed to believe it. However, I was pleased to read a well referenced and well argued presentation that has confirmed many of the suspicions that I have harboured regarding our own government in New Zealand and internationally.

I am a Christian, somewhat estranged from the church in general, and your book has raised one significant and nagging question for me. Many books of a similar nature leave me the same issue, actually. What can we do about this? It would seem that in the weight of international money and power, the opinions of a few disgruntled Christians and "conspiracy theorists" (at times falsely-so-called, to steal the words of Irenaeus of Lyon), would hardly warrant a hiccup.

Are there any Christian groups who are actively resisting this global agenda? If so, are they networked and working in unity?

Thank you for writing the book Totalitaria as it put issues that I had long forgotten back onto centre stage.

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Title Annotation:Communiques
Publication:Investigate HIS
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Date:Apr 1, 2014
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