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Total Quality Assurance for the Food Industries.

The second edition brings this useful book up to date on the methods used to ensure product and process quality for food products. It also notes the changes taking place in the quality assurance field.

On comparison with the earlier edition, seven new chapters have been added to cover the management aspects of manufacturing quality food products. Four of them deal with key variable that affect quality - raw materials/ingredients, machines, method and manpower. The other new chapters discuss the importance of packaging and container integrity evaluation and quality standards for food.

Actual chapter titles run: Introduction to total quality assurance; Modern concepts of quality assurance; Quality control and use of CEDAC (Cause and Effect Diagrams supplemented with Cards); Productivity and total quality assurance; Sampling for product evaluation and line control; Statistical quality and process control; Variable - raw materials and ingredients; Variable - machines; Variable - methods; Variable - people power; Food plant sanitation; Fundamentals of research and development; Communicating quality and the cost of quality; Specifications and quality standards; Packaging and container integrity evaluation; Sugar, salt and seasonings; Flavour; Odour; Physical evaluation of colour; Size, shape, symmetry and style; Maturity/character and total solids/moisture (specific gravity); Texture-tenderness, crispness, firmness; Rheology - viscosity - consistency; Defects - imperfections or appearance; Drosophila and insect control; Enzyme activity; Alcohol in foods and beverages; Fats and oils; Total acidity and pH; Mould-counting methods and principles; and Water activity. There are also a couple of appendices and the appropriate indexes.

As will be seen from the above, the first part of the text sets out the basic principles of total quality assurance for management and the ultimate operative. The second part describes the various attributes and characteristics of food plant quality and quality evaluation methods. This whole text is well illustrated with practical charts, tests and tables.
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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