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Total Quality: An Executive's Guide for the 1990s.

The Ernst & Young Quality Improvement Consulting Group has incorporated many of the much talked about, but least understood, "bells & whistles" for total quality achievement into one resource to be used by quality-conscious executives. An overview of the book provides the reader with a jump start into the realm of total quality management. Basic common-sense issues are revisited, such as the 80/20 rule of problem-solving. Statistical analyses are referenced throughout the book, demonstrating that facts and figures are necessary to determine where problems lie that preclude total quality.

In today's business environment, whether you are in the manufacturing sector or the service sector, there is no longer a choice about whether or not to adopt a total quality philosophy toward running your business. The question is: When and how will such a philosophy be developed and implemented?

The primary purpose of Total Quality is to offer a succinct, yet comprehensive guide for executives who must shape a cultural transformation within their companies. The book not only describes what executives must know, but also what they must do to affect change.

For example, in today's mortgage banking industry, top executives must adopt a vision of total quality in mortgage products and in loan servicing standards. Once the vision is formulated, it must be an inspiration to employees and should be communicated through every thought, word and deed to all levels of management and supervision. Implementation must involve every front-line employee. Training and education are the most formidable tools for activating and monitoring specific performance.

In summary, Total Quality is recommended reading for all CEOs. By implementing a total quality program, every mortgage banking CEO can be sure to obtain positive answers from customers to the questions: * Would I want to get my mortgage loan here (and would I come back)? * Would I want my mortgage loan serviced here for the next 12 to 30 years?

Customers will react positively to an organization's commitment to total quality. Through proper vision, research, employee involvement, motivation and implementation, total quality can be achieved.
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Author:Taylor, Jeffrey S.
Publication:Mortgage Banking
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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