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Total Army concept emphasized in MTMC.

Today's Army is a unique mix of the Reserves, Guard and Active duty personnel and the Military Traffic Management Command knows this better than many other major Army commands.

With more than 50 percent of its mobilization strength in the Reserve Component, MTMC knows the true value of highly trained citizen-soldiers.

Taking advantage of yet another unique source of manpower, MTMC is actively pursuing the use of as many as 25 additional Reserve soldiers for some of its positions.

"Our intent is to build strategic transportation and MTMC force integration expertise throughout the Transportation Corps' Active Guard and Reserve population," said Maj. Darryl Daugherty, Evaluation/Training Officer for MTMC's Readiness, Mobilization and Reserve Affairs.

"We want to increase readiness and promote compo-integration in MTMC units in accordance with the Chief of Staff Army and the MTMC commander's guidance."

"This is something we have to do in order to be more responsive to global contingency requirements," he said.

Additional Active Guard-Reserve officer is a first-step in integrating the components throughout the command, he said.

"Because of our operation tempo and the anticipated utilization of Army Reserve units in future MTMC operations worldwide," said Daugherty, "it just plain makes sense to bring on board more full time reservists if possible."

Working with Daugherty to obtain more Army Guard-Reserve soldiers is Col. Gary R. Engel, MTMC Deputy Chief of Staff for Readiness, Mobilization and Reserve Affairs. Both soldiers are Army Guard-Reserve officers.

"The Army Guard-Reserve officers are vital towards integrating Active and Reserve components during operations," said Engel. "They have the everyday dealings with Active Army personnel and a distinct knowledge of the Reserves.

Currently, the command has Army Guard-Reserve soldiers with the 598th Transportation Group, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; 597th Transportation Group, Southport, N.C.; and at MTMC Headquarters locations in Alexandria, Va., and at Fort Eustis, Va.

Army Guard-Reserved soldiers have served at MTMC for more than 17 years, said Daugherty.

"The MTMC chain of command sees the necessity of having Army Guard-Reserve soldiers and so does the Army Reserve chain of command," said Daugherty.

In the near future, Army Guard-Reserve soldiers may be a permanent presence in MTMC staffing. Engel is preparing a decision briefing on the use of Army Guard-Reserve soldiers within the MTMC force structure to Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Plewes, Chief, U.S. Army Reserve.

MTMC will be seeking a one-time approval for 25 or more Army Guard-Reserve soldiers.

"U.S. Army Reserve Command funds these soldiers for pay and benefits," said Daugherty.

"It could be an eventual $2 million savings to MTMC in Active Army salary and benefits."

Upon approval, the newly acquired soldiers will be phased into the command based upon Army Guard-Reserve availability and skill sets, he said. Actual personnel accessions will be closely managed by Engel with Army Personnel Command.

Army Guard-Reserve soldiers are career-managed just as their Active Component counterparts are, said Daugherty.

Current stabilization initiatives are intended to keep soldiers on location for as many as five years. Lieutenant colonels and colonels can probably expect two to three years on assignments.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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