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Toshiba Launches New Generation of Digital Business Telephone Systems -- Strata CTX Product Line.

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IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 5, 2002

Strata CTX670 Supports up to 672 Ports; Strata CTX100 Supports up to

112 Ports; Both Deliver Networking, Enhanced Voice Processing

Integration and More

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division (Toshiba TSD) today announced the launch of its Strata(R) CTX line of new-generation, digital business telephone systems.

The Strata CTX670 supports up to 672 ports and targets larger system users requiring 50 to 560 telephones. The Strata CTX100 supports up to 112 ports, for users requiring eight to 72 telephones. Both systems have the same powerful new feature set.

"Our new Strata CTX systems respond directly to the needs of our target markets, and cost-effectively support both small and large end users," said Paul L. Wexler, executive vice president of Toshiba America Information Systems, in Irvine.

"The new generation Strata CTX product line represents the most progressive telephone system ever designed by Toshiba, providing flexibility and investment protection that are unmatched in the industry. As with all our products, they ensure that Toshiba's recognized reputation for high quality and reliability will be achieved."

Hybrid systems designed to compete with both key and PBX systems, the Strata CTX products are complete business communication solutions with enhanced voice-mail integration, including a choice of two new Toshiba voice processing solutions and the ability to network multiple locations.

"By offering the new generation Strata CTX product line in two sizes, Toshiba gives users the option of starting small and growing, or starting with a large system, both providing a comprehensive, all-in-one turnkey solution," said Michael E. Durance, vice president and general manager of Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division.

"With either of the Strata CTX solutions, users have an intuitive, integrated system that handles all of their business communication needs, with the backing of Toshiba's reliable service and customer support."

New Systems With New Technology

The Strata CTX100 and Strata CTX670 are Toshiba's new generation business communication systems utilizing the latest digital technology to provide configuration flexibility and optimum performance, while minimizing future obsolescence.

The Strata CTX platform is based on a high-speed, 70 MIPS, 32-bit RISC processor, Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) with a lithium battery for back-up memory and Flash ROM program memory. The primary architectural features include:
-- Flash ROM that provides program memory, making future software upgrades easy
because there's no need to replace the memory chip hardware. Updates can be
implemented on-site or remotely.

-- New architecture that takes advantage of a high-speed backplane that
provides faster I/O functions and greater port density in a compact,
cost-effective, modular design.

-- Digital PAD technology that is used to compensate for differing transmission
levels between internal and external devices, delivering consistently clear
sound which is especially useful for conference calls. This is controlled and
set in programming; no additional hardware is required.

-- Feature options that are software controlled and do not require additional
DSP hardware to allocate feature resources, providing flexibility and cost

-- One processor model that supports all Strata CTX670 configurations, from
smallest to largest, accommodating affordable price points and cost-effective
growth in both small and large configurations. The Strata CTX100 uses the same
cost-effective single processor design.

Strata Net Enables Multiple Networked Strata CTX Systems

Utilizing Strata Net, a multi-system private networking application based on QSIG (an international standard for the interconnection of PBXs), users can network multiple Strata CTX670 and/or CTX100 systems, allowing them to operate with a high level of transparency.

Strata Net enables transparent dialing, with simple feature operation, through a coordinated numbering plan. This allows users to call each other across network nodes with simple network directory numbers and eliminates the need for access codes and network maps.

Strata Net also provides the ability to implement centralized voice mail, enabling a single voice-mail system to serve all users throughout the enterprise network. "Having a centralized, integrated voice-mail system provides users optimum integration and communication," Durance added.

Strata Net also facilitates centralized attendant service, which means that calls to all system nodes can be answered by a single attendant or attendant group, regardless of where the extensions or trunks are physically located. In addition, users need only dial "0" to reach the attendant, regardless of the network node on which they reside.

Voice-Mail Integration for a Complete Turnkey Solution

The Strata CTX products are designed for advanced integration with Toshiba's new voice processing solutions, Stratagy ES Release 3 and Stratagy IVP8, as well as the new Stratagy ES platform, Model C1. All of the new Stratagy voice processing solutions provide improved integration between both Strata CTX systems to deliver features such as Call Record to Voice Mail.

Additionally, Stratagy ES systems can display many voice processing functions when used with the new Toshiba 3000-series digital LCD telephones. Using soft keys on the digital telephone LCD, users can easily operate certain features, such as Play, Reply, Pause and Delete. Voice prompts still play over the handset should the user prefer to use them.

Simple, Cost-Effective Upgrade Path to CTX From Toshiba Strata DK


The new CTX products are replacing Toshiba's current DK40i and DK424i product lines, but with Toshiba's investment protection strategy, customers can cost-effectively migrate to the new products.

Current users of Toshiba Strata DK424i telephone systems can easily and economically migrate to the Strata CTX670 by continuing to use most of their system components, including the base cabinet, expansion cabinets, trunk and station cards, and telephones. All that is needed is a new Strata CTX670 processor and reprogramming of the system.

Durance said: "This is great news for existing Strata DK424i customers. As they reach the capacity limit of their current systems, they can easily upgrade to the CTX670, whose ultimate capacity is over 50 percent greater than the DK424i's maximum."

Similarly, current users of Toshiba Strata DK40i telephone systems can cost-effectively migrate to the Strata CTX100 or CTX670 by continuing to use their digital telephones, as well as some CO line and station cards.

Room to Grow by Simply Adding to Existing Equipment

The design of Strata CTX systems minimizes cost of ownership. The modular architecture enables customers to expand by adding, not replacing, common equipment. For example, cost-effective growth from smallest to largest configurations can be achieved using the same processor and adding licenses and interface cards.

Strata CTX100 customers also have the option of migrating to the CTX670 when their needs exceed the capabilities of the smaller system. Their digital telephones, and most CO line and station cards, can be reused in the larger CTX670 system, thus taking advantage of Toshiba's investment protection strategy.

New Telephones

Also announced today is Toshiba's new line of 3000-series digital telephones (see release on Toshiba 3000-Series Digital Telephones). Offering contemporary styling and incorporating several design improvements, six models are available to meet a variety of end-user needs.

The 3000-series digital telephones are compatible with both the new Strata CTX systems and current Strata DK systems. Three models feature Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). The top model has an extra large, 8-line by 24-character LCD, especially useful for feature prompting and directory dialing.

Pricing & Availability

End user system pricing for the Strata CTX systems ranges from $350 to $500 per station, depending upon system configuration, options and telephone models selected. Toshiba's new Strata CTX670 and CTX100 are now available. To find an Authorized Toshiba dealer in your area, visit the Toshiba Web site at

About Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.

With headquarters in Irvine, Toshiba America Information Systems (TAIS) is comprised of multiple divisions that provide computer, communications and imaging products and services. Products include industry leading portable computers, PDAs, mobile computing accessories, communications and portable servers, storage subsystems, cable modems, digital business telephone systems, voice-mail, digital cameras, security systems and projectors.

TAIS provides sales, marketing, services and manufacturing for its wide range of information products in the United States and Latin America. TAIS is an independent operating company owned by Toshiba America Inc., a subsidiary of Toshiba Corp., which is a world leader in high-technology and integrated manufacturing of electrical and electronic components, products and systems.

Toshiba has global sales of more than $50 billion and more than 300 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.

About Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division

The Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division markets the Strata CTX and Strata DK families of digital business telephone systems, Strata CS Communication Server, Stratagy voice processing systems and Interactive Voice Response.

For additional product information, contact Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division, 9740 Irvine Blvd., P.O. Box 19724, Irvine, Calif. 92618-1697, or visit the Web site at
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Date:Feb 5, 2002
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