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Toshiba Introduces Four Multifrequency Transducers; Toshiba's Digital PowerVision Ultrasound System Transducers and SMARTtrace Expand Clinical Utility.

TUSTIN, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Sept. 12, 1997--Toshiba America Medical Systems introduced four ultrasound transducers for expanded pelvic, vascular and transcranial imaging capabilities using the fully-digital PowerVision Ultrasound System.

In addition, the company launched SMARTtrace, a Spectral Doppler quantification mode for vascular and abdominal studies that improves productivity as well as increases accuracy and reproducibility of ultrasound measurements.

Toshiba's newest probes include two endocavitary transducers, a linear array transducer for peripheral vascular and small parts examinations, and a phased array sector transducer for transcranial applications.

"Utilizing PowerVision's state-of-the-art digital platform, including Toshiba patented Digital Image Optimization (DIO), Digital Continuous Beam Formation (DCBF) and Quad Signal Processing (QSP) technologies, the new transducers provide more precise, detailed anatomical information to help physicians make accurate diagnoses," said Suzanne Certain, director, Ultrasound Marketing, Toshiba America Medical Systems. "In addition, the transducers were designed with outstanding ergonomics to enhance patient comfort and reduce operator fatigue."

Each transducer incorporates Toshiba's advanced ceramics and proprietary Chip-in-the-Tip integrated circuitry for an improved signal-to-noise ratio that results in outstanding image quality. The transducers also employ triple frequency imaging and dual frequency Doppler, which allow technologists to better optimize imaging parameters for any body type including difficult-to-image patients such as those with deep vessels and those that experience discomfort holding their breath.

In addition, Toshiba's exclusive Directional Color Angio (DCA) is available with the new transducers. Providing valuable diagnostic information on tissue perfusion, DCA combines the sensitivity of color angiography with the directional information of color Doppler.

Endocavitary Transducers Enhance Clinical Accuracy for Improved Patient Care

PowerVision's DIO and DCBF technology enable the new endocavitary transducers to provide micron-level pixel definition for clear, consistent image quality. In addition, the system offers superior near-to-far-field image resolution for improved detection of disease and abnormalities, reducing the need to perform more expensive or invasive studies.

Endovaginal ultrasound has dramatically improved the ability to visualize the uterus and adjacent structures. PowerVision's QSP technology delivers high frame-rate imaging which allows the new endocavitary transducers to capture more information for increased accuracy and earlier detection of intrauterine or ectopic pregnancies. In addition, high-frame-rate imaging enables physicians to quickly confirm rapid fetal heart rate in early gestations.

Using high frequencies at close proximity to pelvic structures, the PVK-651VT multifrequency, micro-convex, end-fire endovaginal transducer produces more detailed anatomical images for increased exam accuracy and diagnostic confidence. With an extended 150-degree field-of-view, the PVK-651VT transducer enables physicians to distinguish between intrauterine and ectopic pregnancies as well as to detect fetal abnormalities.

The transducer also can monitor follicle growth, evaluate postmenopausal bleeding, and screen the ovaries, uterus and cervix for cancer. The PVK-651VT was engineered for easy insertion and manipulation to minimize patient discomfort during exams.

The Toshiba PVK-720ST multifrequency, micro-convex, end-fire endocavitary transducer enables physicians to anatomically and hemodynamically evaluate the prostate gland and pelvic cavity with a 120-degree field-of-view. Utilizing PowerVision's DCBF and DIO features, the transducer's defined ultrasound beam increases sensitivity for detecting lesions in the prostate, rectum and bladder.

The probe also performs obstetric and gynecologic applications including identifying ectopic pregnancy, monitoring follicle growth, detecting fetal anomalies, evaluating postmenopausal bleeding, and screening for pelvic-area cancers. The PVK-720ST permits gentle insertion and manipulation to increase patient comfort.

Multiple-Use Transducers Expand Ultrasound Clinical Capabilities

Toshiba created the PLK-503AT linear array and the PSK-20CT phased array transcranial sector transducers to perform more comprehensive vascular studies using ultrasound. PowerVision's DIO and Digital Motion Discriminator (DCM) increase the amount of raw data generated while significantly improving sensitivity and reducing color motion artifact along vessel walls for improved image quality.

Applications for the Toshiba PSK-20CT multifrequency phased array sector transducer include assessing intracranial stenosis and occlusions as well as evaluating collateral vessels. PSK-20CT also can monitor cerebral vasospasm/vasoconstriction, evaluate arteriovenous malformations and assess patients with suspected brain death.

In addition, the transducer offers excellent grayscale image quality and possesses high pulsed wave and color Doppler sensitivity for transcranial studies. Its flexible cable and lightweight design improve operator comfort and ease of use.

The PLK-503AT multifrequency linear array transducer facilitates routine screening and imaging for examining palpable and non-palpable lesions including adenomas, fluid collections and cysts. This transducer is especially useful in evaluating the extremities, joints, thyroid, breast, and scrotum/testes. In addition, the 5.0-MHz transducer features Independent Beam Steering to maximize B-mode, pulsed-wave and color Doppler information without any tradeoff in performance.

SMARTtrace is a Spectral Doppler quantification mode especially useful for vascular and abdominal studies. The Doppler wave form is automatically traced, eliminating the need for manual manipulation. "SMARTtrace continues Toshiba's ongoing goal of making ultrasound more quantitative, less subjective and easier to use," commented Certain.

With headquarters in Tustin, Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS) is a subsidiary of Toshiba America Inc., which employs 8,000 throughout the United States. TAMS markets, sells, distributes, and services diagnostic imaging systems. Toshiba's imaging products include CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and both conventional and vascular X-ray systems. Toshiba America MRI Inc., in south San Francisco, has responsibility for research and development, engineering, and manufacturing of diagnostic imaging equipment in the United States.

CONTACT: Toshiba America Medical Systems, Irvine

Kristen Heller, 714/427-3146


Catherine M. Eilts, 714/669-4140

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Date:Sep 12, 1997
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