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Tory Cllr axed for racist call centre jokes.

A TORY councillor has been booted out of the party for "appalling racist behaviour".

David Whittingham, 61, admits mocking a call centre worker and is alleged to have said he did not want "any foreigners" living on his road.

He was investigated following a complaint from housing officers after he put on a bad Pakistani accent to imitate a Vodafone employee.

A panel ruled the councillor for Fareham North West, Hants, had behaved in a racist way. He denied saying he did not want to live near foreigners and said he was only joking about immigrants.

Sean Woodward, Tory leader of Fareham Council, said: "I'm shocked at such appalling racist behaviour."

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 17, 2016
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