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Amnesty: Torture, Rights Abuses Persist in Bahrain. Nov 22, 2016 428
CM takes notice as student tortured at Cadet College by staff. Nov 20, 2016 205
Autopsy report for allegedly tortured citizen Magdy Makeen ready within 48 hours: lawyer. Nov 20, 2016 271
Interior Ministry orders investigation into Makeen's death, MPs visit police station. Nov 19, 2016 791
10 arrested in transgender torture case: NA told. Nov 19, 2016 177
Torture killer at the crem; Murderer is let out of jail for mum's funeral but he still won't tell victim's family where he dumped her body; MONSTER MOURNS ANGER AS COATS IS FREED FOR MUM'S FUNERAL; Compassionate leave from prison for cross-dressing killer who showed no compassion to tortured Lynda. Nov 19, 2016 1476
Mum was tortured.. the day the IRA took my brother, they took my mother too; Inquest told of 43-year wait to find body. Nov 18, 2016 387
Strengthening legal framework to combat torture at centre of conference in Tunis. Nov 17, 2016 166
Tragic teen 'tortured by fake Facebook girlfriend' inquest told. Nov 16, 2016 626
USTPAC and BTF Call on the Swiss Authorities to Detain Sisira Mendis. Nov 16, 2016 690
Belgium : Torture goods: Council adopts amending regulation. Nov 15, 2016 594
I was just a normal bloke working & drinking with the lads but after 26yrs I'm living as a woman; TRANSGENDE ER WOMAN ON 'LIFE OF TORTURE'; Adrianne says change inspired by Paisley; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 15, 2016 1047
Torture and execution by forces fighting IS in Iraq. Nov 11, 2016 323
Torture and execution by side we back in Iraq. Nov 11, 2016 327
I'm tortured by Paul's death and I want to stop it happening to anyone else's family; SO BRAVE ANGIE'S SAFETY MISSION Widow saw husband's wrecked bike and had to tell four kids he was gone.. now she's speaking out to save others. Nov 8, 2016 634
Calls for tougher laws after cat is found mutilated in Dubai. Nov 6, 2016 338
PTI workers put in death cells, subjected to extreme torture: Imran. Nov 6, 2016 237
Sharifan Bibi torture case; seven held. Nov 5, 2016 116
From 15 to 20 torture complaints registered each month (Organization). Nov 5, 2016 160
A WRITE OF PASSAGE; TOTAL FOOTBALL .. EVERY SATURDAY Former Hibs and Dundee star Tam has hung up his boots and picked up the laptop to give football fans a peek inside the cut-throat world of football in his blog and he pulls no punches as he reveals the torture of playing out a career in the lower leagues. Nov 5, 2016 1379
Killer British banker tortured first victim as 'an experiment' Trial hears Jutting wanted to know whether prostitute 'accepted death'. Nov 3, 2016 441
Killer British banker tortured first victim as 'an experiment' Evil test during days of terror. Nov 3, 2016 457
Captured, tortured, and left to rot at Gitmo: Sanad al-Kazimi hoped for justice. Twelve years later he's still waiting. Rayner, Martha Nov 1, 2016 3507
Health staff should always report any cases of torture identified during performance of their duties, says OCTT. Oct 31, 2016 170
Woman tortured and kidnapped. Oct 29, 2016 458
Tortured and abused by parents for 15 years. Oct 29, 2016 165
Youth tortured to death. Oct 29, 2016 146
Civil society urges finalising establishment of national anti-torture authority. Oct 29, 2016 205
Tortured elders defeat son in court. Oct 27, 2016 532
One person tortured, another stabbed injured. Oct 27, 2016 163
Jury shown 'torture' video in banker's murder trial. Oct 26, 2016 242
Torture film shown at banker trial. Oct 26, 2016 141
Man tortured to death. Oct 25, 2016 111
UK banker 'tortured victim before killing' MAN ACCUSED OF MURDERING TWO WOMEN AT HIS HONG KONG APARTMENT. Oct 25, 2016 304
Banker high on cocaine tortured bar girl for days, ordered her to lick toilet bowl.. then he slashed her throat; HORROR IN HONG KONG BRITON DENIES DOUBLE MURDER Public schoolboy filmed himself using pliers and sex toys on first victim, and hid her body in suitcase. Oct 25, 2016 860
British banker's torture video stuns jury in Hong Kong murder trial. Oct 25, 2016 909
Hong Kong jury to see 'torture' video as British banker's trial begins. Oct 24, 2016 773
Torture Doesn't End For The Victims. Oct 23, 2016 399
GLADRAGS I'LL GO FROM RICHES TO OLDIE FIRM Today's League Cup semi-final is the 403rd meeting between the Old Firm in all competitions. Gers have won 159, Celtic 147, with 96 drawn. VIVA GLAS VEGAS email 2Dembele ready to torture Gers againGOING TIGHT TO THE WIRE. Oct 23, 2016 1215
U.N. praises Parliament's anti-torture legislation. Oct 21, 2016 562
Tortured Palestinians prisoners denied doctor visits. Oct 21, 2016 169
Parents torture hyperactive son, 9, to death in Kuwait. Oct 19, 2016 325
Doctors protest against torture of colleague. Oct 19, 2016 341
Iraqis fleeing Mosul face torture, detention, death. Oct 18, 2016 1104
Kazakhstan : OSCE holds second training seminar for regional judges in Kazakhstan on anti-torture standards. Oct 18, 2016 115
Una's bad girl back home to torture mum. Oct 18, 2016 123
Women allegedly tortured to death by husband. Oct 18, 2016 126
Judicial probe into prisoners' torture in jail demanded. Oct 18, 2016 705
Woman tortured to death in Rawalpindi. Oct 16, 2016 131
Woman allegedly tortured in Rawalpindi. Oct 15, 2016 119
Austria : Torture prevention in focus during first annual meeting on national prevention mechanisms from the OSCE region in Vienna. Oct 15, 2016 437
Austria : Rehabilitation for victims of torture discussed at OSCE/ODIHR workshop in Vienna. Oct 14, 2016 418
STRACH SET TO WALK BEFORE WEMBLEY; TORTURE IN TRNAVA; Under-pressure manager considers his future as he looks for answers ahead of Auld Enemy clash; EXCLUSIVE; come on scotland; GORD WALK. Oct 13, 2016 325
This time? It's same as all the other times; TORTURE IN TRNAVA Gord had us believing but we're facing same old misery. Oct 13, 2016 945
For Gord's sake... GO NOW; Tartan Army want Strachan sacked TORTURE IN TRNAVA. Oct 13, 2016 1039
BULLS' 4X4 TORTURE; EXPOSED: SICK NEW TWIST IN SPAIN'S ANIMAL CRUELTY; Creatures chased to exhaustion in cars and pelted with rocks for 'fun'. Oct 13, 2016 905
Couple allegedly tortured. Oct 12, 2016 115
Poland : On International Day against the Death Penalty, ODIHR Director draws attention to the international debate linking capital punishment with torture and other ill-treatment. Oct 12, 2016 376
'Helen's Law could block parole for killers like evil Simms' mersey mp urges government action to spare families of murder victims a 'special kind of torture'. Oct 12, 2016 556
Family's 'torture' over missing Scott. Oct 12, 2016 131
Forensics report in Hisham Barakat assassination case denies defendants were tortured. Oct 11, 2016 184
S. Sudanese journalist abducted and severely tortured. Oct 10, 2016 348
Woman in court for torturing maid with scissor, hot iron. Oct 9, 2016 528
Woman in court for torturing maid with scissor, hot iron. Oct 9, 2016 526
Apprentice star uncle's torture hell at hands of gang Mr Big; SUGAR BABE SHOCK; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 9, 2016 449
Belgium : Paris agreement, torture, Colombia and free rail travel for 18-year-olds. Oct 8, 2016 547
RUGBY RAPIST DELAYS 'TORTURE FOR VICTIM' Father hits out as sentencing wait prolongs the agony for his daughter. Oct 7, 2016 306
United States : Donor Conference for the Syria Justice and Accountability Center and the Syria Survivors of Torture Initiative. Conference news Oct 7, 2016 260
Amnesty International launches campaign to demand truth about death under torture of two activists of Ennahda. Oct 6, 2016 191
Belgium : MEPs strengthen EU export ban on torture goods. Oct 5, 2016 446
Belgium : EU strengthens trade rules against goods used for capital punishment and torture. Oct 5, 2016 895
Belgium : Strengthening trade rules against goods used for capital punishment and torture. Oct 5, 2016 920
Kazakhstan : OSCE promotes international standards to help torture victims in Kazakhstan. Oct 4, 2016 299
FAMILY FIRE DEATH No2; Brother's 'torture' after Wullie is killed. Oct 3, 2016 262
FAMILY FIRE DEATH No2; Brother's 'torture' after Wullie is killed. Oct 3, 2016 261
Luxor civilians demonstrate against torture of tourism worker in Hurghada. Oct 2, 2016 218
Woman among three tortured, assaulted in separate incidents. Oct 1, 2016 176
Man kidnapped, tortured and raped in nine-hour ordeal; POLICE: 'ONE OF THE MOST DISTURBING CASES EVER'. Oct 1, 2016 495
Ukraine : Remembrance of every tortured is vaccination against new tragedies. Sep 30, 2016 593
Nine cases of torture recorded in September 2016 (OCTT report). Sep 30, 2016 182
"Some 400 cases of torture reported in Tunisia during October 2013-octobre2015 period " according to LTDH report. Sep 28, 2016 195
Dentist abducted and tortured by Border Fox 29yrs ago laid to rest; Mourners pay tribute as dad of three loses cancer battle. Sep 25, 2016 362
Torture of mum's hope for her Ben. Sep 21, 2016 604
Save me from this 'torture' PRISONER IN INDIAN JAIL PLEADS FOR HELP FROM GOVERNMENT. Sep 20, 2016 507
Gerald Staberock: "Tunisia made considerable strides in fight against torture". Sep 14, 2016 182
An army force freed four abductees were tortured in Samarra. Sep 13, 2016 107
Torture dad fear; Brute to live 20 miles from terrorised family; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 11, 2016 319
Torture threat focused my mind; Yvonne Ridley, captured by the Taliban 15 years ago, has written a book questioning the use of torture in warfare. David Whetstone reports. Sep 10, 2016 1410
MADA: Circles of torture and ill-treatment by Palestinian Security Services "widening". Sep 8, 2016 1043
PIA engineer allegedly tortured to death over parking issue. Sep 8, 2016 139
Engineer tortured to death over parking issue. Sep 8, 2016 135
House vandalized, youth tortured. Sep 6, 2016 105
House vandalized, youth tortured. Sep 6, 2016 109
Report: Israel Detained 30 Palestinian Teens in August, Majority Tortured. Sep 6, 2016 651
Man tortured to death. Sep 3, 2016 126
Robert Weiner And Daniel Khan On Torture: "A Plague On Both Our Houses - the Nation Has Yet To Come To Grips With Its Own Truth" - Featured Article, #2 In Nation, In OpEd News. Sep 2, 2016 1538
The return of torture? CIA and Congress oppose Trump's push--but the public may not. Vlahos, Kelley Beaucar Aug 31, 2016 2337
Indian agencies upset by ongoing uprising: Hurriyet leaders. Aug 30, 2016 364
Journalist appears in police station with torture signs, despite police denial. Travel narrative Aug 29, 2016 211
Man had lewd child images and infant-torture pictures 'for sale'. Aug 27, 2016 213
Trader recovers from torture cell. Aug 27, 2016 525
Iraq - Aug 22 - Iraq Used Torture To Extract Confessions From Convicts, Amnesty Says. Aug 27, 2016 280
Premier: Israel's Horrific Treatment of Bilal Kayed Amounts to Torture. Aug 23, 2016 350
Palestine PMO: Israel's horrific treatment of Bilal Kayed amounts to torture. Aug 23, 2016 344
Iran 'tortured' prisoners before executions. Aug 22, 2016 345
IGP orders inquiry into police torture on boys. Aug 22, 2016 102
Mother, son allegedly tortured, assaulted. Aug 21, 2016 129
Unidentified woman's tortured body found in Karachi. Aug 20, 2016 115
'You tortured, raped and battered her with extraordinary viciousness' 13 years for terrifying attack in woman's own home. Aug 20, 2016 639
Tortured body found. Aug 18, 2016 107
MC employees protest against 'torture' on colleagues by PTI councilors. Aug 10, 2016 356
Tortured body recovered, 2 dacoits killed. Aug 10, 2016 250
Sharjah inmates can complain if cops torture them. Aug 10, 2016 266
Al-Beltagy claims he was tortured after filing report against Al-Sisi. Aug 10, 2016 412
SHO suspended for torture. Aug 8, 2016 130
Aussies rally over torture of jailed kids. Jul 31, 2016 102
Bahraini Dissident Dies 'after Torture' in Custody. Jul 31, 2016 287
3 children rescued from mom's torture chamber. Jul 31, 2016 384
Saudi rejects torture claims by wayward British daughter, spiced up by UK media. Jul 30, 2016 312
CM takes notice of news regarding torture cell. Jul 29, 2016 112
INHUMAN; BORSTAL ABUSE CHILDREN 'TORTURED' Aussie guards caught beating and stripping boy and strapping him to 'restraint chair'. Jul 27, 2016 397
Australian Detention Center Tortured Children. Jul 26, 2016 344
Kuwait briefs UN meeting on its anti-torture policies. Jul 26, 2016 301
Egypt demands immediate investigation into reports of citizen tortured, killed in German prison. Jul 26, 2016 209
Accused in torture of field worker arrested. Jul 25, 2016 308
Prisoner allegedly tortured to death in Sohag. Jul 24, 2016 423
The body of a young man from the followers of Barzani found in Kirkuk and has signs of torture. Jul 24, 2016 195
Castle, gardens, parklands, torture chamber and more. Jul 22, 2016 175
Man allegedly tortured his wife to death over domestic dispute. Jul 21, 2016 110
Castle, gardens and torture ... Out and about. Jul 21, 2016 173
No torture, kidnappers were Pashto speaking, says Shah. Jul 21, 2016 768
Syria: Turkish-Backed Terrorists Torture, Behead 12-Year-Old Kid in Northern Aleppo. Jul 20, 2016 137
'I have never been on Death Row, but my case was a death penalty case. I've always maintained my innocence. ' A Midlands man in prison for an horrific rape, torture and murder has sensationally contacted the Sunday Mercury to proclaim his innocence. MIKE LOCKLEY reports. Jul 17, 2016 1074
Father's anguish after his nine-month-old baby is 'tortured' by maid. Jul 17, 2016 343
Hundreds face torture and enforced disappearance in Egypt -- Amnesty. Jul 13, 2016 587
MASTER McGRATH; It's Water torture as John cracks hat-trick. Jul 11, 2016 737
South Sudan should address war mental health impact: Amnesty International. Jul 6, 2016 840
Law fails to expunge police torture. Jul 5, 2016 1348
PHEW! WHAT A TORTURE; RUGBY LEAGUE; Relief for Cunningham. Jul 4, 2016 285
PHEW! WHAT A TORTURE; Relief for Cunningham; RUGBY LEAGUE. Jul 4, 2016 285
Police personal allegedly tortured senior citizen. Jul 3, 2016 116
El Nadeem documents 104 torture cases, 84 enforced disappearances in June. Jul 3, 2016 237
State 'got the chills' by law revealing torturer's identity: Negad El-Borai. Jul 3, 2016 2018
IOK bar flays desecration of mosques, torture on people. Jul 2, 2016 174
United Kingdom : Torture goods: Council confirms agreement with EP. Jul 1, 2016 555
It was so scary, there was a lot of fighting.. life's much better here; FLEEING TORTURE AND ABUSEESCAPE Women who endured years of war open up about the horrors of genital mutilation and how they are making new lives for themselves and families in Scotland. Jun 30, 2016 1057
Jail for Dubai woman who tortured maid to death. Jun 29, 2016 287
On Crimes and Punishments. Jun 28, 2016 194
Int'l Day in Support of Victims of Torture observed. Jun 27, 2016 432
Man jailed for 16 years after 'prolonged torture session'. Jun 27, 2016 470
EU Delegation Head marks International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Jun 26, 2016 388
Torture and cruel treatment 'has not disappeared'. Jun 25, 2016 262
Violence against women must be stopped: PPP. Jun 25, 2016 464
HRCP to hold consultation on torture on Friday. Jun 24, 2016 116
JACKO'S BIZARRE PORN COLLECTION; Photos found in raid on superstar's sprawling Neverland home showed violent sex and torture. Jun 22, 2016 286
JACKO'S BIZARRE PORN COLLECTION; Photos found in Neverland raid showed violent sex and torture. Jun 22, 2016 434
Al-Dostour Party receives torture complaint from detained member. Jun 21, 2016 364
IT'S SLO TORTURE; EURO 2016: ROY'S BOYS LIMP THROUGH TO KNOCKOUT STAGE; Toothless England held to goalless draw by Slovakia as rampant Wales top the group. Jun 21, 2016 773
IT'S SLO TORTURE; EURO 2016: ROY'S BOYS LIMP THROUGH TO KNOCKOUT STAGE; Toothless England held to goalless draw by Slovakia as wondrous Wales top the group. Jun 21, 2016 777
United States : Secretary-General Urges States to stand by victims of Torture, support United Nations fund, in message for International Observance. Jun 18, 2016 306
Ombudsman takes suo-moto action on torture on 10 year seminary student. Jun 18, 2016 148
NGOs denounce investigation of lawyer, judges over 'anti-torture' bill. Jun 16, 2016 214
Court adjourns Luxor police torture verdict to 12 July. Jun 14, 2016 317
80 documented assaults on members of the press: Journalists Against Torture. Jun 13, 2016 596
British Tamil 'tortured and detained' during Lanka marriage trip. Jun 11, 2016 801
RENDITION RAGE; Amnesty's demand for truth after MI6 torture case axed. Jun 10, 2016 317
Journalist tortured by WAPDA officials. Jun 7, 2016 133
Khaled Said: six years on and torture is still justified. Jun 6, 2016 213
Prosecution of human rights lawyer continues over anti-torture bill. Jun 5, 2016 532
Oman health: Witch doctors torture, rip off patients. Jun 4, 2016 787
British special forces torture Daesh with Bollywood music. Jun 3, 2016 150
Egyptian expat claims he was tortured by Sudanese intelligence. Jun 1, 2016 529
Non-bailable arrest warrants issued for Imran Khan, Qadri in SSP torture case. Jun 1, 2016 246
Snakes, rats and a litany of cruelty and neglect ...the harrowing secrets of Fee house of horror; DEATH OF AN INNOCENT the liam fee murder 4 DAILY RECORD Wednesday, June 1, 2016 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK DEATH OF AN INNOCENT the liam fee murder DAILY RECORD Wednesday, June 1, 2016 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK Grubby flat where monster lovers tortured three innocent little boys. Jun 1, 2016 1736
MOTHERS OF ALL EVIL; COUPLE GUILTY OF KILLING SON, 2; Mum & partner beat kids, locked them in cages, tortured them with snakes and rats. Jun 1, 2016 102
NOW CAGE THEM; Vile torture couple who murdered tot face life in jail for horrific crimes. Jun 1, 2016 1128
MOTHERS OF ALL EVIL; COUPLE GUILTY OF KILLING SON, 2 Mum & partner beat kids, locked them in cages, tortured them with snakes and rats. Jun 1, 2016 102
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - May 25 - EU Arms Exports To Egypt Fuel Killings, Torture: Amnesty. May 28, 2016 543
Investigate S. Sudan army over torture, killings, says rights body. May 26, 2016 588
Sudanese students, activists are at risk of torture: HRW. May 25, 2016 1018
Freed Coptic priest denies being subjected to torture. May 25, 2016 403
South Sudan: Civilians Killed, Tortured in Western Region. May 24, 2016 4746
Why torture doesn't work and is even detrimental. May 23, 2016 845
That's not justice; Tanya was raped, beaten and tortured by brutal ex-fiance who could be out of jail after serving half of 9-year sentence. No wonder she thinks.. May 23, 2016 769
I was hooded, cuffed, punched and kicked, beaten on the soles of my feet, hung from the ceiling and given electric shocks. I would ask them 'What do you want from me? What do you want me to do?' TORTURE VICTIM SEEKING REFUGE REVEALS CELL HELL AS CAMPAIGNERS WARN SANCTUARY SYSTEM IS FAILING. May 22, 2016 898
Doctor Lives being put at risk. May 22, 2016 457
Doctor Lives being put at risk. May 22, 2016 713
Working children receive less daily wages, psychologically tortured. May 22, 2016 959
GGPS Kass Koroona teacher torture students. May 21, 2016 246
Man tortured to death. May 19, 2016 114
HYPOCRITES FROM HELL; SICKENING TORTURE GANG MEMBERS DENOUNCE BULLYING Mums' hard line on cruel behaviour is at odds with crimes they committed. May 17, 2016 1583
Neighbour's window smashed for playing Nathan's Wagon Wheel; Court told repeats were 'torture'. May 17, 2016 415
Neighbour's window smashed for playing Nathan's Wagon Wheel; Court told repeats were 'torture'. May 17, 2016 414
Man tortured to death,two injured over enmity. May 17, 2016 165
Shahbaz Taseer reveals immense torture received during abduction. May 17, 2016 373
State continues prosecution of rights lawyer over anti-torture bill. May 17, 2016 413
Habib Essid highlights need to implement recommendations of UN Committee against Torture. May 17, 2016 205
Effort to release full text of CIA torture report blocked. May 14, 2016 312
Hekmati sues Islamic Rep. for torture. May 13, 2016 211
Torture brothers said to have fled. May 12, 2016 436
Ethiopian journalist: 'I was jailed and tortured'. May 12, 2016 592
Indian Woman Tortured to Death by Saudi Employer. May 11, 2016 574
Gazza's nephew wasn't a 'druggie', he was a tortured soul with OCD who was badly let down; MUM'S ANGUISH OVER HER SON'S TRAGIC DEATH; Jay begged to be sectioned; He had demons since age 13; EXCLUSIVE. May 10, 2016 1688
Malek Adly's defense team files complaints over client's alleged torture in prison. May 9, 2016 266
El Nadeem documents 67 torture cases, 87 enforced disappearances in April. May 9, 2016 324
Torture flights probe is held up. May 8, 2016 205
250 complaints reporting torture cases in 2015 (Radhia Nasraoui). May 7, 2016 249
Postmortem confirms MQM man was tortured. May 6, 2016 761
Tortured body of teenage girl found in Sheikhupura. May 3, 2016 124
I hope families can find peace after the verdict... I still see the faces of people I tried to save and I torture myself that I did not do enough; HILLSBOROUGH HERO BREAKS HER SILENCE AMBULANCE WORKER TARA PARKES. May 1, 2016 932
Stigma is the origin of bullying/Stigmatiser est a l'origine des brimades/El estigma, origen del bullying. Huggins, Michael Report May 1, 2016 12323
Fans and boss must be put out of misery soon; WHETHER MARTINEZ STAYS OR GOES, EVERTON BOARD NEED TO MAKE DECISION TO PUT END TO TORTURE. Apr 30, 2016 380
Five vital games in 11 days was torture but I'd rather have a fixtures pile-up than three weeks with my feet up; FINAL WARNING GERS GAFFER'S DILEMMA FINAL WARNING GERS GAFFER'S DILEMMA Warbs has work cut out keeping players fit for cup final. Apr 29, 2016 1035
FORGIVE ME, SON; JUSTICE FOR THE 96: A BRAVE MOTHER'S HEARTBREAK; Margaret Aspinall devoted her life to the 96 but the pain was too raw to delve into her lad's case. When, at the inquest, she saw video of a PC stepping over 18-year-old James' body, she was so tortured by guilt she wanted to die. Apr 27, 2016 1310
FORGIVE ME, SON; JUSTICE FOR THE 96: A BRAVE MOTHER'S HEART BREAK; Margaret Aspinall devoted her life to the 96 but the pain was too raw to delve into her lad's case. When, at the inquest, she saw video of a PC stepping over 18-year-old James' body, she was so tortured by guilt she wanted to die. Apr 27, 2016 1315
Torture remains a significant human rights problem in Mexico. Navarro, Carlos Apr 27, 2016 1822
Four animal torture suspects identified. Apr 25, 2016 434
KSA calls on UN to stop politicizing human rights. Apr 25, 2016 586
They forced me to put my hand in dead Liam's mouth; MURDER TRIAL LAD'S EVIDENCE Schoolboy claims women tortured him in makeshift cage while watching telly. Apr 22, 2016 678
Warrant in 'cat torture' court case. Apr 22, 2016 139
ON.TO: Stopping the torture of refugees from Sub-Saharan countries along the migratory route to Northern Africa. Apr 19, 2016 144
To be, or not to be, relevant? Apr 19, 2016 817
UN rights chief warns of sharp upsurge in torture in Burundi. Apr 19, 2016 152
Joshua was just a field away from the enemy, he could hear the screams of torture... pal on irish SOLDIER'S BATTLE AGAINST ISIS 24yr-old took up arms to end atrocities. Apr 19, 2016 1116
"Sharp increase" in use of torture, ill-treatment in Burundi: Prince Zeid. Apr 18, 2016 187
CHINESE TORTURE; Shanghai surprise for Hammy as engine trouble means he'll start from stone last. Apr 17, 2016 427
Washington denonce l'usage persistant de la torture par les autorites marocaines. Apr 15, 2016 587
Student tortured. Apr 14, 2016 207
Pianists can play despite 'torture' plea. Apr 13, 2016 142
Kamel Jendoubi: designing working plan to set up Authority for Prevention of Torture. Apr 12, 2016 226
Mum who was tortured by son appeals for help on radio show. Apr 11, 2016 158
Torture monk left us scarred for life. He got seven years; Victims Abuse sentence too short. Apr 10, 2016 286
Endowment Ministry refutes claims of involvement in Luxor torture case. Apr 10, 2016 175
United Group sends anti-torture draft law to parliament leaders. Apr 10, 2016 226
TORTURED & MURDERED... BY HER MUM; EVIL ABUSE OF INNOCENT AYEESHIA; Toddler stamped to death at home. Apr 9, 2016 696
Monk tortured and abused schoolboys. Apr 8, 2016 141
' Rahul used to torture Pratyusha'. Apr 8, 2016 369
Ex-Leeds chief: I was tasered and tortured by Dubai cops. Apr 8, 2016 336
gruesome torture deaths horrified country. Apr 7, 2016 183
Wife's life of slavery; Husband jailed 2 years over physical and mental torture. Apr 2, 2016 220
Wife's life of slavery; Husband jailed 2 years over torture in first British case. Apr 2, 2016 227
Irish Water torture has to be ended. Mar 31, 2016 244
Most Americans support torture against terror suspects -poll. Mar 30, 2016 654
HPR elects 16 members of National Authority for Prevention of Torture. Mar 30, 2016 116
Will we escape torture. Mar 29, 2016 112
Animal torture pair avoid jail sentence. Mar 25, 2016 574
Trump's Brussels Response: Spy and Torture Muslims, Ban Muslim Travel to US. Mar 24, 2016 550
'Sorcerer' tortured and paraded for allegedly killing minor. Mar 23, 2016 327
Ecuador Urges Obama to Close Guantanamo 'Torture Center'. Mar 22, 2016 259
Villiers 'must get papers on Hooded Men within days' Judge orders torture claim reply. Mar 19, 2016 372
US Judges Consider Release of Full CIA Torture Report. Mar 19, 2016 571
The reviled strain of torture [...]; MARTYRS. Mar 18, 2016 164
Australia : Queensland casts focus on refugee health and wellbeing. Mar 18, 2016 332
Ali Raza Syed condemns torture and detention of four Kashmiri students in India. Mar 17, 2016 261
Interior Ministry continues to deny torture inside prisons, enforced disappearances. Mar 16, 2016 500
Court adjourns Luxor police torture trial to 9 April. Mar 15, 2016 206
Rangers tortured jailed MQM workers, Farooq Sattar claims. Mar 14, 2016 233
German national, his son claim they were tortured in Al-Amreya police station. Mar 13, 2016 700
The EU resolution on Egypt shows concern wrought with indifference. Mar 12, 2016 1312
Fiji : Fiji shows progress on protection of rights of persons in relation to torture. Mar 10, 2016 374
National anti-torture authority to be installed by late March. Mar 10, 2016 131
South Sudan claims torture not government policy. Mar 9, 2016 630
HPR election committee completes short-listing candidates for National Anti-Torture Authority. Mar 7, 2016 120
Officials tortured after death of relative. Mar 5, 2016 196
Torture Probe: Ex-Gitmo Commander Blows off French Subpoena. Mar 3, 2016 379
CPJ calls to realease Al-Badil journalist amid torture claims. Mar 3, 2016 267
JUI-F too against torture on women: Fazalur Rehman. Mar 2, 2016 111
Italian killed in Egypt was interrogated for days -- forensics expert. Mar 1, 2016 668
Despite closure order, El-Nadeem reported interior ministry violations in February 2016. Mar 1, 2016 690
Maid died in UAE after spell of 'torture'. Feb 29, 2016 367
Exile I was drugged and tortured because of my beliefs. Feb 28, 2016 133
Maid allegedly tortured and beaten for months before her death. Feb 28, 2016 581
Ulster man faces US 'cat torture' raps. Feb 27, 2016 235
Palestinian prisoners recount torture by the Shin Bet. Feb 25, 2016 336
B'Tselem: Abuse and torture a routine in Shikma Israeli prison. Feb 24, 2016 1522
'Anti-torture t-shirt detainee' Mahmoud Hussein in 'urgent need' of surgery: Brother. Feb 23, 2016 592
Health ministry claims licence violation behind El Nadeem Centre closure. Feb 22, 2016 396
Girls dropped TV on woman as they tortured her to death, jury is told. Feb 19, 2016 465
Teen girls 'DROPPEDTV on woman in torture murder'. Feb 19, 2016 435
IDF: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli soldier who tortured Palestinian detainees will keep his job. Feb 18, 2016 363
Learning, not torture. Sweeney, Patrick Feb 17, 2016 1359
Armed men barged into Dr Afia's sister's house in Karachi brutally tortured his watchman. Feb 17, 2016 183
Unknown gunmen torture Fauzia Siddiqui's guard. Feb 17, 2016 114
I'm so relieved Olivia is alive... it's been torture & I want her on dry land; MUM'S JOY AFTER 16-HR RESCUE FROM OVERTURNED BOAT. Feb 15, 2016 689
Torture's Legacy: Gitmo Detainee May Have Been Sodomized in CIA Custody. Feb 13, 2016 307
Teen torture pair face jail; Thugs admit sex attacks on tied-up pal. Feb 13, 2016 350
World's most dangerous TV shows; The reality series that torture contestants. Feb 11, 2016 916
Water torture for Bluebirds as yet another top-six y chance is missed p; CARDIFF CITY...........0 STEVE TUCKER AT CARDIFF CITY THE LAST WORD / Feb 8, 2016 677
Water torture for Bluebirds as yet another top-six chance is missed. Feb 8, 2016 874
CDDIJ appeals for ICRC help in stopping prisoners' abuse. Feb 7, 2016 152
Clearly people have an appetite for this kind of thing... After almost two years, acclaimed drama Happy Valley is back. Sarah Lancashire tells SUSAN GRIFFIN why life's not set to get any easier for tortured sergeant Catherine Cawood. Feb 7, 2016 1169
Clearly people have an appetite for this kind of thing... 7 TV treats of the week; After almost two years, acclaimed drama Happy Valley is back. Sarah Lancashire tells SUSAN GRIFFIN why life's not set to get any easier for tortured sergeant Catherine Cawood. Feb 7, 2016 1169
Cops must end torture for Sir Cliff. Editorial Feb 7, 2016 213

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