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Tort reform no laughing matter .

Your Troubletown cartoon in the December issue points out--better than any article I have read--that blaming personal injury lawyers for exorbitantly priced, dangerous prescription drugs is ludicrous. This is a ruse deflecting attention from the real culprits: raw capitalism, a lust for profit, and an FDA that is asleep at the wheel.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded, after years of advertising and lobbying, in convincing the American public that lawyers are to blame. Thus it has achieved a coup de grace: It will now be a snap for the industry's cronies--the White House and Republican Congress--to enact more tort reform legislation. Lax oversight will continue as usual.

The result? An industry that can stuff its pockets even fuller and continue to lavish its generosity on lawmakers while Americans must scrimp to pay for outlandishly priced drugs that may be hazardous to their health.

While the Troubletown cartoon pokes fun at our setup, the underlying injustice in our system is no laughing matter.

Nancy J. Herin

Darnestown, Maryland
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Title Annotation:Letters to the Editor
Author:Herin, Nancy J.
Publication:The Progressive
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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