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Torrent Called Katrina.

Torrent Called Katrina

Sometimes this world seems a supine staircase of inevitable trials as limitless and unfathomed as those torrents called Katrina were once all consuming and devoid of affirming geysers; fluidly serene muse and the long liquid play of copious reward

   The rains came without filling wishes or bowls
   or the belly of this extravagantly dark earth

They reached for dry/for light/and their hands wrinkled like chittlins in the sour vinegar of flood/ in an unauthorized baptism pronounced by a people's hastened mortality/commandeered by ravines of flesh running to underworlds/The floating of dark bodies like rancid debris like human rafts of desecration in profaned lagoons/So drifted my sister over there my son/my lover/my brother my daughter/my neighbour/my kind

Assemblies of inflatable lungs/choked out of recognizable life/a rebel's reticence to ceasing/ as they cried out to canoes of mercy/rowed through canals of men with guns/as they cried out to the helicopters/ hovering ominously above their beloved communities/as they cried out save my grandmother my uncle/my auntie/ my babies/The repressors of their very movement they implored to find a human ringer/in the biliously murderous waters and even further appeals/ to secret emissaries authoring this snivelling siege of decriminalized killing/they resigned also to cry mercy

Displaced and secreted away sub rosa/to encampments of unspeakable agendas Spirits upon high burst into conflagrated chorales/ the global conscience spins in mass ascensions of unfettered souls/ pin pricks of moans like slave violins distilled through the marrow of illumined rebirth/ and fated continuums refusing

Believe some when they say/the rains will fall and they shall come the rivers Believe others still of earth-song/breath and human composition that in the time of the living/we will have known the remains of gutless tyrants/in the pyres of rejuvenated rainbows and mellifluous vamp of critical resistance in the aromatic flow of our unwavering revolution we will only recall their polluted stench/... less we forget.

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Publication:Journal of Pan African Studies
Article Type:Poem
Date:Dec 1, 2010
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