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Experimental Research of Rotation Transmission Device in High Ambient Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions. Kuzmin, Anton; Popov, Valeriy; Stazhkov, Sergey Report Jan 1, 2018 2180
Development of Axial Force Testing System for Wheel Bearing. Wen, Chao; Zhang, Lu; Luo, Tong; Huang, Dejie; Liu, Yu Report Oct 1, 2017 2459
Torque Ripple Description and Its Suppression through Flux Linkage Reconstruction. Zhong, Zaimin; Li, Junjie; Zhou, Shuihua; Zhou, Yingkun; Jiang, Shang Report Jul 1, 2017 3359
Brake Clutch Assisted Mode Transition Control for Compound Power-Split Vehicle. Zhang, Tong; Wang, Chen; Zhou, Wentai; Cheng, Huijun; Yu, Haisheng Report May 1, 2017 4853
A Calibration Optimizer Tool for Torque Estimation of KO Clutch in Hybrid Automatic Transmissions. Espino, Vicente Cuapio; Bichkar, Akshay; Osorio, Joycer D. Technical report May 1, 2017 3594
Methods to reduce cogging torque of permanent magnet synchronous generator used in wind power plants. Ose-Zala, Baiba; Pugachov, Vladislav Report Feb 1, 2017 4402
Comparison of Traditional strength training and Kaatsu strength training on thermal asymmetry, fatigue rate, and peak torque. Barros, Natalie de Almeida; Aidar, Felipe J.; Gama de Matos, Dihogo; Almeida Junior, Heleno; Boarett Report Feb 1, 2017 4548
Torque test. Sweeney, Patrick Jan 1, 2017 1731
Torque Ripple Minimization in PMSM Based on an Indirect Adaptive Robust Controller. Tao, Ruichao; Ma, Jie; Zhao, Hui Report Jan 1, 2017 5459
Numerical Investigation on Suppressing High Frequency Self-Excited Noises of Armature Assembly in a Torque Motor Using Ferrofluid. Han, Hasiaoqier; Li, Songjing; Guo, Liang; Wu, Qingwen Report Jan 1, 2017 4268
Electric Vehicle Longitudinal Stability Control Based on a New Multimachine Nonlinear Model Predictive Direct Torque Control. Sekour, M'hamed; Hartani, Kada; Merah, Abdelkader Report Jan 1, 2017 8505
A Bearingless Induction Motor Direct Torque Control and Suspension Force Control Based on Sliding Mode Variable Structure. Yang, Zebin; Chen, Lin; Sun, Xiaodong; Sun, Weiming; Zhang, Dan Report Jan 1, 2017 5200
Development of an e-LSD Control Strategy Considering the Evolution of the Friction Torque with the Wear Depth. Tesi, Amedeo; Vinattieri, Francesco; Capitani, Renzo; Annicchiarico, Claudio Technical report Sep 1, 2016 5098
New Development of a Gas Cavitation Model for Evaluation of Drag Torque Characteristics in Disengaged Wet Clutches. Pahlovy, Shahjada A.; Mahmud, Syeda F.; Kubota, Masamitsu; Ogawa, Makoto; Takakura, Norio Technical report Sep 1, 2016 3472
Comparison of Parameter-Identified Simulation Models with Different Detailing Level to Reproduce the Side Shaft Torque of an Automotive Powertrain with Automatic Transmission. Yousif, Leonard; Rot, Ivan; Rinderknecht, Stephan Technical report Sep 1, 2016 7679
Comparison of Three Analytical Methods for the Precise Calculation of Cogging Torque and Torque Ripple in Axial Flux PM Machines. Hemeida, Ahmed; Hannon, Bert; Vansompel, Hendrik; Sergeant, Peter Report Jan 1, 2016 6776
The risks of not communicating your limits. Galvin, Andrew May 1, 2015 879
Two-fold state approximation strategy in model predictive direct torque control of PMSM drives. Tofighi, Elham; Mahdizadeh, Amin; Farrokhifar, Meisam Report Feb 1, 2015 4540
Design and experimental analysis for reduction of cogging torque by pole shifting in permanent magnet synchronous generator. Mamur, H.; Topaloglu, I.; Korkmaz, F.; Ari, M.; Atacak, I. Report Aug 1, 2014 3339
A NEW HYBRID ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM FOR HEVS BASED ON OPTIMAL SLIP CONTROL USING DTFC. Sharifian, Mohammad Bagher Bannae; Yousefi, Babak; Ebadpour, Mohsen Mar 31, 2014 3397
Design and experimental validation for direct-drive fault-tolerant permanent-magnet vernier machines. Liu, Guohai; Yang, Junqin; Chen, Ming; Chen, Qian Report Jan 1, 2014 5480
Reduction of cogging torque in dual rotor permanent magnet generator for direct coupled wind energy systems. Paulsamy, Sivachandran Report Jan 1, 2014 4717
Torque split strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicles with an integrated starter generator. Fu, Zhumu; Gao, Aiyun; Wang, Xiaohong; Song, Xiaona Report Jan 1, 2014 5626
Research on torque ratio based on the steering wheel torque characteristic for steer-by-wire system. Han, Yandong; He, Lei; Wang, Xiang; Zong, Changfu Report Jan 1, 2014 4565
High performance and reliable torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motors in electric vehicle applications. Erginer, V.; Sarul, M.H. Report Jul 1, 2013 2989
Direct torque control of induction drive using fuzzy controller. Lisauskas, S.; Udris, D.; Uznys, D. Report May 1, 2013 2033
Effect of prosthesis design on muscle length and moment arms in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Hamilton, Matthew A.; Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 2939
Methods to reduce the cogging torque in permanent magnet synchronous machines. Levin, N.; Orlova, S.; Pugachov, V.; Ose-Zala, B.; Jakobsons, E. Report Jan 1, 2013 1476
A three dimensional analytical calculation of the air-gap magnetic field and torque of coaxial magnetic gears. Ge, Y.-J.; Nie, C.-Y.; Xin, Q. Report Sep 1, 2012 4964
The minimization of moments and reactive forces in grillages with a genetic algorithm/Momentu ir reakciju minimizavimas rostverkiniuose pamatu sijynuose genetiniu algoritmu. Belevicius, Rimantas; Maciunas, Darius; Sesok, Dmitrij Report Jun 1, 2011 3299
Isokinetic analysis of hamstrings and quadriceps muscles in Turkish second division basketball players. Findikoglu, Gulin; Alemdaroglu, Utku; Koklu, Yusuf; Kocak, Fatma Unver; Erol, A. Emre Report Jan 1, 2011 1501
Computing the torque demand of a prosthetic leg. Baser, Ozgun; Keskin, Onur; Cetin, Levent; Uyar, Erol Report Jan 1, 2011 1536
Incorporating sliding mode and fuzzy controller with bounded torques for set-point tracking of robot manipulators/Jungtines judejimo ir stabdymo busenos ir neraiskiosios kontroles valdikliu taikymo robotuose manipuliatoriuose su trinties ir sukimo momento apribojimais tyrimas. Shafiei, S.E.; Sepasi, S. Report Oct 1, 2010 3006
A closer look at screw torque in gunsmithing applications: proper screw thread torque is an often overlooked and misused area of gun care. This is particularly true of the do-it-yourself gun owner with limited experience. Johnson, Norman E. Sep 1, 2010 1701
Modelling of tool life, torque and thrust force in drilling: a neuro-fuzzy approach. Roy, S.S. Report Jun 1, 2010 5303
Study of drilling GFRP composites using a twist drill: thrust force and torque. Lita, Andra Elena; Croitoru, Sorin Mihai; Minciu, Constantin Report Jan 1, 2010 1492
New double switching clamping sequences based ADPWM algorithm for direct torque control of induction motor drives. Gowri, K. Sri; Reddy, T. Brahmanada; Babu, Ch. Sai Report Nov 1, 2009 3178
Effect of the Rotor crank system on cycling performance. Jobson, Simon A.; Hopker, James; Galbraith, Andrew; Coleman, Damian A.; Nevill, Alan M. Report Sep 1, 2009 4391
Application of neural network structure in voltage vector selection of direct torque control induction motor. Sivasubramanian, A.; Jayanand, B. Report Jun 1, 2009 2845
Control of induction motor drive without shaft encoder using model referencing adaptive system and to avoid torque jerks in transition at starting. Khan, Mohammad Haseeb; Amarnath, J. Report Jun 1, 2009 2920
A high performance DTC strategy for torque ripple minimization using discrete space vector modulation techniques for SRM drive. Jeyabharath, R.; Veena, P.; Rajaram, M. Report Mar 1, 2009 2649
A novel switching scheme for torque ripple reduction in Direct Torque Control of induction motor. Sivasubramanian, A.; Jayanand, B. Report Feb 1, 2009 1867
Speed sensorless direct torque control and stator resistance estimator of induction motor based MRAS method. Meziane, S.; Toufouti, R.; Benalla, H. Report Jun 1, 2008 3405
VHDL Simulation of direct torque controlled induction motor drive. Pandian, G.; Reddy, S. Rama Report Jan 1, 2008 2863
Design of a torque multiplying device based on the calculation of clamping and cutting force. Park, Hong Seok; Thai, N.N. Dien; Kim, Jong Su Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1345
Torque-rheometry investigation of model transreactions involving condensation polymers. I. Polyesters. Filippi, Sara; Madrigali, Laura; Polacco, Giovanni; Magagnini, Pierluigi; La Mantia, Francesco P.; A Feb 1, 2006 9250
Compressive strength of solid round steel members reinforced with split pipe(s). Kumalasari, Cindy; Tickle, Vrushali M.; Madugula, Murty K.S. Report Sep 1, 2005 2829
Design and application of NOTAR as replacement for classical tail rotor. Frankovic, I.; Rados, B.; Rados, J. Technical report Jan 1, 2005 1175
Satisfying torquers and fuelers. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 301
The shoulder in baseball pitching: biomechanics and related injuries--Part 1. Park, Samuel S.; Loebenberg, Mark L.; Rokito, Andrew S.; Zuckerman, Joseph D. Dec 22, 2002 8692
The torque of the town: new 6.0 L Ford Power Stroke by International latest power salvo in full-size pickup wars. (Diesel Engines). Wilson, Rob Oct 1, 2002 1748
Morphology and dynamic mechanical properties of nylon 66/poly(ether imide) blends. Choi, Kil-Yeong; Lee, Sung-Goo; Lee, Jae Heung; Liu, Jingjiang Oct 15, 1995 4891

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