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Torque about a revolution.

UK sports car brand Trident have unveiled their flagship Iceni - the world's most efficient diesel sports car.

The Iceni has a top speed of 190mph but more incredibly, can run for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel - an astonishing combination of speed, power and fuel efficiency.

And it also looks absolutely stunning.

Phil Bevan, the man behind Trident, said the technological feat had been achieved using outstanding new technology. He said: "It is widely believed that horsepower delivers power, speed and fuel efficiency, but it is in fact torque that matters.

"We patented a unique way of using torque multiplication to improve performance and increase fuel efficiency up to 20 per cent."

Long and sleek with a beautifully sculpted rear, each one sold can be built to the customer's exact specification. Prices start from PS96,000.

Unique way of using torque multiplication improves performance


HIGH PROFILE Trident Iceni is sleek and long with a finely sculptured rear

IMPRESSIVE The car's advanced control panel
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 27, 2014
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