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Toronto social planners disappointed with city's budget.

TORONTO -- The Community social planning council of Toronto expressed lukewarm approval of the City's 2005 budget. "It is a far cry from the kind of budget Toronto saw just a few years ago. It places emphasis on protecting the quality of community services and invests in service expansions in some key areas." the council states. The council showed disappointment over what was lacking, items that affect people living on low incomes, children, youth and newcomers.

"Modest increases in key areas could correct those shortcomings, making this a 'balanced' budget that preserves services and meets more of the growing needs of Toronto's most vulnerable."

The council points out that:

* the Way to Clean Air program, which has operated for the last two years with external funding;

* the tuberculosis (TB) control program in correctional facilities will not be initiated;

* early identification programs for TB in homeless people was put off;

* vaccination programs for 40,000 children in Day Nurseries;

* a proposed cancer prevention, Hepatitis B and C follow-up program;

* Family Health and Oral Health programs are not recommended;

* At Risk Parent Education in newcomer communities was cancelled;

* mobile dental health services continues on a once every two years basis;

* improvements in nutrition programs for pregnant women, infants and school age children.
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Date:Mar 21, 2005
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