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Tories only won thanks to Lib Dems.

KEVIN Flanagan's cavalier language with little concern for the truth must be corrected (Talkback, April 13).

The facts are clearly in the public domain if one cares to look.

Liberal Democrat support fell to 7.83 per cent before 2014 as the EU Parliament election results revealed and flatlined to 2015.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats lost respectively in that election seven and nine MEPs to UKIP and Labour.

In the 2015 UK Parliament Election, the Conservative Party targeted only 26 Liberal Democrat constituencies because they were the only ones it could win and in the knowledge they had been seriously weakened by defections to UKIP Labour and Greens long before election campaigning began.

Similarly, Labour gained 12 seats from the Liberal Democrats, and surprisingly, in England and Wales, the Liberal Democrats retained seven constituencies, even though their average support fell by 25 per cent, because Labour, Conservative, UKIP and Green candidates were uncompetitive.

UKIP's increased support nationally was largely due to its cynical ploy to stuff the electorate with "paper" candidates to assist the Conservative Party against Labour and to give a false impression of its political worth.

In fact, it was the weakness of Liberal Democrat support entering the election combined with UKIP which played a major role in winning the absolute majority for the Conservative Party.

Kenneth R Jarrett, Bournville

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 16, 2016
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