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Tories' roll of shame; Nolan report on sleaze you were never meant to see.

Rupert Allason's extra-marital fling adds yet another name to the tarnished Tories' roll-call of sex shame.

Time and again members of the so-called party of the family have strayed from their loyal wives. They arrogantly imagine they can deceive their wives and constituents and get away scot-free.

Only when their cheating is exposed do they suddenly see the error of their ways. They grovel to the party whips and stage sickening photo calls with their loving families. If they are ministers, they usually - but reluctantly - resign.

But by then the damage is done. To their wives and kids, to their discarded mistresses and to the millions of voters who were misguided enough to put their trust in them. Here is the Tory scandal sheet:


Maggie Thatcher's blue-eyed boy resigned as Trade Secretary in October, 1983, after mistress Sara Keays revealed she was expecting his love child.

His former secretary said he pressed her to have an abortion. Parkinson disowned her and has never seen their handicapped daughter Flora. Wife Ann - mother of his three daughters - stood by him. Within four years, he was back in the Cabinet.

Made a Tory peer in 1992.


Involved in a three-in-a-bed scandal which broke in April, 1995. Spring, MP for Bury St Edmunds, enjoyed a romp with pal Chris Holmes and Sunday school teacher Odette Nightingale.

She said divorcee Spring was "no better than a dirty old man". Also claimed to have said John and Norma Major made love "about 1.1 times a year". Resigned as a PPS.


The "Minister for Fun" and pal of John Major, Mellor had a sordid affair with actress Antonia de Sancha in July, 1992.

The Heritage Secretary allegedly made love to her in a Chelsea strip. Clung to office but resigned two months later over holiday paid for by the daughter of a PLO chief. In 1994 he admitted an affair with Lady Cobham. Set up home with her, divorced by Judith last year.


Three months after the colourful MP's death, it emerged that he had a secret son by Australian teacher Paddy Mullen.

The boy, now nine, lives with his mother in Australia.

Sir Nicholas' widow Lady Sam had been married to him just two years when the boy was born.

She has promised to give pounds 10,000 towards his upbringing.


The bed-hopping roads minister was revealed in October, 1993, to have had five mistresses.

Norris had a three-year relationship with Times political correspondent Sheila Gunn while married to wife Vicky. He was also dating MP's secretary Emma Courtney and had liaisons with Harpers & Queen executive Jennifer Sharp, surgeon Clare Marx and saleswoman Lynn Taylor.


The married environment minister had a daughter by Tory councillor Julia Stent.

News broke on Boxing Day 1993 and intitially Yeo refused to resign. But with John Major's Back to Basics campaign in full flow and as minister responsible for single mothers, his head had to roll. Wife Diane stood by him. Later Yeo admitted he had fathered a second love child.


In January, 1994, the shipping minister's wife Diana shot herself, allegedly after he confessed an affair with divorcee Jan Fitzalan Howard. Their two young children were downstairs in the family home.

Caithness resigned within 24 hours. He was later often seen with Jan, as she helped him to "rebuild his life". He now runs an estate agency.


Ashby , a married father-of-one, admitted sharing a bed in a French hotel with his "close friend" Dr Ciaran Kilduff.

Wife Silvana blamed her husband's friendship for their marriage troubles. Ashby resigned his Parliamentary private secretary post in January, 1994, and later split from Silvana. Last year he was called a liar and hypocrite after losing a libel action. Deselected.


In January, 1994, the Tory MP for Keighley admitted fathering a child by MP's secretary Fay Stockwell in 1986. He had previously vehemently denied the truth.

Waller was living with his long-term girlfriend and researcher Jane Thompson when Fay fell pregnant. Fay was personal secretary to to Sir Marcus Fox, chairman of the backbench 1922 committee.


Discovered dead on the kitchen table in his London flat in February 1994 after a bizarre sex act went wrong.

The MP for Eastleigh and Commons aide to defence minister Jonathan Aitken was naked except for black stockings. He had popped an orange into his mouth, wound electrical cable round his neck and covered his head was covered with a plastic bag.


Successor to Thatcher as MP for Finchley, he resigned as a PPS in February 1994 over his affair with Commons researcher Emily Barr.

Booth is a Methodist lay preacher and grandson of William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. Emily admitted posing naked for art students. Wife Adrienne - yet another long-suffering Tory spouse - stood by her man.


The former defence minister admitted a string of liaisons - including a "coven" of women from the same family.

They were South African judge's wife Valerie Harkess and daughters Alison and Josephine. Clark bedded them all.

Judge James Harkess called for Clark to be horsewhipped. Wife Jane called him a "s***," but, as ever, put up and shut up.


Outed as gay following newspaper stories in May, 1994, that claimed he had joined three-in-a-bed sex romps with two men.

One - a student - was said to be under the age of consent. Brown denied any wrongdoing and threatened to sue, but resigned as a Government whip and never brought a libel action.

Now says he is glad to be known as gay.


The Citizen's Charter minister quit in March, 1995, after an affair with ex-secretary Janet Oates.

She claimed he bedded her for six months - then asked his wife Sandra to sack her.\Janet had met Hughes as his constituent after she asked him for help over the early release from jail of her violent ex-boyfriend.

Hughes resigned after a photocall with Sandra, his second wife.
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Author:Harrison, Tracey
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 9, 1996
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