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Torbay Holdings Inc; The Quill Grip-Less Mouse, And Safetype Vertical Keyboard, Launch Joint Marketing Initiative.

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 28, 2003

Torbay Holdings Inc (ticker TRBY.OB): Designer Appliances Inc, a subsidiary of TRBY and the only company to provide a Grip-Less(TM) mouse pointing product, announced a joint marketing initiative with Safetype Inc (Carson City, NV), the manufacturers of the patented Safetype(TM) "Orthopedically or Biomechanically, Neutral Keyboard" system.

Dan Spencer, VP Safetype Inc, said, "Researchers at Safetype Inc have long observed that most companies offering 'ergonomic' products could show no academic studies of any kind to back up their claims to ergonomic benefits. Unfortunately, there is no standard for calling something 'ergonomic'. The word is commercially over-worked and functionally meaningless. Even though we have had our keyboard patent since 1993, we have not been able to find a mouse product to partner our keyboard. The Quill(TM) biomechanically designed mouse, is a clinically substantiated product that our own expertise tells us can deliver the least muscular strain while performing the mousing pointing operation and our own evaluation of it confirms that it does. By co-marketing our products we uniquely offer the only total solutions package for the professional computer operator. We have numerous testimonies from our own users as to the benefits of the Safetype vertical keyboard design in alleviating computer overuse problems and with The Quill(TM), literally, alongside our keyboards, we can at last be confident that we are also addressing the overuse issues that mousing creates."

Tom Large, President & CEO, Torbay Holdings Inc, stated, "We are delighted to cement this first step in a close relationship with Safetype. Their keyboard products are established in the market place, and with their new pricing initiatives they can be purchased standalone for about $300. Safetype have engineered a bundle price to included The Quill(TM) at $349, which delivers margins to us on target with our indirect business model. Safetype customers are directed to the quillmouse website for more information. In the next week we will update our website, which will include a link to the Safetype website."

Designer Appliances Inc website:

Safetype Inc website:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 28, 2003
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