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Toray deodorizing fiber.

Tokyo - Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a chemical-coated fiber which absorbs tobacco's smell. The product initially is for application in carpets, curtains and other home textiles.

The deodorizing chemical agent, named Ciganon, can be applied to all types of manmade fibers including polyester, nylon and acrylic and synthetic-natural blended fibers, Toray said.

The newly developed agent is a composite material made from a number of Inorganic and organic chemicals with deodorizing power, Toray explained. It absorbs such elements of tobacco's odor as aldehyde, acetic acid and nicotine as well as ammonium, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide and methylmereaptane, Toray noted.

"Tobacco's smoke consists of a few thousand kinds of substance," a Toray executive said. This is why the development of deodorizing technology was needed to cope with tobacco smell. "

The Ciganon-coated fiber has been made possible by combining the newly developed chemical composite and Toray's coating technology to fix the chemical agent to fibers. The treated fiber retains the deodorant even after many washings, Toray said.

Ciganon absorbs acetic acid in 15 to 30 minutes, and pyridinein about 15 minutes while acetoaldehyde is absorbed completely in 30 minutes.

Ciganon-treated fabrics will be put on the Japanese market in April 1996, with first-year output of approximately 600,000 square yards, expected to triple in the third year, Toray said. The price will be 100 yen or $1.00 higher per square meter than untreated fabric, or about 83 cents per square yard extra.
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Title Annotation:Toray Industries Inc., chemical-coated fiber called Ciganon which absorb's tobacco's smell
Author:Furukawa, Tsukasa
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jan 15, 1996
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