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Topsy-turvy world that's too bland.

DESPITE the fact this cover-based shooter blends Gears Of War-style third-person action with Inception-esque gravity mangling, it fails to hit the target.

You take on the role of Davis Russell, a cop who finds himself thrust into war when his city is invaded by an unknown enemy.

Hunting for his daughter, who goes missing in the ensuing chaos, you come into possession of the invaders' Gravlink technology, allowing you to manipulate gravity and take on the seemingly otherwise unbeatable enemy. This weapon lets you make objects and enemies weightless and allows you to manipulate them.

Some stages also feature gravity pools which, once they're stepped on, rotate the world, disconcertingly flipping the floor so it becomes another wall, and causing enemies to fire at you from what was once the ceiling. This all feels a little bit strange to start off with but at least it's marginally interesting.

A lousy targeting system coupled with deadly dull boss battles and bland environments unfortunately results in gameplay that rarely hovers above the mediocre. A missed opportunity.



DEADLY DULL nThe gameplay here rarely hovers above mediocre
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 15, 2012
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