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Topological solitons.


Topological solitons.

Manton, Nicholas and Paul Sutcliffe.

Cambridge U. Pr.


493 pages



Cambridge monographs on mathematical physics


Manton (U. of Cambridge, UK) and Sutcliffe (U. of Kent, UK) provide discussion of the state of research concerning topological solitons. Chapters contain discussion of solitons in classical field theories and the forces that exist between solitons, a survey of static and dynamic multi-soliton solutions, and discussion of kinks in one dimension, lumps and vortices in two dimensions, monopoles and Skyrmions in three dimensions, and instantons in four dimensions. In addition, the mathematical models of static multi-soliton solutions that satisfy Bogomolny equations and the notion of geodesic dynamics on moduli space are described. Graduate students and researchers in theoretical physics and applied mathematics will be the book's main audience.

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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