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Topological and asymptotic aspects of group theory; proceedings.


Topological and asymptotic aspects of group theory; proceedings.

AMS Meeting on Probabilistic and Asymptotic Aspects of Group Theory (2004: Athens, Ohio) Ed. by Rostislav Grigorchuk et al.

Amer. Mathematical Society


234 pages



Contemporary mathematics; 394


In these articles based on talks from the March and October 2004 special sessions, contributors describe their work in such areas as hyperbolic and relatively hyperbolic groups, asymptotic cones, Thompson's group, Nielsen fixed point theory, homology, groups acting on trees, groups generated by finite automata, iterated monodromy groups, random walks on finitely generated groups, heat kernels and currents on free groups. Individual article topics include some solvable automaton groups, the homology of tree braid groups, currents on free groups, groups with periodic products of commutators, the Neilsen fixed point structure for homotropy idempotents on surfaces and groups with non-simply connected asymptotic cones.

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