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Topical anesthetic.

Beutlich Pharmaceuticals offers Hurricaine [R] Topical Anesthetic (20% benzocaine) for use in head and neck examinations, indirect laryngoscopy, nasal biopsies, and arch bar removal. Hurricaine is pleasant tasting, has a rapid onset (15 to 30 seconds), short duration (12 to 15 minutes), can be reapplied, and is safe (virtually no systemic absorption. The anesthetic effect of Hurricaine is almost entirely on the nerve terminals, with very little effect on the nerve trunk.

Hurricaine is available as a spray (200 half-second applications from a 2-oz. aerosol CFC-free can), a spray kit (one can of spray and 200 disposable extension tubes), as a liquid, or as a gel. It is also now available in the Dry Handle Swab format, a unit dose with 0.25 ml of Hurricaine liquid on a presaturated swab contained in a sealed plastic sheath attached to a 3-3/4" handle.
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Title Annotation:Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic from Beutlich Pharmaceuticals
Comment:Topical anesthetic.(Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic from Beutlich Pharmaceuticals)
Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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