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Topical Issues in Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Manufacture.

Topical Issues in Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Manufacture

Symposia organised by the Campden Food and Drink Research Association are well known and the Proceedings of these events are eagerly studied by those who were unable to attend. At the very end of November last year they held one under the title Topical Issues in Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Manufacture and the Proceedings of that event are now available.

What the symposium aimed to address was topics like novel drink formulations, nutritional aspects, plastics bottle recycling, purity analysis and sweeteners. The organiser achieved this by inviting Dr V Wheelock, E Walker, Dr J L Charleux, P Schmidt, B Moffitt, Dr A Robertson and P Murray to speak to delegates.

The titles of their various presentations were: The consumer dimension, New soft drink opportunities, Is there a nutritional role for soft drinks?, Low pH dairy-based drinks, Recycling and reclamation of plastics, Fruit juice purity and NIRS, and Sweeteners - the current position.

From the foregoing one can see that an interesting and wide ranging topic was chosen and that an informed set of speakers made their presentations.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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