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Top up your taxonomy.

Once again, Internet Librarian International will run in colocation with Taxonomy Boot Camp. Beginners in taxonomy, as well as seasoned information professionals, are invited to the event, which will feature around 50 speakers, more than 150 attendees from some 22 different countries and--organisers boast--1,200 servings of tea and coffee!

The two keynote speakers are as follows:

Emma Chittenden: 'That word you keep using? I don't think you know what it means'

Emma Chittenden is an information architect at Angels Playing Skittles, UK. 'Whatever kind of taxonomy you are working with, the choices of label are absolutely crucial. Ambiguity, hidden context, multiple meanings and unconscious bias may all come into play for the unwary taxonomist. Emma's strategic and down-to-earth talk will help you make good choices.'

Nick Poole: The ethics of structured information

Nick Poole is chief executive at CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals). 'Data ethics has justifiably become one of the hottest topics in technology. It is more important than ever that our community demand that information is created and managed according to ethical objectives, and with an awareness of the risk of bias. Nick is in the vanguard of industry efforts to address the implications of bias in structured information, and his talk is a wide-ranging overview of what our profession can do about it.'

Event programme chair Helen Lippell said: 'We like to cover the core topics of taxonomy management, as well as helping taxonomists make the most of new ideas and technologies. On day one of Boot Camp, Blockchain--Cutting Through the Hype, is a session to help information professionals get to grips with blockchain.

'Our speakers, Rob Begley and Jon Bushell, and Marc Stephenson and Noeleen Schenk, have the knowledge and experience to help you understand the potential and pitfalls next time blockchain comes up in your organisation. Later, a packed session lets you hear four expert perspectives from the BBC, BA Insight, British Medical Journal and Smartlogic respectively, on using taxonomies and automatic tagging to get your content tagged more accurately and more efficiently.

'On day two of Boot Camp --Setting up a taxonomy project to succeed, has talks from Maura Moran and Matt Johnson, who in their careers have dealt with every kind of reluctant stakeholder you can think of, and have plenty of advice for all of us who need to convince people of the merits of a taxonomy project.

Later, join Joyce van Aalten and Patrick Lambe in one of our sessions flagged as 'Best for Beginners' and learn about 'Improving your core skills as a taxonomist'. Joyce introduces the various open source tools available to taxonomists, and Patrick has a framework to help taxonomists at any level focus on the right areas for their own career development.'


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Date:Oct 1, 2019
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