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Top tip for deterring gulls from rubbish; FEEDBACK.

OH dear, I have just read the article about the rubbish problem in parts of Cardiff, in which I am quoted, and I think it may give the wrong impression ("Rubbish piles 'could turn people away from Cardiff '", Echo, May 29) My son and I love the students and we love living in what has become a student area. I believe the many improvements carried out in the area were made because of the students. Also, there would not be so many nice little shops and cafes here if it were not for them.

If it were possible for more local halls of residence to be built for students it would solve the rubbish bags problem, but I know money is tight.

When asked about the piles of bags dumped outside my house I point out that in order to deposit so many against my front wall so fiercely that they smashed the TV cable box to pieces, surely they must have been thrown in force from some sort of pick-up truck. Surely that means it is unlikely to have been students or a local individual? I agree some new students get the days for leaving out rubbish bags wrong, or use the wrong bags, but I believe most get to know the protocol. I notice some students' landlords are good and that when the students leave they tidy up and place debris tied up in rubbish bags. However, we all know there are some bad landlords who just throw the stuff out higgledypiggledy, knowing the students will get the blame.

By the way, I notice this morning that black bags in adjoining houses have been torn open by seagulls and the pavements are strewn with rubbish. My bags are clean and untouched. Before I tie up the bags I pour in just a few small drops of smelly disinfectant. I think that empty wrappers still have the smell of food on them but the birds leave my bags alone because the smell of the disinfectant smothers that smell or perhaps the birds don't like the smell of the disinfectant anyway. Perhaps both. I have no idea - but it seems to work.

Barbara MacArthur Cathays, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:May 31, 2014
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