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Top texts for tots and fun for the kids ...

FishTales: Rabbit Fish's Ears

By Larry Stern and Stu Krieger EP Library Code: 1RL8309YP Price: Not Available Billy is always upset about his red hair because it makes him different. One night he dreams of an aquatic world inhabited by Dogfish, Giraffefish and Rabbitfish, among others. When Rabbitfish runs away because he thinks his ears make him different, Billy learns that physical features aren't what matters, it's what's inside that counts. Education: **** Entertainment: ****

Never Give Up and Go For It!

By Andy Andrews EP Library Code: DPL100XYP Price: $13.00 (four titles) This series provides a compilation of letters from multiple heroes to help young people learn never to give up and always "Go For It!" Different volumes tell the stories of American, sports, inspirational and celebrity heroes. Also provided are guided activities that help children figure out who their own heroes are. Education: **** Entertainment: ****

Let's Start Finger-Painting

EP Library Code: SD4675YP Price: $12.95 This activity book provides eight tubes of finger paint and all the accessories needed to create a masterpiece. Easy step-by-step instructions are provided in this durable hardback book, as well as sample pages that make projects easier to complete. Education: *** Entertainment: ****

Social Skills Story Books

By Cindy A. Bailey EP Library Codes:: Doctor: DR6643YP Grocery Store: DR66XYP Dentist: DR6651YP Price: $3.95 each These compact, lightweight board books provide children with practical information and pictures of real people that explain good behavior during family outings. Available titles include Going to the Doctor, Going to the Grocery Store and Going to the Dentist. Each book provides explanations of what parents will be doing and what children can do to help. Education: **** Entertainment: **

Bobby Bear

EP Library Code: SD8344YP Price: $12.95 Bobby Bear's day is the subject of this durable board book. Each page brings an experience with a new animal, and involves the child in a counting or sensory exercise. Thick pages and simple text make this book an easy way to have fun and learn. Education: *** Entertainment: ***

Mood Swings

EP Library Code: PSS5606YP Price: $7.99 Drawn by cartoonist Jim Borgman, this book provides children a chance to communicate and an opportunity to learn. Pictures with facial expression help children learn about different feelings. Education: *** Entertainment: ****
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