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Top mining supply companies.

Top mining supply companies

Ranked by 2004 full-time employees

Company Name                       Established  Products
Address                            # full-time  Other locations
City/Postal Code                   employees    2003 revenues/Web
Phone/Fax                          % exports

Toromont                                        Mining, utility,
25 Mumford Rd.                     1923         forestry, construction
                                                equipment, truck engines
Lively P3Y 1K9                     210          Timmins, Sault, Dryden,
                                                Thunder Bay
705-692-4764/692-5277              n/a          $5M+/www.toromont.
Boart Longyear                                  Drilling technology
PO Box 330                         1930
North Bay P1B 8H6                  200          n/p
705-474-2800/474-2373              n/p          $5M+/www.boart
Mining Technologies International               Mining capital equipment
P.O. Box 2845 Station A            1995         and pneumatic,
Sudbury, Ontario P3A 5J3           160          North Bay
705-682-0623/692-4850              60%          $5M+/
Sandvik Mining & Construction                   Mining drills, parts,
Canada Inc. 100 Magill St.         1978         consumables loaders,
Lively P3Y 1K7                     90-100       Timmins, Marathon,
                                                Thunder Bay
705-692-5881/692-5313              n/a          $5M+/
Atlas Copco Exploration Products                Diamond drilling
Box 197 640 McKeown Ave.           1970         equipment
North Bay P1B 8H2                  100          Sudbury
705-472-3320/472-3320              50%          $5M+/www.atlascopco.
Shaw-Almex Industries Ltd.                      Manufacturer of conveyer
P.O. Box 430                       1962         belts vulcanizers
Parry Sound P2A 2X4                70           n/a
705-746-5884/746-9484              90%          n/p/
B & D Manufacturing                             Portable align boring
568 Falconbridge Rd. Unit 6        1980         machines, rebuilds gear
                                                drive, repairs,
Sudbury P3A 4S4                    65           Onaping
705-566-7429/566-2780              n/p          n/p/
Central Welding and Iron Ltd.                   Bridges and structures
1811 Seymour St.                   1957
North Bay P1B 8G4                  60           n/a
705-474-0350/474-5433              8%           $12M/www.central
Minesteel Fabricators ltd.                      Structural, plate
4530 Hwy. 11 North                 n/a          fabrications for above/
                                                below ground
North Bay P1B 8G3                  60           Northern Ontario,
                                                Canada, USA
705-474-8037/474-5083              1993
McDowell Brothers Inc.                          Underground mining
2018 Kingsway Rd.                  1968         machines and heavy
                                                construction products
Sudbury P3B 4J8                    55           n/a
705-566-8190/566-6688              25%          n/p/
Marcotte Mining Machinery                       Mobile utility mining
2291 LaSalle Blvd.                 1979         equipment
Sudbury P3A 2A9                    52           n/a
705-566-5030/566-1628              20%          n/p/www.marcotte
Nickel City Steel Ltd.                          Structural steel and
1351 Kelly Lake Rd.                1971         custom platework
Sudbury P3A 5P5                    50           n/a
705-522-1982/522-8936              n/p          $5M+/n/p
Tracks & Wheels Equipment Brokers               Mine Master, Kubota,
480 Hwy 69N Box 2592               1980         Case, Terex, Tramac,
                                                Palfinger, Jacon
Sudbury P3A 4S9                    50           Timmins, Sault, North
705-566-5438/566-5422              n/p          n/p/www.tracksand
Canadian Bearings Ltd.                          Specialized industrial
1239 Amber Dr.                     1945         supply/integrated mill
                                                products, tech value-
                                                added support
Thunder Bay P7B 6M4                46           Across Northern Ontario
807-345-8166/345-9617              n/p          $5M+/www.
Ground Control (Sudbury) Ltd.                   Ground-lock resin, rock,
1150 Kelly Lake Rd.                1978         v-cable bolts shotcrete
                                                and grouting equipment
Sudbury, P3E 5P4                   40           n/a
705-673-3020/673-5946              5%           $3M+/www.
Trow Associates Inc.                            Consulting, engineering
1142 Roland St.                    1967*        environmental
Thunder Bay P78 5M4                40*          Thunder Bay, Sudbury,
807-623-9495/623-8070              10%          $5M+/
Miller Technology Inc.                          Underground utilities,
67 Ferris Dr.                      1979         personnel carriers
North Bay P1B 8Z4                  40           2 in North Bay
705-476-4500/476-9935              30%          $3M+/www.
Elasto-Valve Rubber Products                    Rubber expansion joints,
1691 Pioneer Rd.                   1984         pinch valves, check
Sudbury P3G 1B2                    39           n/a
705-523-2026/523-2033              60%          $1M-$4.99M/www.
Rahnmet                                         Bronze, steel, cast iron
141 Regina St.                     1927         crusher parts repairs to
                                                rock crushers
North Bay P1A 1A1                  35           n/a
705-474-0410/474-6790              66%          n/p/
Pilot Diamond Tools                             Diamond drill bits,
1379 Tower Dr.                     1969         shells, casing shoes,
                                                locking couplings
North Bay P1B 8S5                  35           n/a
705-497-3715/497/3714              0.3          n/p/n/a
Mobile Parts                                    Man carriers, braking
2472 Evans Rd.                     1980         systems, specialize in
                                                mining, equipment parts
Val Caron P3N 1P5                  32           n/a
705-897-4955/897-6209              40%          $3M+/
Heath & Sherwood Ltd.                           Process smelting,
29 Duncan Ave. North PO 340        1927         manufacturing, drilling
                                                equipment, supplies,
                                                steel framing
Kirkland Lake, P2N 3J2             30           n/a
705-567-5313/568-8545              60%          $1M-$4.99M/www.
StainlessSteel Technology                       Mining material handling
165 Magill St.                     1984         North America custom
Lively P3Y 1K6                     30           n/a
705-692-0303/692-5995              25%          nfp/www.
RDH Mining Equipment                            Mining equipment
Box 188                            1985
Alban P0M 1H0                      25           n/a
705-857-2154/857-3285              n/p          n/p/www.
Comstock Canada Ltd.                            Mechanical, electrical
684 Squier Crt.                    n/p          construction and
                                                facility services
Thunder Bay P7B 4A8                25           Sudbury
807-345-2200/345-2205              n/a          $5M+/www.comstock
Industrial Fabrication Inc.                     Underground utility
2280 Long Lake Rd                  1999         vehicles
Sudbury P3E 5H4                    24           n/a
705-523-1621/523-0565              85%          n/p
HLS Hardline Solutions                          Industrial control
53 Main St.                        1996*        systems, radio remote
                                                controls, mobile video,
Chelmsford P0M 1R0                 23*          n/a
705-855-1310/855-9463              40%          $1M-$4.99M/www.hard-
Cast Resource Equipment Ltd.                    Remanufacturing, NORMET
100 Mumford Rd.                    1994         radio remote control
Lively P3Y 1L2                     22           n/a
705-692-1313/692-1314              15%          $5M+/www.cast
Trident Mining Systems/Nautilus                 Radio, teleremote
400 Crawford St. Box 5007          1997         control, remanufacture
                                                mobile equipment
South Porcupine P0N 1K0            20           n/a
705-235-4888/235-4911              10%          $1M-$4.99M/www.
Lessard Welding                                 Raise climber
4590 Regional Rd. 15               1974*        accessories, portable
                                                bridges, underground
Chelmsford P0M 1L0                 19*          n/a
705-855-3480/855-5586              n/a          $1M-$2.99M/www.
Rocvent Inc.                                    Ventilation, ducting for
P.O. Box 1120                      1980         mining, tunelling
Copper Cliff P0M 1N0               18 full-     n/a
705-692-5854/692-9044              35%          n/p/
Spectrum Group                                  Motorola two-way radios,
505 Frood Rd.                      1992         Globalstar satellite
                                                phones, wireless
Sudbury P3A 5A2                    n/p          Timmins, North Bay,
                                                Sault, Thunder Bay
705-673-6661/673-0957              n/a          n/p/
Mackwood Mine Services                          Underground surface,
9 Perin Rd.                        1995         mobile equipment, mill
                                                processing equipment,
                                                mine hoists
Elliot Lake P5A 2T1                15
705-848-4296/848 7948              n/p          www.
Herold Supply                                   Material handling,
3 Sutherland Ave.                  1975         starter alternator rebld
Sudbury P3C 3A7                    15           n/a
705-671-4455/671-8170              5%           n/p/
Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.                  John Deer dealership
1648 Pioneer Rd.                   1998
Sudbury P3G 1E2                    15           Timmins, North Bay,
                                                Sault, Thunder Bay
705-522-2412/522-9218              n/a          nfp/

* data from 2003 listing, n/a = not applicable, n/p = not provided, nfp
= not for publication
Northern Ontario Business makes every attempt to get accurate and
up-to-date information.
However, we cannot guarantee accuracy as we rely on information provided
by the listed companies. Others may have qualified but did not provide
sufficient information.
Due to space restrictions, not all survey respondents appear in the
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