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Top gun, chemically enhanced.

You've heard of airplane pilots hitting the bar before takeoff. But how about the newest trend: Israeli fighter pilots popping Cialis tablets, supposedly to improve breathing at high altitudes. The Israeli military's weekly magazine, Bamahaneh, recently presented an interview with a retired (but not retired, if you know what we mean) military general who just so happened to have a few pills on hand and conducted a single-subject study of the drug's effects on breathing on Mount Kilimanjaro. A secondhand report in Reuters quoted an unnamed air force officer saying the study's results justify further "testing" of the pills. But a spokeswoman for the air force said the type of oxygen starvation experienced by mountaineers is different from that seen in pilots, and there were no plans to issue the drug to members of the air force. In possibly related news, French customs officials intercepted a shipment of 224,000 fake Viagra and Cialis pills in December, at Paris's Roissy airport. Said an amorous pilot, who remained anonymous for fear of retribution: "Oui, oui! Eet is zee only way to fly. As they say: We have liftoff!"
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Author:Napoli, Denise
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Date:Mar 15, 2008
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