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Top cop is feeling the heat; PICK OF THE BOX.


The Bill

(ITV, 8.00pm)

TAKING a more liberal stance towards drug users has put Sun Hill top brass in the dock.

The Press have laid siege to the station, eager for a comment from Superintendent Adam Okaro about his policy of ordering officers not to arrest drug users but to target dealers.

Okara is getting a serious dressing down from his own boss, Scots actress Maureen Beattie starring as the furious Commander Jane Fitzwilliam.

She wants Okara to issue a statement denying the softly-softly policy, but he refuses to buckle under pressure.

It's PC Cathy Bradford's HIV test result and she is relying on TDC Brandon Kane to get her through it.

And it wouldn't be The Bill unless someone's relationship was going down the Swanee. DCI Jack Meadows is shocked when his wife Laura arrives and announces she's chucking him out.

She is fed up with Jack's behaviour and suspects him of having an affair with DS Debbie McAllister.


Easy Money (BBC2, 9.50pm)

GET-RICH-QUICK schemes invariably are nothing of the sort - remember the pyramid schemes that claimed hundreds of Scottish victims just a few years ago?

The number of people willing to set aside their doubts and pump hard- earned cash into a scheme they must have known was dodgy proves the lure of easy money is tough to resist.

This new series uses first-hand accounts to examine "business" practices that stretch the margins of moral behaviour and legality.

Chris Ineson is a self-proclaimed master swindler. His scam is to invite people to invest in a business which then folds. In eight years, his direct mail industry has earned him a small fortune.

The programme was filmed as Ineson, who claims the businesses folding was just bad luck, was pursued by the fraud squad, the taxman, furious customers and an estranged wife.


Serious And Organised (ITV, 9.00pm)

CRIME-FIGHTING brothers Jack and Tony Finn uncover an illegal trade in human organs in this fast- moving and fairly glamorous cop show.

A suspected cargo of heroin turns out to be a still-beating human heart.

Dressed as paramedics, the brothers deliver the heart to its hospital destination. Its intended home is Matt Wilson, the son of a multi-millionaire industrialist, who has heart disease. His wealthy father is willing to bend and break the law to save his life.

The Finns get a break which leads them to a gang of Brazilians.

But Jack is getting close to attractive doctor Emma, who is treating Matt. And he lets slip to her the feelings he has for his brother's wife.


EastEnders (BBC1, 7.30pm)

KAT SLATER'S disastrous relationship with Anthony is never-ending but even the dogs in the street know they are the most mismatched couple since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins.

It's Kat's birthday and she's doing her best to be the life and soul of the party. But Zoe can see through her behaviour and knows something's wrong - give that girl a gold star.

Discovering that she's not sure about her relationship with Anthony, Zoe and Kelly give Kat an opportunity to get away for the night by inviting her to go clubbing, much to Anthony 's dismay.

Meanwhile, Alfie's on tenterhooks as his picture makes the front page of the Gazette and Sharon gives Sam a chance in the club.




(E4, 9.30pm)

THE latest series of the award- winning medical drama continues.

The ER receives a new group of medical students amidst the pandemonium caused by the closure of another ER.

Corday returns to work after her husband's death and Romano's physical therapy continues.

Gallant irritates the ER staff while he is on a psych rotation and Pratt performs a minor miracle.

Alex Kingston stars with Goran Visnjic, Laura Innes and Noah Wyle.



(Sky One, 10.00pm)

THERE are rarely laughs in ER, but Scrubs has found a rich vein of humour in medical conditions.

The American sitcom returns for a new series and the young medics are avoiding each other like the plague. Zach Braff stars with Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke.



(UK Drama, 9.00pm)

RICHARD E. GRANT stars in a colourful account of a scandalous affair from the early 19th century which seems to have been repeated 200 years later.

George, Prince of Wales, weds a woman he doesn't love while having an affair with the woman he does.

The marriage was doomed to failure, with details of the prince and princess' private lives revealed in leaked letters, newspapers and even the House of Lords.

The drama uses dialogue drawn from historical records and is narrated by Ian Richardson.



(BBC Choice, 10.30pm)

IT'S now 5am in secret agent Jack Bauer's day from hell.

Jack follows the police to the station and convinces the sergeant to let him talk to Penticoff. But before he learns what has happened to Kimberly, Mason arrives.

Meanwhile, Palmer fears the worst about his son and Teri finally arrives at the hospital where Janet has just been wheeled into surgery.

Kiefer Sutherland stars in the first series of the thriller.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 16, 2003
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