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Top construction companies.


Ranked by 2003 Revenue

                         Sub-contracted work
Firm                     Employees at peak    Contact
Address                  Year established     Firm's specialties
Phone/Fax                2003 revenues        Web site

Fowler Construction Co.  10%                  Thomas J. O'Callaghan,
Ltd.                     400                  C.E.T
1206 Rosewarne Dr.       1949                 Roads, aggregate supply,
Bracebridge P1L 1T9      $20M+                asphalt paving, rock
705-645-2214/645-5025                         excavation
Leo Alarie & Sons Ltd.   20%                  Denis Alarie, president,
P.O. Box 912, Highway    300                  GM
101 West                 1955                 Roads, open pit mining,
Timmins P4N 7H1          $20M+                crushing, tailings dams,
705-268-2106/268-3571                         pre-engineered buildings
Comstock Canada Ltd.     20%                  Gary Schnase, GM
2736 Belisle Dr.         250+                 Mechanical, electrical,
Val Caron P3N 1N4        1973                 millwrighting,
705-896-3333/897-0097    $20M+                structural, boilermaker,
                                              all sectors
Tom Jones Corp.          65%                  John Jones, GM
560 Squier Place P.O.    200                  Industrial, commercial,
Box 10662                1967                 institutional
Thunder Bay P7B 6V1      $20M+      
Bruno's Contracting      20%                  Silvio Di Gregorio, sec./
Ltd.                     250                  treasurer residential,
665 Hewitson St.         1972                 subdivisions, roads,
Thunder Bay P7B 5V5      $20M+                design-build, gravel
807-623-1855/623-0360                         aggregates
Gap Construction         70%                  Robert Loewen
1310 Franklin St.        60                   Industrial, commercial,
North Bay P1B 2M3        1952                 institutional, civil
705-474-3730/474-2911    $20M+                n/p
W.S. Morgan              90%                  John McIsaac, manager
Construction Ltd.        60                   Commercial, residential
19 Bowes St.             1972                 building
Parry Sound P2A 2K7      $20M+                n/p
Man-Shield (NW)          85%                  Peter D. Belluz, president
Construction Ltd.        50                   Industrial, institutional,
883 Tungston St. Suite   2000                 commercial, construction
#2                       $20M+                management design-build
Thunder Bay P7B 6H2                 
Villeneuve Construction  15%                  Claude Villeneuve/
Ltd.                     135                  president
P.O. Box 1720            1976                 Road construction,
Hearst POL 1N0           $20M+                concrete, asphalt,
Tesc Contracting Co.     50%                  Dario Zulich, president,
874 Lapointe St.         300                  GM
Sudbury P3A 5N8          1976                 Civil/architectural,
705-566-5702/560-1524    $15M-$19.9M          mechanical, earth work,
                                              bridges, dams, all sectors
Dalron Construction      90%                  Frank Arnold
130 Elm St.              25 (not incl.        Residential housing,
Sudbury, P3C 1T6         contractors)         land development
705-560-9770/560-9800    1969                 n/p
Rainone Construction     5%                   Mark Rainone
Ltd.                     246                  Highway maintenance,
P.O. Box 640             1946                 design-build, mining,
Sault Ste. Marie, P6A    $10M-$14.9M          forestry, sewer, water
5N2                                           n/p
B.J. Halow & Sons        5-10%                Bruce Halow
n/p                      110                  Roads, site development,
Thunder Bay P7C 5M9      1969                 railroad construction
807-939-2533/939-1780    $10M-$14.9M          n/p
Palmer Construction      8%                   Terry Rainone, president
Group Inc.               52                   Sewer/water, paving,
1121 Peoples Rd.         1965                 design-build, concrete,
Sault Ste. Marie P6C     $10M-$14.9M          roads, commercial, highway
LTL Contracting          20-30%               Scott MacLeod
1186 Russell St.         50-75                Sewer/water plants, Civil
Thunder Bay P7B 5N2      1982                 construction, drilling
807-623-3600/623-3136    $10M-$14.9M          n/p
Mike Moore & Sons        60%                  Mike Moore, president
Construction             30                   ICI market, design-build,
167 Industrial Court B,  1989                 pre-engineered steel
Unit A                   $10M-14.9M           buildings
Sault Ste. Marie P6B                
Dominion Construction    80%                  Janet Rigo, project
Co. Inc.                 12                   manager
1125 Russell St.         1990                 Commercial, Industrial,
Thunder Bay P7B 5M6      $10M-14.9M           institutional, design-
807-623-0050/623-0030                         build, project management
Moncrief Construction    10%                  Gerry Moncrief, president
Ltd.                     55                   Hydro line construction,
RR#1 Redditt Rd.         1967                 design-build, roads, dams
Kenora P9N 3W7           $5M-9.9M             n/p
Gateway Contractors      75%                  G.E. Pollock, president
Ltd.                     20-30                Commercial, institutional,
636 Squier St.           1997                 design-build
Thunder Bay P7B 4A8      $5M-$9.9M            n/p
Kona Builders Ltd.       75%                  Richard Dube, president
3171 Kingsway East       20-30                ICI market, design-build,
Sudbury P3B 2G5          1972                 pre-engineered buildings
705-560-1266/560-5439    $10M-$14.9M          n/p
Sal-Dan Developments     80%                  Sam Biasucci
Ltd.                     20                   Residential construction
64 Industrial Park       1981       
Cres.                    $5M-$9.9M
Sault Ste. Marie P6B
George Stone & Sons      65%                  Harry Stone, president
Ltd.                     60                   Industrial, commercial,
99 Northern Avenue E.    1915                 design-build,
Sault Ste. Marie P6B     $2.5M-$4.9M          institutional,
4H5                                           construction
705-256-6201/256-6478                         n/p
Secord Construction      20%                  Guy Secord, president
Box 337                  40                   Concrete, shell buildings,
Timmins P4N 7E2          1995                 commercial, industrial
705-268-0823/268-4323    $2.5M-$4.9M          n/a
DRD Construction         30%                  Dale Dubinsky, David House
Services                 25                   General, abatement,
517 N Hardisty St.       1983                 enveloping, renovation,
Thunder Bay P7C 5S6      $2.5M-$4.9M          asbestos/mould
807-623-4540/623-5534                         n/p
Per Hol Construction     50%                  Ken Perrier, owner
Co.                      18                   Design-build, project
1520 S. Edward St.       1995                 management, commercial,
Thunder Bay P7E 6E6      $2.5M-$4.9M          industrial
Vector Construction      n/p                  Lori Quesnelle, office
Ltd.                     12                   administrator
556 Tenth Ave.           1986                 Concrete restoration,
Thunder Bay P7B 2R2      nfp                  industrial coatings, tank
807-346-4405/346-4415                         linings
Sacchetti Construction   25%                  Paolo Sacchetti
388 Fort William Rd.     30                   Industrial, civil,
Thunder Bay P7B 2Z3      1973                 masonry
807-344-4757/345-4083    $1M-$2.49M 
Bay City Contracting     Varies               Dave MacLeod, president
Inc.                     20-30                General contracting,
1123 Russell St.         1985                 sewer and water,
Thunder Bay P7B 5M6      $1M-$2.49M           n/p

n/a = not applicable, n/p = not provided, nfp = not for publication.
Northern Ontario Business makes every attempt to get accurate and up-to-
date information. We cannot guarantee accuracy as we rely on the listed
companies for the information. Others may have qualified, but did not
provide sufficient information, or space restrictions prevented
publishing of the full list.
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