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Top Tax Savings Ideas for Today's Small Business.

Thomas J. Stemmy, a practicing CPA in Greenbelt, Maryland, and an NSPA member, has written an all-inclusive tax reference guide based on the 1993 tax reform laws for the accountant servicing the small business owner.

The book is an easy-to-read summary of key tax planning for small business entities. The text highlights the top tax savings ideas and provides real-life examples. Essentially, this is a tax planning reference guide, written in a clear analytical style, identifing tax deductions, fringe benefits and tax deferrals under 1993 tax legislation.

The seasoned tax practitioner may already be aware of provisions in the tax laws that keep the client from paying too much taxes. Less seasoned staff members may not be fully informed of the tax savings techniques and ideas the author enumerates in the book. What makes the book more attractive is that the author confines the discussion to concise, non-technical language. That is not easy to do when writing about complex tax issues.

The book consists of 13 chapters, commencing with general considerations on choosing the right entity to do business and concluding with retirement planning and tax deferrals.

The author received the National Society of Public Accountant's Golden Quill Award for the best article by a member published in the National Public Accountant in 1991. Top Tax Savings Ideas for Today's Small Business is available through the National Society by calling NSPA's Fulfillment Division at 1-800-966-6679.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:Apr 1, 1994
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