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Top Miley Cyrus 'Scandals' Before the Date Rape Joke.

The former Disney star has one more to add to her list of Miley Cyrus scandals as she made a date rape joke in a night club appearance recently. The troubled star has just finished her London concert filled with provocative props and stunts, was seen leaving a club in her bra, and a lot more controversies that always seem to follow her. Here's a review of Miley's biggest scandals.

1. At age 15, the Hannah Montana star posed topless covered with only a silky sheet in Vanity Fair magazine.

2. At age 16, Miley pole danced during her performance in "Party in the USA" at the Teens Choice Awards.

3. At age 18, a picture of her smoking from a bong circulated the net.

4. In 2012, she gave her then boyfriend Liam a penis cake. Picture of her posing with the cake at different angles made rounds in the internet.

5. Her sexed-up VMA performace with Robin Thicke blew the world in 2013. Since then, twerking and grinding become staple in her performances.

6. Miley lost Liam after the VMA, made another controversial music video of "Wrecking Ball", but the twerking and grinding continues.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:May 14, 2014
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