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Top Logging Equipment Suppliers in Northern Ontario. (Forestry).

Top Logging Equipment Suppliers in Northern Ontario

Ranked by # of Full-time Employees in Northern Ontario

Company                         Contact
Address                         Title
City or Town/Postal Code        Phone/Fax
Web Site Address

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  Des Bisson
P.O. Box 2130                   Branch Manager
Timmins, P4N 7X8                705-268-7933/705-268-3465

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  Rick Prior
1450 W. Walsh St.               n/p
Thunder Bay, P7E 6H6            807-474-2530/705-475-5276

Heath & Sherwood (1964) Ltd.    Peter Marinigh
29 Duncan Ave.                  n/p
Kirkland Lake, P2N 3JL          705-567-5313/705568-8545

AMCO Machine Inc.               n/p
1216 Dawson Rd.                 n/p
Thunder Bay, P7G 1H7            807-767-3511/807-767-7920

BPT Components & Parts Inc.     Tim Edwards
P.O. Bag 4100                   n/p
Sudbury, P3A 5Y9                705-524-8400/705-524-8422

Maki's Diesel Repair            Harold Maki
166 McCulloch St.               President
Thunder Bay, P7A 7Z2            807-345-8500/705-343-7985

Jaxsn Corporation               n/p
349 Harrison Dr. Unit 2         n/p
Sudbury, P3E 5E1                705-522-6097/705-522-5674

Company                         # of Full-time Employees
Address                         Year Established
City or Town/Postal Code        Export-Yes or No
Web Site Address

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  130
P.O. Box 2130                   1976
Timmins, P4N 7X8                No

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  100
1450 W. Walsh St.               1985
Thunder Bay, P7E 6H6            No

Heath & Sherwood (1964) Ltd.    40
29 Duncan Ave.                  1927
Kirkland Lake, P2N 3JL          Yes

AMCO Machine Inc.               7
1216 Dawson Rd.                 1956
Thunder Bay, P7G 1H7            no

BPT Components & Parts Inc.     6
P.O. Bag 4100                   1989
Sudbury, P3A 5Y9                Yes

Maki's Diesel Repair            6
166 McCulloch St.               1987
Thunder Bay, P7A 7Z2            Yes

Jaxsn Corporation               2
349 Harrison Dr. Unit 2         1999
Sudbury, P3E 5E1                Yes

Company                         Primary Market
Address                         Secondary Market
City or Town/Postal Code        Total Billing 2001
Web Site Address

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  Forestry
P.O. Box 2130                   Construction
Timmins, P4N 7X8                over $3 million dollars

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  n/p
1450 W. Walsh St.               n/p
Thunder Bay, P7E 6H6            over $3 million dollars

Heath & Sherwood (1964) Ltd.    Mining/Smelting
29 Duncan Ave.                  Forestry
Kirkland Lake, P2N 3JL          over $3 million dollars

AMCO Machine Inc.               n/p
1216 Dawson Rd.                 n/p
Thunder Bay, P7G 1H7            n/p

BPT Components & Parts Inc.     USA
P.O. Bag 4100                   Worldwide
Sudbury, P3A 5Y9                over $3 million dollars

Maki's Diesel Repair            Thunder Bay Area
166 McCulloch St.               Southern Manitoba
Thunder Bay, P7A 7Z2            over $1 million dollars

Jaxsn Corporation               Mining
349 Harrison Dr. Unit 2         Forestry
Sudbury, P3E 5E1                n/p

Company                         Product Line Specialties
City or Town/Postal Code
Web Site Address

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  John Deer Forestry:
P.O. Box 2130                   Feller bunchers,
Timmins, P4N 7X8                Delimbers Skiders,
n/a                             Harvesters

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.  Construction and Forestry
1450 W. Walsh St.               Equipment
Thunder Bay, P7E 6H6

Heath & Sherwood (1964) Ltd.    Custom Manufacturing
29 Duncan Ave.
Kirkland Lake, P2N 3JL

AMCO Machine Inc.               Diesel Engine & Component
1216 Dawson Rd.                 Rebuilding & Machining
Thunder Bay, P7G 1H7            with parts supply

BPT Components & Parts Inc.     Clark Powertrain
P.O. Bag 4100
Sudbury, P3A 5Y9

Maki's Diesel Repair            Logging Supplies
166 McCulloch St.               Diesel Engines
Thunder Bay, P7A 7Z2            Equipment Components

Jaxsn Corporation               Equipment
349 Harrison Dr. Unit 2
Sudbury, P3E 5E1

n/p = not provided

n/a = not available

Northern Ontario Business makes every attempt to get accurate and
up-to-date information. We cannot guarantee accuracy since we depend on
representative from the listed companies for much of the information.
Others may have qualified for inclusion in the list but did not provide
sufficient information. For additions, please contact the research
department at 1-800-757-2766 ext. 381.
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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