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Top Class.

Dear Dr Maths, My son is studying for his GCSEs and wondered about following them with A-level maths. What careers involve maths? Tricia, via e-mail.

There are lots of interesting and well-paid jobs in mathematics. There are the traditional areas such as finance, business and engineering, but also new technologies such as computer games and computer generated imagery (CGI).

At the recent Big Bang Fair - - I met one of the team who had worked on CGI for the movie Iron Man, see picture below.

She told me how important maths is for her job and how the company she works for employs a number of people with a background in it.

Good mathematicians can command very high salaries if they can not only show good numerate skills, but have an understanding of how to deal with people in a problem-solving environment. The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications has helped create an excellent website showing the great variety of careers available.

To find out more go to If you are to be involved in any kind of business in the future you will need to work with tables, charts, spreadsheets and graphs.

Working to interpret these intelligently requires mathematical understanding. Sometimes spotting a pattern or a trend in data can give your company a small edge that may result in large savings.

So, as you can see, maths is important for many careers.

Here is a puzzle for you to try: What is the smallest whole number that when multiplied by seven gives a result comprised entirely of sixes? The first correct entry drawn will win a copy of the book Hidden Secrets from the World of Dr Maths, available at The answer to last fortnight's quiz about probability was 1/3.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 24, 2011
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