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Top 6 New Android Apps and Games You Should Install on Your Android Devices [Screenshots].

Google Play Store is no longer a wasteland of useless applications and games because there are plenty stuff coming in all the time. From utility apps to non-stop action games, Android OS keeps getting love from users worldwide. Six new Android apps have been sighted which you should check out when visiting the Play Store.

Riptide G2

An intense online multiplayer racing game with hydro jets, high-end graphics and all-new career mode. Riptide G2 is Tegra-optimised which means if your device has Nvidia Tegra, some extra goodies are available for you. You can use cars to join or replace them with jet skis later on and enjoy the physics inside the game such as water waves and wakes of other vehicles crossing your path.

The game costs $2.99 which features all new watercraft, all new stunt system, Google Play Game services, and Tegra 4 optimisation.

Timely Alarm Clock

A beautiful alarm clock application for your Android device featuring a stunning user experience and revolutionary cloud integration to backup and synchronise your alarms across multiple devices. Unlock with the default alarm clock on your Android phone or tablet, Timely include tons of useful advanced features and Holo interface.

Timely has both free and paid version which features three tabs for alarms, clock and time/stopwatch, a layer of smart design, Smart Rise and integration on multiple devices.


Literally means "space capsule" in Swedish which will make your head go round with each puzzle. Manage a minimalist space station, hanging in the empty void to track resources, staffing and defend from any attacks. The game design is similar to the 2D interpretation of the original Tetris shapes blocks which done beautifully. There are 28 levels with increasing difficulty and each time the enemy attacks, it gets more powerful.

It costs $2.99 on the Play Store which defines meditative strategy game setting to build the best base possible.

Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List

The handiest and easiest to use shopping list application with online synchronisation. Buy Me a Pie! Features options which best suit your needs such as :

- Beautiful and handy interface

- Easy way to add items and their measurements

- Quick and handy way to manage the self-learning grocery items dictionary

- All newly-entered words are automatically stored in the dictionary

- Automatically grouped items in the list

- Colour coding option

- Cloud syncing across multiple devices

- Multiple shopping listing

- Sharing of shopping list contents

Buy Me a Pie! Grocery List is free on the Play Store but a paid version allows you to access more features.

Middle Manager of Justice

Superheroes and villains continue to smash each other, attempting to win the other, but in truth someone has to be in the middle of everything to authorise deploment. Middle Manager of Justice puts you somewhere between good and evil, order and chaos and upper management and the senior staff. You have been hired to whip the latest branch of Justice Corp. into shape and manage your team of superheroes to thwart crime, save citizens and hire superheroes to safe keep the city.

Middle Manager of Justice is free to download with simple cartoon graphics, cheeky sense of humour and wacky superheroes.


Receive important notifications when the screen is off and let it light up discreetly to notify you of missed calls, emails or SMS. The discreet light doesn't need you to unlock the device and DynamicNotifications light up with a hint of what kind of notification just came in. Additionally, DynamicNotifications include the following features:

- Does not light up when your phone is inside your pocket, purse or face down

- Select applications you'd like to receive via DynamicNotifications

- Custom Timeout

- Sleep at night mode

- More privacy

- Adjust screen brightness

- Automatic switch off screen

DynamicNotifications is free for download but only includes few features. Buying the premium version opens all exclusive in-app features.
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