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Top 25 new gadgets: our favorite gadgets from the 2015 International Housewares Show.

Fresh, healthy cooking drove most of the introductions at the recent International Home + Housewares Show and gadgets were no exception. The best new gadgets master the tasks of grating, chopping, slicing, zesting and helping prepare meals at home. The one thing all of these tools have in common is that they are providing real solutions to real problems.

Butter Mill | Cooks Innovations

The Butter Mill from Cooks Innovations takes on the common problem of spreading cold butter. It twists to grate cold, stiff butter into a soft spread for easy application on to bread, veggies or corn on the cob. The item was recognized at the Housewares Show with an Innovation Award.

Cheese Please | Alessi

This playful, standing cheese grater is shaped--yes--like a cowbell. It's made from 18/10 stainless steel and provides a generous surface area and a narrow mouth to ensure the cheese falls directly onto the plate below.

Digital Chef | Maverick

The latest in smartwares, Maverick's Digital Chef wireless cooking thermometer works through the home Internet/router system. The unit will monitor cooking, store and work with recipes, share cooking experiences and keep records of cooking successes.

Easy Pull Manual Food Processor | Zyliss

Zyliss received lots of kudos and attention at the Housewares Show for its Easy Pull Manual Food Processor. The item chops small and large food quantities with just a pull of a chord. The technology uses two independently operating blades to cut through even the toughest of foods while a booster arm on the base gathers food for even chopping.

Fante's Cheese Grater | Harold Import Co.

The Fante's Cheese Grater uses a hand crank to grind hard cheeses, nuts and chocolate. The Fante family has been known for its Italian market in Philadelphia since 1906.

Food Razor | FusionBrands

Yes, it looks like a razor, and it "shaves" veggies and fruit. The ceramic blade never dulls or rusts and it includes a safe grip plus a tip to remove spots, bruises or eyes on potatoes.

Guac-Lock | Casabella

Casabella, known for its colorful cleaning tools, unveiled the Guac-Lock designed to ensure fresh storage of guacamole and other dips without browning or discoloration. The Guac-Lock uses a push-up mechanism that squeezes out all of the air and lifts the guacamole to the top of the container so that it always looks full, making the dip more appealing.

Hand-Box Grater | Reo

The Reo Hand-Box Grater from Lifetime Brands gives the consumer efficiency and flexibility through transformation. When assembled, the item is a traditional box grater, or choose from the coarse, medium or zesting grater functions. It snaps apart for easy storage.

Hand-Held Spiralizer | Oxo

The Oxo Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer creates uniform, curly noodles from zucchinis, cucumbers, carrots and other long vegetables for pasta-like dishes, salads and garnishes. The Spiralizer is designed to accommodate round vegetables like potatoes and beets for a different look than the normal slices and dices. The food holder is easy to grip and has teeth that grab onto the food while turning down to the very end of vegetables to minimize waste and keep hands safe.

High-Design Aluminum Rolling Pin | KMN Home

KMN Home calls its High-Design Aluminum Rolling Pin "the coolest rolling pin in the world," and it's easy to see why. The Red Dot Award-winner is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum that allows it to stay incredibly cool after being chilled. The anodized finish, which comes in three vibrant color choices, gives the rolling pin an unmatched combination of elegance and functionality.

Oneida Baking Tools | Robinson

Cooks will be hard-pressed to find classier looking gadgets than the new Oneida Baking Tools. The first-ever line of Oneida-branded baking tools and gadgets includes 26 items such as cookie turners, batter scoops and dough scrapers featuring stainless construction with a satin finish.

PalmZester | Chef'n

Zesting no longer automatically leads to a sticky kitchen counter with the PalmZester. An innovative storage section collects the citrus zest for less cleanup afterwards. The PalmZester features an 18/10 stainless-steel blade.

Pepper Tool | Kitchen IQ

Sometimes a solution is so simple that it just makes sense. The new Pepper Tool is the perfect gadget for coring and cleaning all types of peppers. Insert the pepper tool into the end of the pepper with the stem, turn and pull to remove the core and seeds. Bravo Pepper Tool.

Quick Tongs | Mastrad

Mastrad introduced silicone and stainless-steel Quick Tongs designed to open/operate with one hand. It stands on the countertop for optimal cleanliness.

Rabbit Push Muddler | Metrokane

Metrokane continues to expand its Rabbit brand, best known for wine accessories, into the cocktail segment with the Rabbit Push Muddler. The Innovation Award winner is spring-loaded to make muddling your favorite drink a breeze. The specially designed head crushes ingredients rather than cutting them, preserving the flavors to enhance any cocktail.

Reflecting Nature Tools | Kitchen Innovations

These new tools and accessories from Kitchen Innovations caught our attention at the Housewares Show. Each item in the Reflecting Nature collection reflects a particular flower or plant and is designed to bring new life and color to the kitchen.

Rotary Grater | Microplane

The Rotary Grater from Microplane is designed to effortlessly grate hard cheese such as Parmesan, as well as chocolate and nuts for garnishing dishes at tableside. An extra large hopper makes it possible to grate a generous amount of cheese and other ingredients at one time.

SmarTemp Food Thermometer | Taylor

The new SmarTemp Thermometer uses Bluetooth technology to allow users to easily monitor grilling, cooking and candy making, all from the convenience of a smart-phone. The thermometer syncs to Taylor's proprietary app, which provides a variety of data and capabilities, including USDA temperature guidelines.


StirMate is a small, battery operated automatic pot stirrer that self adjusts for different pot sizes. The stirring is gentle and thorough, and acts on the bottom of the pot to prevent scorching.

Suzie Q | Fox Run Brands

Suzie Q is a 20-piece, retro-inspired kitchen tool collection that combines warm-fuzzy aesthetics with modern technology. The line features wood handles in five bright colors and stainless-steel accents. It includes items such as whisks, spatulas, cutting boards, timers--and our favorite, old timey ice cream spades.

Twist Grater | Joseph Joseph

This versatile tool is designed to handle a variety of grating tasks with ease. The Twist Grater features two styles of etched stainless steel blades along with a flexible handle that allows consumers to grate food in different positions. It also comes with a reversible plastic sheath that protects blades when stored, and can be flipped and used to collect and measure grated food as well.

V Grater | Cuisipro

Featuring a V-pattern design to reduce resistance, Cuisipro's V Grater is designed to increase the cutting area and provide better control. A carefully weighted non-slip handle adds balance to the touch and ensures safer operation.

Veggie Slicer | Kitchen IQ

Propping healthy food just got simpler with the Veggie Slicer, designed to slice small round fruits and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, grapes and olives. Just drop veggies in the end of the Veggie Slicer, place the knife in the slot and slice for perfectly sliced veggies every time.

Watermelon Tap | Good Cook

Be the hit of the party or picnic with the Good Cook Watermelon Tap. It turns any large, seedless watermelon into an adorable party pitcher. Just add water--or vodka.

WaveRack | Fusion Brands

The kitchen sink received a lot of attention from gadget makers at the Housewares Show. Perhaps the most successful product to address this area was the Innovation Award-winning WaveRack from FusionBrands, an all-in-one dish rack and dish drying mat that folds in half for easy storage. The design holds plates and utensils vertically, while pots, glasses and cups are elevated for increased airflow and evaporative drying.

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