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Top 15 trends & releases.

Throughout its 31 years, Artexpo has recorded the creative pulse of the art world, and 2009 is no exception.

"One of the greatest reasons we come to the show is to gauge buyer response to new artists and their works," says Michael Havers, owner of Progressive Fine Art. "In many ways, Artexpo dictates what direction we will head in the future."


Green art made an appearance like never before, further demonstrating its sweeping movement across the art industry. Renowned marine-life artist Wyland joined forces with Harvest Productions to release an exclusive eco-friendly art form printed on bamboo with archival inks. The artist's renderings of various North American wildlife species served as the inspiration for the collection.

In addition, artists competed in the first Artexpo Green Artist Challenge to create works with environmental themes, eco-conscious materials and cause-related messages. Kate McCavitt was one of seven category winners, awarded Best Use of Environmentally Friendly Supplies & Materials for her artistic renditions of natural harmony and balance. Larry Schueckler snagged Best Ecological Art Business Practices for innovation in the production and practice of art with repurposed limestone, and Best Overall Green Piece was bestowed upon Galia Gluckman in recognition of her vibrant, contemporary use of recycled papers and low-impact materials.



Many exhibitors witnessed increased buyer interest in transitional pieces that blend abstract and figurative styles, which created the perfect outlet for artists such as Farrell Douglass (2), whose transitional depictions of koi fish received the most attention for Perrell Fine Art. Owner Marry Perrell saw most U.S. buyers sway toward abstract and transitional works while his UK and Canadian buyers came looking for smaller, representational pieces.

The contemporary florals of Irina Koulikov, the painterly landscapes of Joan Armour and the collage-style cityscapes of Nemo (3) sold out completely, according to Progressive Fine Art owner Michael Havers, who also noticed a big draw to transitional works.


Smaller works and lower edition sizes dominated the sales trends for several companies, including Blazing Editions, which did well with the works of Erica Hopper, Anne Packard and new artist Marc Whitney (4) in edition sizes of 25, 50 and 75. "The trend is moving back, somewhat, to smaller, less expensive pieces," owner Alan Blazar says.


LaFlor Fine Art found success offering hand-signed limited editions from nationally recognized artists Gary Benfield, Eyvind Earle and Royo at reasonable price points. Owners Abe and Flor Rolan believe the initiative is responsible for the Friday afternoon sell-out of their Earle and Benfield pieces.


The show marked the first time the work of countless international artists was exhibited in the United States. Israeli artist Johanan Hierson exhibited his "Natural Florals"--an organic series created with colorfully hand-woven fabrics--through Deljou Art Group; Smart Publishing introduced Russian artist Sveta Esser (5), whose contemporary landscapes garnered significant attention at the show; and German artist Radzetska turned heads in the SOLO section with her intense gold- and silver-leaf cityscapes.

Buyers, too, came internationally. Fabian Perez Art Publishing reported significant international interest in the work of artist Fabian Perez (6). The artist has been steadily extending his international reach, thanks, in part, to his continued presence at Artexpo.


Artists with charity ties made a huge impact on buyers. SOLO artist Jeremy Bortz's (7) "Flowers of Hope" series of miniature works--created specifically to benefit a global charity program the artist himself created to raise money for cancer research--sold out at the show.

Crown Thorn Publishing introduced a charity program featuring culinary-inspired artist Christopher M. The company's partner galleries are hosting a series of events across the country that pair food and wine with the artist's popular chef artworks. Crown Thorn is considering a similar concept with its two other successful artists, Henry Asencio and Michael Flohr (8).


Knowing the market wouldn't settle for anything less than "wow," Artexpo artists and publishers didn't hesitate to think outside the box when it came to the unique types of substrates they used. Wild Apple Open Studio (9) made its debut with the works of several artists on brushed aluminum, bamboo, acrylic and birch. "Only art that is really innovative is selling right now," says Director Jeff Linton.

Prodigious Art, Ltd.'s Irene Dahl showcased transitional oil works on copper while Canada-based Lisabel Gallery (10) introduced unique abstract works created with polymer on wood.


Hundreds of unveilings took place over the course of the show, further adding to the artistic spirit that pervaded the event. Fine Art Limited revealed the Olympic artwork for the 2010 Winter Games, featuring Alexander Chen's exquisite representational landscape "Vancouver 2010 Olympics," Jane Seymour's expressionist rendering "Compete with an Open Heart" and Wyland's eco-friendly "Faster, Higher, Stronger" bamboo art collection. The company announced that LeRoy Neiman and Aldo Luongo have also agreed to contribute Olympic artworks for the Winter Games.

Nicholas Petrucci turned heads with the exclusive unveiling of "Her Honor," a stunningly realistic rendering of African Jurist Hairat Aderinsola Balogun; the artist's portrait of Jane Goodall won the Green Artist Challenge award for Best Environmental Message. Meanwhile, The Thomas Kinkade Company (11) revealed its flagship artist's next big work in the Disney Dreams Collection titled, "Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star," which was well received by attending buyers.




The special appearances of art-world personalities Jane Seymour, Wyland, Michael Godard, Justin BUA and Steve Sabol further added to the excitement and energy surrounding the 2009 event. There was no telling where Seymour would turn up next. The renowned actress/artist not only hosted an exclusive book signing, which introduced her popular "Open Hearts" art and jewelry collections, but she could also be found painting with Wyland and the children of New York, or unveiling her latest Olympic artwork. BUA (12) held a wildly entertaining urban art performance, which gave buyers an inside look into the his outlandish personality, history and style while Sabol (14), on-air sports personality and president of NFL films, discussed "the guts and glory of football," as seen through his lively sports depictions exhibited by Garth Davidson Fine Art.


Original works once again reigned supreme among buyers. The sophisticated body of work by artist Dana Joyce was just one collection that stood out from the crowd with particular interest in her "Twilight Cruise." The artist, represented by Contemporary Art Publishing, exhibited 20 new original works on canvas, all of which were created in a span of two months specifically for the show. Other originals-only exhibitors included Ronen Art Vision, which found success with abstract contemporary work, and known Impressionist artist Samir Sammoun (15).


In the words of artist Ed Heck and rock drummer Carmine Appice, "Pop Art Rocked" the Artexpo show floor. Appice, who has performed with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Rod Stewart, teamed up with Heck and premiered a bold series of vibrant, rock-inspired original paintings and limited editions titled "Drum City." Museum Editions introduced pop artist Heather Fazzino in addition to showcasing the work of renowned pop artist Charles Fazzino, whose claim to fame rests heavily on his dynamic 3-D interpretations of the Big Apple. The electrifying display of pop paintings, sculptures and hand-painted objects marked the 20th year Fazzino has participated in the show.


The competition was stiff for the annual Artexpo New York awards, but organizers felt five dynamic artists stood out from the crowd. Director's Choice went to Eden Fine Art for its exciting and diverse collection of international artwork; Best Booth was awarded to Mark MacKinnon (16) for his unique and professional display of photographs in classic white frames; and this year's SOLO awards recognized Gaston Carrio's (17) sophisticated abstract compositions, Antoine de Villiers' (18) exquisite figurative renderings and Michael Scott's (19) unique abstract collage work.


Mixed media took on many interesting forms, as artists pushed the envelope to gain buyers' attention. Artist Craig Alan (20) took "organic" to a whole new level with the use of bird feathers, hay and various fabrics to intensify his skillful wildlife and other contemporary depictions. Waylight Gallery artists Maria Melo, M. Helena Lima and Regina Costa Val also caught the attention of buyers, who were attracted to the international artists' unique blend of materials and styles.




Buyers looking to diversify their offerings found a variety of exhibitors tapping into the sculpture market. The centerpiece of Studio Fine Art's exhibit was a powerful, figurative sculpture by Hessam titled "Lasting Melody," which stood an impressive 45 inches tall. Dealers were particularly drawn to the skillful patina work, done by the artist himself, in addition to the latest paintings by Hessam, Goli Mahallati and Parviz Payghamy. Exquisite sculpture-only exhibitors attracted significant buyer interest as well. Sylvia Chait received much admiration for her vibrant patinas, and Nobe Babayan displayed his largest bronze sculpture to date.


Dealers' interest in photography, in both traditional and contemporary formats, was evident by the amount of business done by key photography exhibitors. POP International Galleries (21) displayed a stunning array of vintage photographs, featuring Marilyn Monroe and other pop icons; Lisa DuBois showcased Surrealist-influenced, digitally-enhanced works; and Denmark artist Philippe Merie intrigued dealers with intense Polaroid negative works. Photographer Greg Davis was awarded Best Environmental Message in the photography category for his pointed emphasis on the relationship of human culture and the environment.


The International Art Business Conference, presented by Art Business News, was well attended by trade professionals looking for a competitive edge in a tough market. The ABN-sponsored panel discussion, "Forecasting the Art Market in the Next 18 Months," proved highly relevant for a captivated audience. Panel members Todd Bales of The Thomas Kinkade Company, Anthony Deljou of Deljou Art Group, Randy Slavin of Masterpiece Publishing, Inc., and James Thorn of Crown Thorn Publishing provided key insights into the market transformation with a resounding message that "business as usual is not working; those willing to change will survive." The American Society of Interior Designers provided insight into the art dealer/interior designer relationship and gave advice on properly displaying artwork in a home or gallery setting.
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