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Top 100 products 2003.

Interested in long-term results-not merely short-term gains? Discover what works and what can work better. Turn your buildings' risks into returns ... with these Top 100 Product (and Services) Picks, selected by the Buildings Editorial Team.

Note the editorial comments at the end of each product/service close-up.

Many of the smoke inhalation-related deaths and injuries can now be prevented with the EVAC-U8[TM] Emergency Escape Smoke Hood. Compact, light, easy to carry, and easy to use, EVAC-U8 protects the user's head, eyes, and repiratory system from smoke and toxic fumes. It's me size and shape of a beverage can, and contains a sophisticated catalytic filter and heat-resistant transparent hood. In an emergency, simply twist off the cap, pull on the hood, and breathe through the mouthpiece. EVAC-U8 provides 15 minutes of respiratory, head, and eye protection in a toxic smoke environment. EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood by Brookdale International Systems Inc./ DuPont company. Circle 201.

"With three out of four fire fatalities and injuries caused by smoke inhalation, the EVAC-U8 is a key element in the survival of building occupants--particularly in multi-story environments."

Featuring the most comprehensive array of carpet fibers on the market, Antron[R] carpet nylon can bring the color--and performance--of any facilities manager's dream into reality, from the low-luster appearance of the company's natural aesthetic fiber to the high sheen of its metallic luster offering. Available color options provide the industry with unlimited styling abilities, combined with the unequaled sustainability and performance of Antron. All Antron BCF fiber manufactured in North America is certified as an environmentally preferable product. In addition, Antron carpet nylon features advanced soil resistance, stain resistance, and exclusive fiber technology. Antron carpet fiber by Antron. Circle 202.

"What color is green? With the unlimited styling abilities and unequaled sustain ability and performance of Antron carpet, it's any--and every--color imaginable."

Stiebel Eltron's instant tankless water heaters are ideal for commercial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, malls, restaurants, hotels, and educational facilities as well as many other buildings. The DHC-E 20/30 High Capacity Tankless Hot Water Heating System features advanced microprocessor control, saving energy and reducing electric bills. Changing from an electric tank type water heater to a tankless system can result in 15 to 20 percent in energy savings. The DHC-E takes up considerably less space than conventional tank type water tanks, saving valuable space. Simply control the temperature by setting a dial. DHC-E 20/30 High Capacity Tankless Hot Water Heating System by Stiebel Eltron Inc. Circle 203.

"Rest assured. You'll have hot water with Stiebel Eltron's Tankless Water Heaters!"

Consolidated Engineering Services uses Forensic Engineering to solve building problems by identifying the root cause of an issue. The firm specializes in occupied buildings, and seeks construction, design, and maintenance defects to pinpoint problems; then suggests remedial action. Forensic Engineering services by Consolidated Engineering Services/an affiliate of EMCOR Group Inc., Norwalk, CT. Circle 204.

"Diagnostics to ensure a building's optimum performance has taken a big step forward with Consolidated Engineering's forensic services. It's the ultimate in problem-solving!"

The world's first machine-room-less (MRL) elevator, the MonoSpace[R] Elevator by KONE, provides fast, quiet AC gearless performance. Inspired by the invention of the EcoDisc hoisting machine, this elevator eliminates the need for a penthouse or large machine room. The compact disc shape of the EcoDisc actually fits into the elevator hoistway. All control and logic systems are contained in a cabinet that is conveniently placed in a small machine room adjacent to the hoistway at the top landing or contained within the front wall of the hoistway. MonoSpace elevator by KONE Inc. Circle 205.

"Increase leasable space--KONE's MonoSpace elevator doesn't require a machine room or penthouse." is an excellent online resource for information on commercial soundmasking and audio security. Created by Dynasound, the website offers a step-by-step approach to selecting soundmasking and the benefits of its implementation. The subject of audio security is also discussed in detail. contains helpful information for those individuals concerned about written and oral security. by Dynasound Inc. Circle 206.

"Add this to your list of bookmarked websites. takes the mystery out of soundmasking systems and their benefits."

Designed for the restoration of existing asphalt and coal tar roof membrane systems, Honeywell Commercial Roofing's ArmorFlex[TM] roof restoration compound provides a monolithic elastomeric membrane that is not only resistant to ponded water, but also to chemical elements detrimental to the life of a roof membrane. This polymer-modified compound can be applied to built-up or modified bitumen membrane systems to prolong roof life. ArmorFlex systems can cost as much as 60-percent less than re-roof operations. ArmorFlex by Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems. Circle 207.

"This cost effective alternative to re-roofing will extend roof life--and facilities professionals' pocketbooks. And ArmorFlex is a gem in preventive maintenance applications."

Remedy concerns about slip/fall incidences with SafeTcork Tile and Tread products, the latest introduction from Roppe Corp. A blend of recycled cork and rubber, SafeTcork products are designed for high-traffic areas where safety and slip hazards are a concern. This new offering is easy to maintain and is longwearing for a wide range of applications, including education, hospitality, malls, public buildings, and retail stores. With a coefficient of friction rating of 0.91 when wet, this product significantly reduces the chances of slips and falls. Available in several versatile designs, SafeTcork resists scuffing, gouging, and cigarette scorching, as well as most chemicals and common substances. SafeTcork Tile and Tread products by Roppe Corp. Circle 208.

"Put your worries about slips and falls to rest--Roppe's SafeTcork products can show you how."

Schindler Elevator Corp.'s Schindler 400A machine-room-less elevator solution can be installed within a simple hoistway and mounted directly to the elevator rails. Available in 2,100-, 2,500-, 3,000-, and 3,500-pound capacities, the Schindler 400A allows up to 21 openings (front/rear), is suitable for two to 20 stops, and travels up to 200 feet at speeds of 200 and 350 fpm. Schindler 400A machine-room-less elevator solution by Schindler Elevator Corp. Circle 209.

"Hassle-free and easy-to-install, the Schindler 400A elevator is a machine-room-less solution for a wide range of mid rise buildings. Smooth ... as an elevator ride should be!"

Get a contemporary look from HARMONI[TM] Ceiling Tiles, the tile that offers outstanding sound control, style, and price, illbruck's latest ceiling tile introduction is made from willtec[R] foam, making it lightweight and easy to install. HARMONI has a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.90, meaning it is able to absorb 90 percent of the sound that reaches the tile for maximum sound absorption across a broad range of frequencies. The tiles are mold-resistant, Class I fire-rated and coated in Hypalon[R] to optimize durability and prevent dirt and dust penetration, making cleaning easy. This contemporary tile is available in two attractive patterns. HARMONI Ceiling Tiles by illbruck Architectural Products. Circle 210.

"Got noise? Get HARMONI--illbruck's newest ceiling tiles."

In offices where space is at a premium, Vox Office[TM], Nienkamper's newest addition to the Vox Collection, takes advantage of every inch. This workstation is both functional and aesthetically pleasing with the benefit of providing ample workspace to users. Its central worksurface is completely detached, allowing the user to determine the amount of worksurface needed. Features such as a mobile pedestal allow easy reconfiguration, while the integrated cabinets hide unwanted clutter. Vox Office has been designed by Mark Muller. Vox Office by Nienkamper. Circle 211.

"Short on space? Outfit your workstations with Vox Office, the solution by inch."

The face of commercial carpet has been radically changed with the introduction of Mohawk's patent-pending EverSet Technology, a state-of-the-art carpet protection system. EverSet Technology is not a coating or a topical solution; rather, it is a proprietary technological process that alters the chemistry of any nylon fiber, regardless of the dye system used, and makes it intrinsically resistant to any substances that produce either permanent or difficult-to-remove stains. EverSet Technology for carpet protection by The Mohawk Group. Circle 212.

"By rendering a commercial carpet installation virtually impervious to staining, Mohawk's EverSet Technology has redefined the building industry's maintenance needs."

New LEDOS RGB luminaires use integrated color-changing control technology to create visually interesting color-changing effects. Easy to install and operate, LEDOS RGB uses advanced diffuser technology that provides even color distribution from a pattern of red, blue, and green LEDs. Round or square luminaires may be used inside or out, and installed in floors as well as in ceilings and walls. The high-visual impact makes for both practical pathway marker applications and stunning accent and decorative lighting. Zumtobel Staff LEDOS RGB fixtures are manufactured with licensing agreements with Color Kinetics[R] for use of their patented Chromacore[R] technology. LEDOS RGB luminaires by Zumtobel Staff Lighting Inc. Circle 213.

"Practical, yet stunning. The visual impact of the most-talked about technology at Lightfair (LEDs) makes this a win-win for any facilities professional involved in form and function."

Moz Decorative Metals transform ordinary spaces into dynamic environments. Made from solid sheets of aluminum, these almost holographic metals are available in 10 distinctive patterns and 16 colors. Unlike metal laminates, Moz Decorative Metals are not created from metal foil pressed into a phenolic sheet. Moz metals are made from solid sheets of aluminum with a structural integrity that laminates lack. These metals can be used for any number of unique applications, from standardized wall and ceiling panels to column covers and fully customized space dividers, architectural metalwork, and more. Decorative Metals by Moz. Circle 214.

"The possibilities are endless with Decorative Metals by Moz!"

Displaying the beauty of age, the Patina Metal Series Tile from Crossville Porcelain Stone[R]/USA is a handmade complement to any and all interior settings. Metal tiles have a pleasingly aged exterior with a durable porcelain body. Available in two metals: Bronze Verdigris, with a greenishblack cast; and Rust Nickel Silver, with a touch of rust in all the right places. Both metals are available in four-inch-square and six-inch-square field tile, complemented by single and double bullnose trim with bullnose corners. Decorative inserts, a series of borders, and chair rails are also offered. Patina Metal Series Tile by Crossville Porcelain Stone[R]/USA. Circle 215.

"Crossville combines the quality of today's tile with the aesthetics of ancient metal to bring you the Patina Metal Series. Old age never looked so good."

Providing economical "two-in-one" performance, Curveline's new custom-curved acoustical panels function simultaneously as a roof deck and an acoustical ceiling. Use of the Curveline process can eliminate the need to use a separate roof deck and paneled acoustical ceiling, bringing significant construction economies. Using its patented "crimp-curving" method, Curveline can curve perforated steel "B" deck or "N" deck panels in 22- to 18-gauge and depths of 1 1/2 to three inches, without fracturing the panel surface or altering the acoustical performance of the panel Curved ceiling designs (such as a series of arches) may even enhance the sound-absorbing qualities of the space. Custom-curved acoustical panels by Curveline Inc. Circle 216.

"Custom-curved acoustical panels by Curveline provide immense design possibilities, in addition to their sound-proofing benefits."

The new PS*4000 Flat Wall Form by American PolySteel sets a new standard for speed, versatility, and quality construction. Wall form is the newest member of the PolySteel family of insulating concrete forms and creates eight square feet of wall area. Four courses of PS*4000 forms will stack an eight foot wall, compared to six 16-inch forms or eight 24-inch forms, making installation faster and easier. The form's tongue-and-groove design simplifies installation, PS*4000 Flat Wall Form by American PolySteel LLC. Circle 217.

"Because of the larger forms, PolySteel's PS*4000 Flat Wall Form provides faster installation and reduced labor."

The revolutionary Turbocor model TT300 is the world's first totally oil-free compressor, specifically designed for the HVACR industry. The convergence of aerospace and industrially proven magnetic bearings, variable speed centrifugal compression, and digital electronic technologies enables the TT300 to achieve the highest compressor efficiencies for middle-market, water-cooled, evaporately-cooled, and air-cooled HVACR applications. For enhanced reliability, Turbocor's integrated compressor design uses a direct-drive, multi-stage, hermetic centrifugal compressor, which requires only one main rotating part. Turbocor model TT300 by Turbocor Inc. Circle 218.

"The next generation of refrigerant compressor technology is here today. Turbocor is clearly different in the ever evolving energy revolution."

Marshfield DoorSystems offers a new brochure about its Workable Surfaces doors, which are part of the company's Signature Series. Doors integrate workspace directly into the door's design. Combine the beauty of a wood door with the usefulness of a dry erase board, corkboard, or mirror. Workable Surfaces creates organized, clean function an interior wood doors. Workable Surfaces doors by Marshfield DoorSystems. Circle 219.

"Workable Surfaces from Marshfield DoorSytems mare productive use of every space within an office environment--including doors. It's beautifully functional."

With its extruded aluminum construction, Davis Furniture's Aero Bench Series responds to a need for a clean alternative to public seating. The structural integrity of the design is integrated into the construction of the three aluminum extrusions. The webbed internal structure of each hollow extrusion produces great rigidity. Each piece interlocks into the next, forming one stable unit. Side profiles of stainless steel close off each end. Two leg units resemble the cross structures on antique bi planes. Aero is available in a number of details--to create just that special personal space. Aero Bench Series by Davis Furniture Industries Inc. Circle 220.

"Simple in shape, but structurally strong, the Aero Bench Series combines the rigorous styling of contemporary architecture with visual tranquility. Aero means "floating in the air,' and it's an apt description for an enlightened product."

Invite the outdoors in with norament[R] 925 B krypto, the commercial rubber flooring especially designed for extra-heavy foot traffic areas. The granite and terrazzo inspired design of krypto, in colors of nature, brings the outdoors into any interior environment. The krypto "earth" series comes in six standard colors inspired by the earth; the "sky" series is available in nine standard sky-inspired colors. A unique etched surface adds texture and interest while maintaining easy care and performance. All nora Rubber Flooring products are completely free of PVCs and are offered in sheets, tiles, stair treads, and accessories including wall base. Norament 925 B krypto earth and sky series by nora Rubber Flooring/Freudenberg Building Systems Inc. Circle 221.

"Stop compromising, nora Rubber Flooring's norament 925 B krypto earth and sky series provide a striking visual appearance, durability, and easy care."

GenFlex Roofing introduces a full line of peel and stick TPO roofing products that drastically reduce labor costs, while lowering energy demand. This easily installed system greatly reduces set-up procedures and eliminates the need for field-application of bonding adhesives and hand welding. And it's not just the TPO membrane: The membrane, TPO flashings, pipe boots, seam tape, and TPO cover tape all go down quick, clean, and easy. System carries benefits of the ENERGY STAR[R] qualification for cool roofing, due to the highly reflective white surfaces on system components. Peel & Stick TPO System by GenFlex Roofing Systems. Circle 222.

"A revolutionary roofing system, the Peel & Stick TPO System requires no machines for installation and emits no adhesive fumes. What does that mean to building owners? No hassle."

Designed for optimal scalability, GRAFIK 7000[TM] Centralized Lighting Control System is a first-of-its-kind central control system that allows today's best available lighting automation technologies to be easily customized. Offers advanced hardware capabilities and customizable user interfaces for flexible and seamless integration of dimming, switching, motorized draperies and shades, and daylighting. GRAFIK 7000 features innovative floor-plan-based software and a Graphic User Interface that provides central, local, and personal control options. At the same time, system allows facilities teams to minimize energy charges by metering and monitoring lighting system energy usage and peak demand. GRAFIK 7000 Centralized Lighting Control System by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. Circle 223.

"The possibilities are endless with Lutron's GRAFIK 7000 Centralized Lighting Control System--unprecedented integration, control, and energy management for any size project."

VP Buildings introduces the WideBay Trussed Purlin, a new alternative to bar joists for "big box" stores, strip shopping centers, and industrial buildings. This new engineering advance can cover 70 percent of traditional bar joist applications, and the WideBay Trussed Purlin is more efficient and attractive; is 16-percent lighter than conventional bar joists; has less-rigid parameters; and is easier to erect. Meeting all OSHA requirements and designed to work with many different roofing options, the WideBay Trussed Purlin can span bays from 30 to 60 feet and accommodate roof snow loads up to 40 pounds per square foot. WideBay Trussed Purlin by VP Buildings Inc. Circle 224.

"VP Buildings has widened its lead in widebay construction with WideBay Trussed Purlins. Less weight, less cost, less rigid parameters--and less worry."

No more shoveling. No more plowing. The Wirsbo SNOWpro[TM] 411, a weather-responsive control, provides fully automatic snow and ice melting control with the ability to detect snow and ice. The programmable control detects snow and ice accumulation, and instructs the system to start melting on demand--even when you're not there. Wirsbo SNOWpro 411 features one temperature, variable-speed injection mixing; fully automatic snow melting with a snow and ice detector; an outdoor reset or setpoint mode; and boilerenable with boiler protection, SNOWpro 411 by Uponor Wirsbo. Circle 225.

"Wirsbo SNOWpro 411 is the safe and easy way to clear the way during winter snowfall."

The MS Maglock[TM], Adams Rite's latest product improvement, is a new class of maglocks that combines the convenience of an electromagnetic lock with the strength of a mechanical lock--all in an incredibly small six- by 2 3/4- by two-inch package. Unlike normal maglocks, which get larger in size and weight as the strength rating increases, the ingenious design of the MS Maglock utilizes a pair of spring-loaded hardened steel mandibles that instantly clamp the armature in the event of a forced entry. With these mechanical jaws engaged, the MS Maglock's holding force is an incredible 4,000 pounds. MS Maglock by Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. Circle 226.

"MS Maglock is not only a performer, but an outperformer. Small in size and weight and incredibly strong, the system can be integrated into most access control systems."

Specifically designed for tracking, managing, and maintaining your buildings, WebTMA is a comprehensive web-based facility maintenance and asset management software solution. With WebTMA, you can access your maintenance management solution via any standard web browser from the Internet or your intranet. Software can either be purchased and hosted at your website or used as an ASP solution. WebTMA is modular to provide maximum flexibility, offering comprehensive asset management, work order, and preventive maintenance functionality with the base module. Additional modules include: Materials Management, Time Manager, Contract Manager, Project Management, Ad Hoc Report Writer, Service Requests, Move Manager, Quick Implementation, and Pocket WebTMA. WebTMA by TMA Systems LLC. Circle 227.

"Looking for the web-based facility maintenance and asset management software solution that's right for your facility? Look no further than WebTMA."

Recently introduced, Cool Colors, a new line of PAC-CLAD colors by Petersen Aluminum Corp., meets ENERGY STAR[R], LEED[TM], and/or cool roof certification requirements for solar reflectance and emissivity ratings. Developed in conjunction with The Valspar Corp., Petersen's coating supplier, the new PAC-CLAD Cool Colors palette initially includes 27 colors for use on steel and aluminum roofing. PACCLAD Cool Colors by Petersen Aluminum Corp. Circle 228.

"Don't think metal roofs are cool? Petersen Aluminum's new Cool Colors line of PAC-Clad colors will make you think twice."

Tenaya[R], B-K Lighting's new fixture, is designed to withstand immersion in up to three feet of water. A Water Management System allows the fixture to remain illuminated even when it is completely submerged. Product features a patented Anti-Condensation Valve (ACV[TM]), easy-access top and side openings to the junction box, and patent-pending HydroLock[TM] technology to seal the junction box. The Tenaya product has an eight-inch-diameter aperture available in flat, dome, or extra heavy-duty glass. Tenaya in-grade luminaire by B-K Lighting. Circle 229.

"A fixture that's easy to install and fully adjustable, not to mention ready to take on even the harshest of weather and water conditions--how could a facility manager ask for more?"

Technical Concepts has introduced an automatic flushing device, called AutoFlush[R] Clamp, that can be installed in less than one minute over the existing handle on a toilet or urinal, AutoFlush[R] Clamp is an easy, cost-effective way to convert to a touch-free flushing system that ensures flushing after every use, eliminates odors, prevents cross-contamination, and appeals to everyone concerned about hygiene in washrooms. The product installs quickly and easily without having to turn the water off and uses four "C" batteries (which last up to three years) to power the infrared sensor. AutoFlush[R] Clamp by Technical Concepts. Circle 230.

"Hands off! Technical Concepts" AutoFlush Clamp is the ultimate retrofit product to transform a toilet or urinal into a touch-free fixture."

Cozy-Legs Heating Panel radiates the perfect amount of gentle, thermostatically controlled heat to a user's feet and legs. It can be safely used anywhere and pays for itself in immediate electricity savings. Neutral-finish steel panel, at 22- by 16- by one-inches and eight pounds, draws just 100 watts and is ETL-listed. Mount Cozy-Legs permanently to a wall or inside desk panel with adhesive mounting tabs; optional stand allows easy portability without the worry of spilling dangerous fuels or burns from red-hot coils. Cozy-Legs Heating Panel by Indus-Tool, Circle 231.

"Handy, safe, and perfect for cold (and air-conditioned) environments, Indus-Tool's Cozy-Legs Heating Panels warm legs and feet, thereby promoting productivity by eliminating distractions and complaints of cold temperatures."

The newest product introduction by Capri Lighting is Firedome[TM], a fire-rated recessed downlight. The Firedome fixture provides a thermally protected housing for fire protection in commercial facilities, multi-family dwellings, and other firerated construction. The fixture has been designed for 60-minute fire-rated floor ceiling designs and features an integral intumescent lining. During a fire, high temperatures cause this lining to expand, creating a stable fire-resistant insulating char, which prevents fire, toxic fumes, and hot gasses from spreading into ceiling voids. Firedome recessed downlight by Capri Lighting. Circle 232.

"A fixture that provides lighting and fire protection in commercial and multi-family facilities, Capri Lighting's Firedome is smart--and safe."

The new Center Pull Towel/Waste Receptacle Unit (model 236) from Bradley has been created as a response to individuals' desire to touch as few surfaces as possible in public restrooms. The unit enables users to retrieve a towel to dry their hands without touching a handle, other dry towels, or part of a dispenser. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the Center Pull Towel/Waste Receptable Unit is available in recessed and semi-recessed models, as well as a surface mounted unit with a 12-gallon waste receptacle. The towel dispenser can accommodate up to nine-inch-diameter center pull towel rolls. Center Pull Towel/Waste Receptacle Unit (model 236) by Bradley Corp. Circle 233.

"Germs begone! Bradley's new Center Pull Towel/Waste Receptacle Unit brings "hands free' functionality to restroom facilities."

KONE's new ECO3000[TM] is an environmentally friendly escalator solution, saving up to 40 percent in energy due to its unique planetary gear arrangement. Its patented, lubrication free EcoChain[R] is an option that reduces oil and life-cycle costs while making your building even safer for the environment. Because of the unique design, ECO3000 fits comfortably where other escalators cannot. The drive is fully contained within the stepband, saving up to 10 percent of the space required by conventional escalators. KONE ECO3000 meets or exceeds worldwide escalator safety code requirements, including ANSI and B44. ECO3000 escalator by KONE Inc. Circle 234.

"It's a perfect fit for any project. With its space-saving design, the ECO3000 by KONE is ideal for tight spaces."

Outstanding acoustical performance, easy installation, lightweight, strong, and environmentally friendly--Hunter Douglas' new Techstyle[R] Acoustical Ceilings deliver these characteristics and more. Available in 24- by 24-inch, 24- by 48-inch, and 48- by 48-inch bright-white panels, Techstyle Acoustical Ceilings provide the elegant, near-monolithic appearance of drywall. Capable of meeting any of your acoustical requirements, the ceilings provide a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.85 and a Sound Absorption Average of 0.89. Product is primarily manufactured from sand--one of the world's most abundant natural resources and is made of more than 10-percent recycled content. Techstyle Acoustical Ceilings by Hunter Douglas Specialty Products. Circle 235.

"A nearly monolithic look provides excellent aesthetics, and with its outstanding acoustical properties, Techstyle is the perfect marriage of form and function!"

The new GeneSys[TM] air-cooled screw compressor chiller from McQuay is just the cost-effective HVAC solution many facilities professionals have been searching for. The chiller produces chilled water without requiring a separate cooling tower, avoiding additional system complexity and maintenance. Chiller's unique single-screw compressor technology reduces sound pressure levels without requiring special sound attenuation. GeneSys' direct digital controls eliminate the need for costly gateways, making integration with automation systems using LONMARK[R], BACnet[R], or ModBus[R] easy. GeneSys air-cooled screw compressor chiller by McQuay International. Circle 236.

"Occupants want quiet comfort--and McQuay's GeneSys delivers."

Developed by Brandywine Realty Trust, e-Tenants is an Internet-based tenant amenity program. The e-Tenants online portal ( features comprehensive business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and facility management capabilities and offers online access to an array of discounted products and services, e-Tenants members can use this service for a variety of conveniences offered by more than 40 partners, including ordering office furniture, planning vacations, and procuring technology solutions in the most efficient manner. As a work order solution, e-Tenants expedites service requests and provides real-time status updates. e-Tenants online portal by Brandywine Realty Trust. Circle 237.

"e-Tenants provides real solutions for enhancing productivity and tenant satisfaction--a win-win for property managers and building occupants."

Imagine a product that can be used to transform harsh, overhead light into a soft, inviting accent that serves as a stretch wall or ceiling system, able to accommodate nearly any size and shape. With the new Eurospan[R] Wall and Ceiling System, such aesthetics combine with the functionality of outstanding acoustical properties for the best in interiors. System has the smooth, seamless appearance of plaster and drywall construction--without the noise or structural issues commonly associated with traditional materials. Eurospan also has a Class I rating and meets or exceeds fire hazard classification 25/50. Eurospan Wall and Ceiling System by Wall Technology Inc./an Owens Corning company. Circle 238.

"A blend of a designer's vision with a building owner's needs, the Eurospan system is the epitome of what performance is all about: beauty, versatility, easy installation, and optimum sound absorption."

A high-performance acoustical membrane that replaces a traditional sound isolation membrane used to decrease footfall noise? ECOsilence sound isolation flooring, for either retrofit or new construction commercial flooring projects, makes hard-surfaces "quiet." ECOsilence is effective directly underneath a number of floorcoverings including ECOsurfaces, wood, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, hardwood, granite, marble, ceramic, pavers, tile, stone, and brick, reducing sound transmission and vibration through floors. Each line of company's flooring products supports the new ASTM Sustainability Assessment. ECOsilence sound isolation flooring system by ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring. Circle 239.

"ECOsilence sound isolation flooring system gives owners hard-surface looks without the associated, disruptive noise. Silence is golden."

Walltalkers' versatile, innovative eraserite wallcovering makes the most of any meeting--large or small. Primarily designed as an excellent low-gloss dry erase market surface, it also serves as a projection screen for displaying images. DuPont's Teflon[R] non-glare top film offers optimum readability and erases completely. Each of Walltalkers' presentation wallcoverings create a virtually seamless wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling presentation surface that provides high-style with high-impact communications. Low maintenance, combined with easy installation (flexible rolls that install like most commercial wallcoverings), make eraserite perfect for offices, conference rooms, training/education facilities, and more. eraserite presentation wallcoverings by Walltalkers/Div. RJF International Corp. Circle 240.

"Productivity-enhancer eraserite wallcoverings turn any wall into a presentation surface--no limitations in creative thinking; no limitations in space!"

Arm your building with GAF Material Corp.'s Buster[TM] Series Roofing Systems--the ultimate choice when battling the most devastating roof problems (toxic mold, wasted energy, leaks from accidental impact or puncture, blow-off from severe winds, and damage from fine or heavy traffic). Each Buster Series Roofing System has been developed using unique combinations of the most advanced elements of GAF's roofing arsenal, including: Stratavent Eliminator Base Sheet, EnergyGuard[TM] Ultra ISO, UltraShield[TM] Facer, Dens-Deck[R], and EverGuard[R] TPO and PVC. Buster Series Roofing Systems by GAF Materials Corp. Circle 241.

"Prevent problems before they start. Buster Series Roofing Systems by GAF deliver superior performance and protection against the most worrisome roof problems."

United Air Specialists' VisionAir[TM] is a breakthrough in air cleaning technology. VisionAir air cleaners remove many kinds of pollutants from the air and contribute to a healthier living and working environment. Installation is simple: Two unique models--VisionAir1 (wall, ceiling, or stand mounted) and VisionAir2 (mounted on the wall or ceiling)--fit into any interior with their unobtrusive design and perform their task quietly. Disposable MediaMax filter is made of durable, highly efficient material specially pleated to provide a very large effective surface area (also available with ElectroMax filter). VisionAir air cleaners by United Air Specialists Inc. Circle 242.

"Experience an ideal climate--perfect air cleaning in every situation, with VisionAir."

Reap the benefits of daylighting with Duo-Gard Industries' Translucent Daylighting technology. The company recently installed a system in Detroit's Coleman A. Young Recreation Center. The custom-engineered system features glazing of six- by 37-foot sheets of 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate in an aluminum framing system. With a co-extruded UV barrier, the lightweight yet shatterproof, heat-reflecting polycarbonate filters infrared rays as it adds R-value 2.5, U-value 0.40, and shading co-efficient 0.38 to minimize solar gain while transmitting 50-percent diffused daylight. Duo-Gard provides systems and support services from conceptual design through installation, stressing aesthetics, economy, and energy efficiency. Translucent Daylighting Technology by Duo-Gard Industries Inc. Circle 243.

"Resistant to rocks, vandals, and leaks, Duo-Gard's Translucent Daylighting Technology makes daylighting easy--and practical."

The Paramount Tower of Cool (pTOC). produced by Wright Line, is an innovative computer cabinet design that incorporates a building's air-conditioning system and computer cabinets into one closed-loop cooling system. Enclosure system can effectively cool up to 8,000 watts of equipment while reducing a building's overall energy expenditure. Features Low Temperature Delivery Method[TM] (LTDM), the only air-cooled method to deliver cool air at an equal temperature to the face of all hardware in an enclosure. Depending on the application, the total airflow can be reduced by 50 percent. Paramount Tower of Cool by Wright Line. Circle 244.

"Why cool an entire space when it isn't necessary? This closed-loop approach to server cooling is inspired--and cost effective, too."

The new LEAD DOG GQ[TM] computer software program, developed by PRB Design, can now help determine the sustainability and greenness of a product. Program allows product manufacturers to perform an in-depth analysis of the source and content of the raw materials they use, as well as their manufacturing processes. Based on input data, the program also identifies the specific LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System[TM] points to which a product could contribute. LEAD DOG GQ software by PRB Design. Circle 245.

"Don't question whether it's green or not, tell the manufacturer to use PRB Design's LEAD DOG GQ software!"

Now with a range of audio capabilities, the recently introduced FireFinder intelligent fire detection system provides added functionality. In addition to its primary use for voice/evacuation in case of emergency, the audio system may be used to provide building-wide communication with surround sound background music and convenience paging. FireFinder continues to offer an impressive amount of fire and building-related information to fire fighters. Its six-inch interface screen is the largest in the industry, conveying more of the information the fire community has requested to see. FireFinder by Siemens Building Technologies Inc./Fire Safety Div. Circle 246.

"An already great product is now even better--Siemens' FireFinder, the intelligent fire detection system."

Designed for equipment rooms and the office environment, the Office Pro series provides spot cooling in the mid-60 degrees F. temperatures. System is specifically designed to provide maximum cooling while keeping humidity levels regulated in the office environment. Office Pro features a 24-hour programmable thermostat; 10,000, 11,800, 16,800, 23,300, and 59,500 BTU/hour cooling capacities; lower operating temperatures of 65 degrees F.; 50-percent quieter than industrial models; digital temperature control; diagnostic messages for ease of operation; and attractive cabinetry to blend in with today's modern office environment. Office Pro Series by Spot Coolers. Circle 247.

"Feel the cool with the Office Pro Series' extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes, and equipment."

Revere Copper Products' Revere Liberty Collection[TM] of architectural copper is offered in dozens of different Rigidized textured patterns. The collection can be used to create a modern, high-tech, or rustic finish on walls, fascias, mansards, and virtually any type of architectural accent or trim work in a variety of interior applications. The lightweight and malleable textures' aesthetics complement the many benefits of company's Rigidized products: scratch- and dent-resistance; less visual oil canning; damage concealment; glare reduction; and acoustical improvement. Revere Liberty Collection of copper by Revere Copper Products Inc. Circle 248.

"Revere has put the industry in touch with a new idea in an age old material: copper. This eye-catching family of textures is copper as it's never before been seen."

With InSite, Indus International's Internet-based work management application, link facilities managers, service providers, and tenants so problems can be solved quickly and effectively. Work within your existing framework and budget: For a small per user fee, you can begin taking advantage of the power of InSite within weeks for a fraction of the cost of similar systems. InSite work management application by Indus International Inc. Circle 249.

"Deliver superior service with fewer resources--Indus International's In Site helps cut response time drastically."

Taking yet another step "out of the box," The HON Co.'s Perpetual[TM] line of furniture is designed for ultimate flexibility and functionality in a light-scale, open design. The full Perpetual line includes more than two dozen worktops, tables, seating, storage options, and both freestanding and desk-mounted panels--all designed with exposed structural parts, translucent plastic panels, light-colored laminates, and the same distinctive angular leg design. Perpetual is designed to be easily moved and reconfigured to meet the ever-changing needs of today's office environments. Perpetual line of office furniture by The HON Co. Circle 250.

" 'Everything Works' at HON, and the Perpetual line of office furniture takes this great philosophy and proves it in every facet of your business, from private offices to the break room."

Marvin Windows and Doors introduces StormPlus[TM] Impact Zone 3 (IZ3), a new level of energy-efficient, impact-resistant windows and doors within its high-performance StormPlus line. With the introduction of this new level, Marvin now offers high-performance product solutions for virtually every building code in the United States. StormPlus IZ3 products feature a multi-layer, impact-resistant glazing construction, consisting of three sheets of glass, a plastic interlayer, and an energy-efficient air space. Products also feature a variety of hardware reinforcements that offer enhanced performance but don't detract from the window or door's beauty. StormPlus Impact Zone 3 windows and doors by Marvin Windows and Doors. Circle 251.

"Confused with the new building codes? Marvin Windows and Doors' StormPlus line eliminates any guesswork, and IZ3 rounds out the offering to the industry."

New Halcyon[TM] shades by CPFilms Inc. prevent glare and harmful UV rays while still allowing views of the outside. Made with LLUMAR[R] technology, Halcyon shades have the ability to conserve energy, maintain daytime privacy, protect furnishings, and create tasteful interior and exterior appearances. These transparent window shades are unlike any other shade available in today's marketplace and are available in a variety of reflectivity levels, depending on performance requirements. The initial product offering features 23 color combinations available in traditional solids or embossed patterns in three categories: Ultra 2, Optima 10, and Black-out. Halcyon window shades by CPFilms Inc./Shade Div. Circle 252.

"Increase comfort and productivity by shading harsh sunlight with Halcyon shades--a bright idea that conserves energy and prevents fading."

Delivering non-chemical solutions to pest bird problems, No Fly Zone Inc. has developed a Pigeon Netting Exclusion System. Used in the Pamrapo Garage in Jersey City, NJ, the installation of 3/4-inch netting throughout solved a severe pigeon infestation, ceasing the pest birds' ability to land, roost, and nest in the beams of the roof structure. The netting, made of twisted knotted nylon twine, is installed with stainless steel hardware to provide maximum strength and longevity. Pigeon Netting Exclusion System by No Fly Zone Inc. Circle 253.

"Pest birds have met their match. No Fly Zone's Netting Exclusion System is a safe--and smart--way to eradicate the problem of pesky pigeons."

Mannington Commercial's new ActCraft carpet tile is a simple solution offering wide possibilities with the minimum of waste. ArtCraft is composed of 100-percent post-production yarn--yarn that in the past might have been discarded as leftovers (or sent to the landfill). Additionally, the tiles' Infinity modular backing contains 25-percent recycled content. ArtCraft is color--lots of color. In fact, so many colors that it matches everything except its neigh boring tile. They go together, of course, but each tile is a unique, random combination of yarn color. ArtCraft by Mannington Commercial. Circle 254.

"ArtCraft by Mannington Commercial is beautiful inside and out."

KONE has developed an ideal solution to rid building owners and managers of the worry associated with replacing worn or outdated escalators--ECOMOD[TM], a complete escalator modernization package. The ECOMOD system replaces the working components of an existing escalator with new technically advanced components in a modular package that fits inside the existing truss. No heavy construction equipment is required, therefore minimizing the amount of disruption to a facility that might normally result. With ECOMOD, an escalator retrofit can be accomplished with typical installation tools. Specific ECOMOD packages are available for different escalator models. ECOMOD by KONE Inc. Circle 255.

"Replacing escalators can be time-consuming, disruptive--not to mention expensive. KONE offers an economical alternative with its ECOMOD escalator modernization package."

Ready, GET SET, Go! Allsteel introduces its new multi-functional learning products--an attractive new line of tables, chairs, and accessories. Quickly configured in a variety of ways, system can be compactly stored away when it is time for a set-up change. Works in both dynamic spaces (conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting rooms) and dedicated training environments. GET SET tables, available in four different functions, range from standard to dual-motion, Generous, well-padded seat area and back support of GET SET seating supports a variety of user sizes and moves with the user. GET SET wall products and accessories complete the system by addressing a multitude of peripheral needs. GET SET learning products by Allsteel Inc. Circle 256.

"GET SET to the rescue! This efficient, go-anywhere learning system solves the problem of piecemeal training equipment."

Engineered for maximum design flexibility, Wausau's new RX Series Window Wall can be used for almost any punched opening: a continuous, vertical strip of windows, a horizontal ribbon of windows, or a low-rise curtainwall. Suitable for demanding structural and environmental conditions, the RX Series meets rigorous performance standards for water resistance, air infiltration, and thermal efficiency. The product also accommodates seismic and inter-story differential movement. RX Series is available with receptors/starters and a variety of anchorage options and can be specified with interior or exterior glazing. RX Series Window Wall by Wausau Window and Wall Systems. Circle 257.

"Consider Wausau's RX Series Window Wall for your next project--it was designed for maximum design flexibility."

Superior sound control and high light reflectance are combined in USG's new HALCYON[TM] CLIMAPLUS[TM] Ceiling Panels. With the highest-possible NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating of 1.00, these fine-textured, fiberglass panels offer exceptional sound performance for any area where acoustical control is a priority. Also offering excellent light reflectance properties (LR 0.88), HALCYON CLIMAPLU5 Ceiling Panels are ideal in areas with indirect lighting. Panels are backed by a 15-year warranty to withstand conditions up to 104 degrees F. and 90-percent relative humidity without showing visible sag. HALCYON CLIMAPLUS Ceiling Panels by USG Interiors/Sub. USG Corp. Circle 258.

"Questioning the acoustics in your area? The answer is HALCYON CLIMAPLUS--the ceiling panels with the highest possible NRC."

Lessen the impact on your walls with InPro Corp.'s Door and Wall Protection Systems. Manufactured from 100-percent recycled high-density polyethylene and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, EnviroGT Wall Protection is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC/aluminum products and offers more impact resistance as well. EnviroGT is offered in 54 standard colors and three different bracket styles, including stainless steel. The entire line of EnviroGT products includes two styles of handrails and two styles of wall guards, as well as corner guards. EnviroGT Wall Protection by InPro Corp. Circle 259.

"Stop the abuse. Get InPro's EnviroGT--the wall protection solution that is sleek AND environmentally friendly."

Times-2 Speed Files[R] from Richards-Wilcox provide versatile, dual-sided filing and storage in a locking cabinet that rotates. Spin once to access half your files, binders, and stored items. Spin again to access the rest. One Times-2 Speed File can hold as much as three lateral files in a much smaller footprint; multiple units can be used as room dividers, with access from either side, or positioned in an alcove or against a wall. Choose from nine different unit heights in letter and legal sizes--in a standard palette of 26 colors, including new metallic hues. Times-2 Speed Files by Richards-Wilcox Inc. Circle 260.

"Create a place that's personalized--yet incredibly versatile. And it rotates! Dual-sided filing and storage in a locked cabinet accommodates all your filing needs in a 'standard' space."

Montel introduces its new Smart Series of high-density storage solutions. The Series' SmartTrack puts the power wiring in the floor track to eliminate unsightly, gawky, scissor-arms dangling between mobile units. SmartShelf provides full depth or back-to-back configurations, or any combination of both, within the same units. Exceeding industry standards, SmartShelf incorporates many technologies into single four-post shelving. Shelves are adjustable at one- and 1.5-inch increments for full flexibility and effective space utilization. The new eM[C.sup.2] provides an ADA-friendly alternative with voice activation. Smart Series high-density storage by Montel. Circle 261.

"Montel's new Smart Series is raising standards and revolutionizing high-density storage."

Stryker EMS has developed a line of rugged emergency chairs called Stair-Pro[TM] that have a 400-pound capacity. Stair-Pro Stair Chairs help individuals safely assist with the descent of individuals in stairwells and elsewhere. These innovative chairs have a Stair TREAD[TM] system that allows the operator to control movement down stairs without lifting. Stair-Pro chairs have extendable head and foot end lift handles. Stair-Pro Stair Chairs by Stryker EMS. Circle 262.

"When an emergency arises, it pays to be prepared. Stryker EMS' Stair-Pro Stair Chairs make sure that no one is left behind."

The YORK[R] Sunline[R] MagnaDRY[TM] keeps rooms comfortable while providing optimum dehumidification every day. This rooftop unit combines a high-efficiency, single-package heating and cooling unit with an advanced dehumidification system that allows maximum dehumidification independent of the cooling load. MagnaDRY provides high levels of moisture removal and maintains humidity levels below setpoints, regardless of outside temperatures. The unit is ideal for applications where dehumidification is critical. MagnaDRY complies with ASHRAE 90.1 energy-efficiency standards with EER ratings to 10.8. Sunline MagnaDRY rooftop unit by YORK International Corp. Circle 263.

"When dehumidification is a priority, YORK's Sunline MagnaDRY rooftop unit is a must."

Stevens EP-XL an 80-mil-thick TPO membrane, offers the TPO industry's thickest over-the-scrim top-ply coverage. Ideal for new or re roofing applications that require a thicker, more durable material, Stevens EP-XL is ideally suited for use on schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and any other commercial structure where maximum puncture resistance is desired. Available in standard, energy-efficient white rolls, 76.5 inches-wide by 75-feet-long, Stevens EP-XL is available with the Stevens PunctureGuard warranty and the Stevens GoGreen Reflectivity warranty. Stevens EPXL by Stevens Roofing Systems. Circle 264.

"A natural extension to Stevens' EP TPO membrane line, the Stevens EP-XL is a tough product for equally tough customers."

Obvius has introduced AcquiSuite[TM], an energy information solution designed for installation by building owners and electrical contractors. The AcquiSuite data acquisition server (DAS) provides "plug and play" connectivity to meters from many companies as well as any pulse output electrical, gas, or water meter. The DAS installs in minutes and uses either an existing LAN connection or phone line to upload data via the Web to the Building Manager Online website. Once data has been uploaded, the user can access information from any Web browser. AcquiSuite data acquisition server by Obvius LLC. Circle 265.

"Obvius' AcquiSuite is perfect for energy cost allocation in multi-tenant buildings, benchmarking energy usage, and establishing load profiles."

rePLACE[TM], a strikingly different type of wall base by Johnsonite, will revolutionize space design and wall base installation and removal as we know it today, along with the environmental issues associated with it. rePLACE wall base can be installed without the use of adhesives and replaced easily if damaged or when remodeling occurs. Selected pieces can be replaced easily, if needed, by snapping out the old and snapping in new pieces. Simple cutting tools and fasteners are the only installation tools required. Great for odor-sensitive installations, rePLACE by Johnsonite/Div. Duramax Inc. Circle 266.

"Screw the carrier track to the wall. Snap the wall base into place and--voila!--a smart looking wall base that's as easy to change as it is to install."

Adams Elevator's FastPak[R] fixture concept has raised the bar--again--with this four-step, CD-based ordering system, "Elevator Fixtures in Ten Days." Company's extensive FastPak line of standard fixtures is now 100 percent in stock and ready to be assembled and shipped. Fixture customers can use this interactive CD in PDF format to create their own order forms and submit them via fax or phone. The order form becomes the manufacturing drawing that goes to the shop floor the next day with a delivery of any fixture order within 10 working days. "Elevator Fixtures in Ten Days" by Adams Elevator Equipment Co. Circle 267.

"Long a leading manufacturer of elevator signal fixtures, Adams Elevator sets a new standard for fixture lead times with this no-nonsense ordering system."

Interior Insulating Windows by Maine Glass provide an innovative cost-effective solution for energy and noise problems. This permanent, retrofit glass window system with its own frame and sash is installed as a separate window inside of an existing window; the Interior Insulating Window works in conjunction with the existing window to provide dual frame protection and maximum thermal break. These windows increase energy efficiency and reduce noise infiltration, while updating interior appearances and providing increased comfort. Interior Insulating Windows by Maine Glass. Circle 268.

"Uncomfortable drafts are banished with Maine Glass' Interior Insulating Windows--an ideal retrofit for existing windows."

BITEC's Mineral Design, America's only pattern-design modified bitumen roofing membrane, uses color granules, factory-applied in various patterns, to provide aesthetically pleasing designs. Available in both APP and SBS types, the special membrane designs allow new and, until now, unforeseen possibilities. With Mineral Design, low slope and pitched roofs can be enhanced by designs of various contrasting colors, while the system provides excellent waterproofing qualities. Mineral Design by BITEC Inc. Circle 269.

"Wow. This isn't merely clean lines on rooftops. It's a true design element--a must for building owners looking for a distinctive extra for their facilities."

Searching for a way to cool heat-sensitive computer servers and other office systems? MovinCool's Office Pro 10 Portable Spot Air Conditioner offers the perfect solution. The Office Pro 10 makes air-conditioning possible virtually anywhere and installation simple through its compact, portable design. The unit is fully self-contained with no costly installation necessary, so it can simply be wheeled in, plugged into a standard 110-volt socket, and switched on--instantly providing 10,000 BTUs of cooling. Additionally, the Office Pro 10 offers a fully integrated air exhaust system. Office Pro 10 Portable Spot Air Conditioner by MovinCool/ DENSO Corp. Circle 270.

"Spot cooling is a breeze with MovinCool's Office Pro 10!"

Lees is transforming carpet replacement with its PermaLink[TM] Installation System, a groundbreaking carpet-over-carpet installation system. Benefiting from patent-pending technology, PermaLink enables new carpet tile or six-foot vinyl products to be installed directly over existing carpet. Lees' PermaLink technology uses a sophisticated, high performance dimensionally stable film system that stabilizes the existing floor, creating a new, extra-thin subfloor. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the top of the film to ensure that new carpet tile or six-foot product will always easily release from the film. PermaLink Installation System by Lees Carpets. Circle 271.

"Lees' PermaLink simplifies carpet replacement and recycles existing carpet by using it as cushion!"

Now available, the ROBERTS GORDON[R] ULTRAVAC[TM] Control for the company's CORAYVAC[R] infrared heater is sure to save building owners money on their fuel bills. The controller's ability to modulate burner input rate with outdoor air temperature to match the heating system's input to the building's heat requirement makes it energy efficient. Modulation of the burners in-series occurs by varying vacuum and adjusting gas and combustion air equally, which ensures proper combustion. The multi-feature zone temperature sensor provides localized control. ROBERTS GORDON ULTRAVAC by Roberts-Gordon. Circle 272.

"Take control of your energy bills with ROBERTS GORDON ULTRAVAC Control."

Eco Solution Q[R] premium branded nylon carpet fiber, from Shaw Fibers, looks, feels. and performs like the toughest virgin nylon--with a difference. Made from a higher percentage of recycled content and completely recyclable, Eco Solution Q offers true cradle-to-cradle sustainability, and is offered in more than 100 colors. Performance warranty features 10-year stain-resistance; 10-year colorfastness to light; five-year colorfastness to atmospheric contaminants; lifetime abrasive wear. Eco Solution Q carpet fiber by Shaw Fibers. Circle 273.

"With its guaranteed recycled content, minimal use of raw materials, and guaranteed pickup and recycling, Shaw Fibers' Eco Solution Q premium branded nylon is a huge step toward a brighter--and greener--future."

Get more from your roof with SR-2001, a unique photovoltaic roofing system. Manufactured by Solar Integrated Technologies (SIT), SR-2001 incorporates Sarnafil's time-tested thermoplastic roofing membrane with flexible photovoltaic cells manufactured by Uni-Solar. The integrated photovoltaic roofing solution combines 12 flexible, photovoltaic modules factory laminated by SIT to the Sarnafil EnergySmart Roof[R] membrane to form a 10- by 40-foot flexible solar panel. Individual panels are assembled on the roof in a side-by-side configuration and wired to the building's electrical system. The result is a solar electrical roofing system that protects the building's interior from the elements while generating power for the building's electricity needs. SR-2001 by Solar Integrated Technologies/Sarnafil/Uni-Solar. Circle 274.

"Is your roof just laying there? Put it to work for you. SR 2001 is the unique solar-powered roof system that generates electricity while protecting building interiors."

SLENDERWALL[R] system from EASI-SET Industries is an efficient, exterior wall system that combines four proven components: architectural precast concrete, hot-dipped galvanized welded wire, insulated Nelson[R] anchors (THERMAGUARD[TM]), and heavy-gauge galvanized or stainless steel studs. At 28 pounds per square foot, SLENDERWALL decreases shipping costs and enables the use of lighter structural steel framing and foundations. Installation time and costs can be reduced by 35 percent using system's exclusive "life-and-release" panel landing system, which allows more efficient erection with smaller-capacity cranes. Panels are available in a variety of lifetime, maintenance-free finishes. SLENDERWALL by EASI-SET Industries/Sub. Smith-Midland Corp. Circle 275.

"SLENDERWALL is the true marriage of time tested components with design freedom, product life, and savings Here's the industry's answer to achieving a beautiful exterior in a more cost-effective and efficient manner."

BlazeMaster[R] CPVC fire sprinkler systems are a cost-effective alternative to metal piping systems and am widely recognized for ease of installation, corrosion-resistance, low flame-spread, and low smoke characteristics. Piping is immune to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC); offers superior flow characteristics for better hydraulic design over metal with a lifetime Hazen Williams "C" factor of 150; and is designed to a 50-year life expectancy with a safety factor of two. Pipe and fittings are lightweight; can be cut on-site with a simple hand tool. BlazeMaster CPVC pipe by BlazeMaster[R] Fire Sprinkler Systems. Circle 276.

"High performance characteristics, installation ease, and a full array of company technical support services make BlazeMaster a top fire sprinkler choice in new and existing buildings."

Enersave, a new energy-savings program that reduces the need for outside air by 75 percent in commercial buildings, offers significant savings on energy and operational costs. Introduced by Purafil, a leading manufacturer of gas-phase air filtration systems, Enersave is based on a recent interpretation of ASHRAE Standard 62-2001; the program uses the standard's IAQ Procedure. The Purafilter[R], designed to replace existing particulate filters, is the key to Enersave, and is the only filter with potassium permanganate, a powerful active oxidant. By using Purafilter, contaminants are eliminated from the airstream rather than diluted with outside air. Enersave by Purafil Inc. Circle 277.

"You can breathe easier with Enersave, Purafil's energy-savings program that reduces the percentage of outside air and increases savings."

The Invironmentalists[TM] offers a total life-cycle, continuous care approach to floor-coverings for commercial and institutional environments. The Invironmentalists helps customers select sustainable products and install them efficiently and safely with sustainability as the end goal. The company also helps keep them looking better longer and at the end of their life-cycle implements a reclamation plan. This total life cycle approach includes Interior Assessment, Products and Installation, Interior Vitalization, and Reclamation. Life-Cycle Approach by The Invironmentalists, the Interior Services Company of INVISTA. Circle 278.

"If sustainability is your ultimate goal. The Invironmentalists is your ideal partner."

Roof leaking? Croton's DRIP-NET ceiling tarps control dripping water. What makes this maintenance tool so valuable in an urgent situation is its absolute ease of use. Use wherever there is a hung ceiling; just hook corners to your ceiling grid, then place a portable container nearby. Tarps are fully assembled with molded hooks at the corners and include 17 feet of drain tubing. Reusable DRIP-NET tarps are available in two sizes. DRIP-NET ceiling tarps by Croton Products. Circle 279.

"Buildings with roof problems can't afford to be without these ready to use ceiling tarps when a leak is present and instant protection from water damage is needed."

BOMI Institute--educational provider for the Real Property Administrator (RPA), Facility Management Administrator (FMA), Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA), and the Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT) designations--enhances its curriculum delivery programs with its Instant Updates service. Instant Updates are corrected pages in a PDF format that can be printed out and filtered into students' course binders. They comprise the latest information on changes in industry practices; rewording to clear up vague, confusing, or misleading language; updated graphics to reflect industry changes; and more. Additionally, Instant Updates incorporate recommendations solicited from the industry's top experts, as well as from student feedback. Instant Updates service by BOMI Institute. Circle 280.

"Continuing education is ever-growing and constantly changing. BOMI Institute addresses these curriculum dynamics--and feeds them directly to students in an easy-to-get and universal format through its 'Instant Updates'."

Sloan Valve's G2 Optimal Plus[R] battery-powered Flushometer incorporates Sloan's patented Isolated Operator that provides reliable performance regardless of water quality, and a flex tube diaphragm flushing mechanism that helps conserve water. Designed to eliminate detection errors caused by lighting conditions and reflective surfaces, the G2 also saves installation time with minimal need for field adjustments. G2 features an electronic module that meets NEMA 6 sealing requirements and gold-plated battery contacts to ensure consistent electronic connections. Batteries can be changed or the module serviced without shutting off the water supply. With a newly styled cover and easily replaceable lens, the G2's automatic "fit" ensures proper control module placement. G2 Optimal Plus battery-powered Flushometer by Sloan Valve Co. Circle 281.

"Are you environmentally minded? With its sleek, high-tech appearance and reliable performance. Sloan Valve's G2 Optima Plus Flushometer helps facilities professionals meet their water conservation goals."

Dow Corning's new clean silicone sealant--Dow Corning[R] 756 SMS Building Sealant--reduces the problems of substrate staining and residue run-down. Sealant is formulated to reduce fluid migration, a common cause of staining sensitive substrates like porous stone or masonry. Patent-pending, surface-modified sealant (SMS) technology gives the cured sealant a low-friction surface that minimizes dirt pick-up, solving the problem of contaminants accumulating on the sealant and washing from the joint onto the substrate below--a particular challenge for glass and painted metal substrates. Available in six standard colors and custom pigments, the new material complies with sealant standards. Dow Coming 756 SMS Building Sealant by Dow Coming Corp. Circle 282.

"Visual aesthetics and long-lasting performance are now available from a single sealant product. There's no compromise with Dow Corning 756 SMS Building Sealant."

The BASF WALLTITE[TM] Insulating Air Barrier System, consisting of sprayed polyurethane foam in combination with appropriate primers, transition membranes, other sealants, and an optional vapor barrier, delivers a unique combination of properties to a highly functional building envelope. When designed and installed as part of the BASF engineered building envelope system, WALLTITE contributes to improved building durability; energy efficiency; and to occupant comfort, health, and safety. Its closed-cell rigid formulation creates an effective air barrier, as well as providing the highest level of thermal insulation. Benefits include almost zero air penetration and a seamless, monolithic construction. WALLTITE Insulating Air Barrier System by BASF Canada. Circle 283.

"Air barrier systems will play an important role in meeting the U.S. Department of Energy's goals. With the Commonwealth of Massachusetts already mandating air barrier systems in non-residential construction--with more to eventually follow--WALLTITE steps up to the plate and performs."

The latest introduction from Beacon Products, the Wireless Camera Surveillance System provides the security of a 24/7/365 real-time security camera surveillance system, while masquerading as a pole-mounted outdoor area light. The core unit of the Wireless Camera Surveillance System is a miniaturized advanced video compression device, which can be specified inside an integrated fixed video camera, or with Micro-Server technology with pan-tilt-zoom units. Integral computer encryption, real-time continuous image compression, Internet Protocol network transmission, and state-of-the-art optic technologies allow camera images to be wirelessly transmitted to PCs, recorders, viewing screens, or imaging devices of any kind--land based or mobile--for maximum versatility. Wireless Camera Surveillance System by Beacon Products Inc. Circle 284.

"It's a light. No wait, it's a security camera. Beacon's Wireless Camera Surveillance System puts security camera technology inside a look-alike light fixture."

With over 2,000 terms, plus acronyms, abbreviations, mathematical formulas, and descriptions of many of the laws that impact real estate operations, the new Glossary of Real Estate Management Terms, published by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), is an invaluable resource for both seasoned real estate managers and those new to the profession. The glossary reflects the diversity of interests and responsibilities of professionals who manage real property for others, as well as the intricacies of operating a real estate management business. Definitions clearly identify differences in meaning and usage when they vary from one type of property to another. Glossary of Real Estate Management Terms by Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Circle 285.

"Need to learn--or brush up on--the 'language of real estate'? Look no further than IREM's 'Glossary of Real Estate Management Terms.'"

Path[TM] cable pathway, an innovative, yet simple solution for cables and wires penetrating fire-rated walls, is quick and economical--and can be achieved without removing and re-installing firestopping. It offers 0- to 100-percent visual cable fill; the self-enclosed firestopping automatically adjusts to the cable load. EZ Path's fast-acting intumescent technology expands under fire to quickly seal the pathway. Whether empty or full, EZ Path remains fire- and smoke-compliant 100 percent of the time. Perfect for new or retrofit applications, EZ Path is UL-classified for up to four-hour-rated wall and floor constructions. EZ Path cable pathway by Specified Technologies Inc. (STI). Circle 286.

"The 'E-Z' solution for penetrating fire-rated walls, Specified Technologies' EZ Path cable pathway requires no firestopping--and it's always compliant."

Knife Edge Axiom[TM], a new, one-of-a-kind ceiling perimeter trim from Armstrong, features a sharply defined, knife-like edge detail for suspended ceilings. This clean, streamlined horizontal alternative to the bulky, vertical look of typical perimeter trim is especially well-suited for free-floating ceilings or "clouds" because of its ability to create a sleek, thin ceiling plane. The 10-foot length of the extruded aluminum trim system allows for easy configuration of custom geometric shapes, including square, rectangles, and serrated edge designs. Pre-mitered, welded corners eliminate the need for special tools and on-site fabrication. Knife Edge Axiom ceiling perimeter trim by Armstrong World Industries Inc. Circle 287.

"Light and weightless--and just the design accessory for a more upscale look in signature spaces. Armstrong does it again with its Knife Edge Axiom ceiling."

LEDtronics introduces Series SLR001 and SLR002 Solar-Powered LED 12-Volt Lighting Systems, which include everything necessary to convert sunlight to the electricity needed for indoor lighting: solar panels; 12-foot, 16 gauge cables; 3-amp, 20-hour batteries; voltage regulators; terminal blocks; three white LED lamps; and light sockets. The top-of-the-line SLR001 System features a 10-watt solar panel and three 12-/14-volt white 24-LED cluster lamps. A fully charged battery powers the high-intensity 24-LED cluster lamps for approximately eight hours. The lower cost SLR002 System can drive lamps for 16 hours, but with less light output when compared to the SLR001. Series SLR001 and SLR002 Solar-Powered LED 12-Volt Lighting Systems by LEDtronics Inc. Circle 288.

"Furthering its commitment to providing energy-efficient, environmentally safe, and sustainable lighting, LEDtronics has found a way to bring utility-independent systems to the industry Bravo!"

Responding to a growing need for advanced energy data, Novar Controls Corp, offers its Multi-Site Manager (MSM), a fully interactive, Web-based system that captures data produced by building management systems and processes it into useful packages to generate the industry's most advanced energy analytics. Facilities professionals can use the Web application to review site energy consumption; profile the site on a daily basis; rank each site by any of nine metrics; focus on sites requiring the most attention to produce improvements; compare a site's daily consumption over time to measure savings from corrective actions; and more. System conducts both background and metric-related analyses. Multi-Site Manager by Novar Controls Corp. Circle 289.

"Novar Controls' Multi-Site Manager produces 'actionable data' of measurable value--thoroughly and completely to steer decisions important to building operations and efficiency."

As part of Hirsch's extensive line of network and communication products that enable its customers to design and build optimally configured systems to meet a broad range of security applications, SCRAMBLE*NET[TM] is a family of network components that provide high-security, encrypted connections between a host PC and one or more DIGI*TRAC controllers. SCRAMBLE*NET supports multi-drop and direct connections over a variety of media for local, remote, and dial-up configurations. Components include: SCRAMBLE*NET Interface Board (SNIB), a network interface card; NET*MUX4[TM] Network Multiplexor, that enables segmentation of the SCRAMBLE*NET communication path into isolated segments; XBox[TM] SCRAMBLE*NET Gateway, which provides d high speed gateway from a host PC to a network of DIGI*TRAC controllers; and more. SCRAMBLE* NET family of network components by Hirsch Electronics Corp. Circle 290.

"Speed, efficiency, and communication: Hirsch's SCRAMBLE*NET is a true gateway to optimal security."

TRACO Blast Products represent a full range of blast-resistant fenestration solutions that have been developed and tested to stringent federal performance standards. While primarily for the government and defense sectors, the need for blast mitigation extends to buildings on the periphery of any potential targets, including civilian structures and public gathering places that may suffer collateral damage in such an event. This family of products goes beyond the traditional benefits of TRACO window, door, and architectural products by providing added safety, security, and peace-of-mind, in addition to the company's established reputation of providing high-quality, energy-saving performance, strength, and durable products. TRACO Blast Products by TRACO. Circle 291.

"With the unpredictability of unknown threats top-of-mind with real estate professionals, the blast-resistance properties of TRACO's window and glazing systems offers peace-of-mind."

SMED's newest movable wall product--NEO[TM]--provides a thin, streamlined wood profile, open corner details, exposed hardware, and multiple glass options. NEO[TM] isn't like any other movable wall. It's a product that provides extraordinary flexibility without compromising aesthetics. Also available in a contemporary aluminum frame, both wood and aluminum offerings feature panel connections that blend into a single, slim line vertical frame. Unique door alcoves produce an uninterruptible appearance while providing a space-saving barn door and effortless functionality. Benefits include non-progressive installation, height adjustment abilities, and easy reconfigurations. NEO movable walls by SMED International. Circle 292.

"There are movable walls--and then there are SMED's NEO movable walls. These walls are more than movable, they're high-style."

The new Artoleum[R] flooring collection by Forbo Linoleum is infused with art-inspired color. Taking its cues from the work of J artists like Matisse and Van Gogh, Artoleum's new rich pattern, named Passione, provides rich beautiful color and the durability and quality Forbo is known for. Pure, unmixed colors complement each other, making the pattern seem more vivid to the eye--a theory developed by pointillist artists like Seurat and Signac. Artoleum collection by Forbo Linoleum Inc. Circle 293.

"Like a Van Gogh painting saturated in color, Forbo's latest Passione pattern of Artoleum takes advantage of color theory. It's a masterpiece!"

Twelve-page, full color brochure provides buildings professionals with a detailed analysis of the cool roofing/hot building issue, as well as information about company's Duro-Last Cool Zone[TM] cool roofing system. How to Turn Your Roof "Green" and Save a Mint on Energy Costs uses infrared photographs to demonstrate the heat-absorbing or heat-reflecting properties of various materials. Details programs, from federal mandates to state energy incentives and cool roofing rebates, as well as the benefits of the Cool Zone thermoplastic PVC single-ply roofing system. How To Turn Your Roof "Green" ... brochure/Cool Zone roofing system by Duro-Last Roofing Inc. Circle 294.

"Finally--a building owner's guide to the cool roofing/hot building issue. Understanding is an important first step in addressing energy and environmental concerns. "

Metasys[R] building management system integrates and controls diverse applications and systems that control and monitor indoor environments within an enterprise and between different facilities and enterprises using Web services technology made possible by Microsoft's .NET-connected software (previously, such integration, when possible, could only be achieved through hours of computer programming to create customized connections for every individual application). The Web services technology also allows building controls to easily interact with management information systems and provides access to real-time information through desktops, laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), or home PCs, rather than only through proprietary workstations. Metasys building management system by Johnson Controls Inc. Circle 295.

"The first building automation system to adopt XML as the foundation of data transfer across building controls networks, Johnson Controls" new Metasys technology is--finally--enabling true connectivity between applications, systems, and products."

Encorp's Energy Management Center is a fully automated service that communicates with all intelligent genset devices and collects energy data, provides alarm notification, and delivers critical power analysis for optimal decision-making. Benefits include: improved system reliability and performance; reduced cost of troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, and downtime during critical operations; and lowered cost of operation. Center is technology neutral; offers custom two-way communication; is easily and quickly integrated with existing equipment; and uses basic phone lines. Energy Management Center by Encorp Inc. Circle 296.

"Serving as a company's watchful eye to ensure diesel gensets, microturbines, and other forms of distributed energy run at peak efficiency 24/7, Encorp's Energy Management Center ensures uptime--all the time."

The new and improved, dedicated-voltage ULTim8[TM] high-efficiency ballast family, from Universal Lighting Technologies, provides up to eight-percent energy savings over standard electronic ballasts--and even more when operated with energy-saving 30-watt T8 lamps. The ULTim8 product line offers dramatic energy savings with universal input voltage and a low profile package. Line features parallel lamp operation and automatic reset upon lamp replacement as a standard. Ballasts operate one- to four-lamp applications, and are available with a 0.78 or 0.88 ballast factor and total harmonic distortion of less than 10 percent. ULTIM8 high-efficiency ballast family by Universal Lighting Technologies Inc. Circle 297.

"Universal's ULTim8 high-efficiency ballast family is one of the biggest energy saving breakthroughs in linear fluorescent light in more than 25 years."

READYMOUNT[TM] replacement door system is pre-assembled and ready to install into existing metal or wood frames with minimal prep work. Standard features include: a snap-in top cap, which provides added protection from the weather in exterior applications; a heavy-duty, all-weather door closer; a 16- or 18-gauge, heavy duty steel door; a 14-gauge steel sub-frame attached directly to the existing frame; ball bearing hinges for smooth operation and long life; and a full-perimeter weatherstrip. Includes brand names such as Schlage[R] locksets, Steelcraft[R] doors and sub-frames, LCN[R] door closers, and Von Duprin[R] exit devices. READYMOUNT replacement door system by IR Security & Safety. Circle 298.

"Take the guesswork and time out of your door replacements with READYMOUNT This ready-to-install system is a Collaborative--and welcomed--effort among the IR portfolio of companies."

U.S. Gypsum is helping arm you against the worries caused by moisture with its recently introduced SHEETROCK[R] Brand HUMITEK[TM] Gypsum Panels. Through the use of a proprietary technology, the panels are moisture and mold-resistant from front to back. Designed specifically for interior areas, HUMITEK panels are available initially in a 5/8-inch thickness and in eight-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths. With tapered edges for easy finishing, the panels install easily and score and snap quickly. No special installation procedures are required. HUMITEK panels are UL-classified for fire resistance (Type X), surface burning characteristics, and non-combustibility. HUMITEK Gypsum Panels by USG Interiors/Sub. USG Corp. Circle 299.

"Concerned about mold? Use USG's moisture- and mold-resistant HUMITEK Gypsum Panels for interiors."

EZ TrendWall[R], Trendway's environmentally movable wall, offers facilities managers the maximum in office space flexibility. It's fast and easy to install, requiring less mess and less manual labor than traditional drywall surfaces. TrendWall is also power- and data-ready with lay-in capability for electrical and communications wiring. TrendWall is environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of construction materials necessary, as well as the waste created from removing and discarding building materials. Containing postindustrial recycled content, the movable wall is also completely recyclable. TrendWall by Trendway Corp. Circle 300.

"Increase flexibility and reap cost savings with TrendWall, the eco-friendly solution for reconfigurable office spaces."

Manufacturers featured in this year's Editors' Choice: Top Products 2003 are:
Adams Elevator Equipment Co.
Adams Rite Manufacturing Co.
Allsteel Inc.
American PolySteel LLC
Armstrong World Industries Inc.
BASF Canada
Beacon Products Inc.
B-K Lighting
BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems
BOMI Institute
Bradley Corp.
Brandywine Realty Trust
Brookdale International Systems
  Inc./DuPont company
Capri Lighting
Consolidated Engineering Services/
  an affiliate of EMCOR Group Inc.
CPFilms Inc./Shade Div.
Crossville Porcelain Stone[R]/USA
Croton Products
Curveline Inc.
Davis Furniture Industries Inc.
Dow Corning Corp.
Duo-Gard Industries Inc.
Duro-Last Roofing Inc.
Dynasound Inc.
EASI-SET Industries/Sub. Smith-Midland
ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring
Encorp Inc.
Forbo Linoleum Inc.
GAF Materials Corp.
GenFlex Roofing Systems
Hirsch Electronics Corp
HON Co., The
Honeywell Commercial Roofing
Hunter Douglas Specialty Products
illbruck Architectural Products
Indus International Inc.
InPro Corp.
Institute of Real Estate Management
Invironmentalists, The, the Interior
  Services Company of INVISTA
IR Security & Safety
Johnson Controls Inc.
Johnsonite/Div. Duramax Inc.
LEDtronics Inc.
Lees Carpets
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
Maine Glass
Mannington Commercial
Marshfield DoorSystems
Marvin Windows and Doors
McQuay International
Mohawk Group, The
MovinCool/DENSO Corp.
No Fly Zone Inc.
nora Rubber Flooring/Freudenberg
Building Systems Inc.
Novar Controls Corp.
Obvius LLC
Petersen Aluminum Corp.
PRB Design
Purafil Inc.
Revere Copper Products Inc.
Richards-Wilcox Inc.
Roppe Corp.
Schindler Elevator Corp.
Shaw Fibers
Siemens Building Technologies
  Inc./Fire Safety Div.
Sloan Valve Co.
SMED International
Solar Integrated Technologies/
Specified Technologies Inc. (STI)
Spot Coolers
Stevens Roofing Systems
Stiebel Eltron Inc.
Stryker EMS
Technical Concepts
TMA Systems LLC
Trendway Corp.
Turbocor Inc.
United Air Specialists Inc.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Uponor Wirsbo
USG Interiors/Sub. USG Corp.
VP Buildings Inc.
Wall Technology Inc./an Owens
  Corning company
Walltalkers/Div. RJF International
Wausau Window and Wall
Wright Line
YORK International Corp.
Zumtobel Staff Lighting Inc.
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