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Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) appears to be a skaterboy who hates math and chokes around girls. Fooled ya! Cody's a member of a top-secret CIA program. But all the training in the world couldn't have prepared him for his latest assignment--posing as a preppie to befriend Natalie Connor (Hilary Duff), whose dad works for the evil-doing organization ERIS. Can Cody save the day... and get the girl?


Amanda Bynes is Daphne, a sassy American teen raised by her single mom. Daphne dreams of one day meeting the father she's never known. Determined to find her dad and get her parents back together, Daphne travels to London where she learns her father is a super-rich British politician with a wicked witch of a fiancee. Daphne's 'tude clashes with her dad's stuffy lifestyle, making for some very interesting politics.


Teenage opera sensation Charlotte Church makes her film debut in this musical comedy filmed in her real-life hometown of Cardiff, Wales. Charlotte plays Olivia, the daughter of a has-been '80s pop star who never even knew he had a kid--until now. Dad's life takes on a whole new twist when Olivia reveals her desire to follow in his footsteps and launch a musical career--against her mom's wishes.



Rock the house with DM2--it's everything you need to turn your PC into a fab music-mixing studio. Record, mix and scratch your way to DJ heaven. Create your own songs from a huge collection of rhythms, melodies, instrument sounds, vocals, and sound effects. Unlimited mixing fun. Want a taste of fame? Upload your songs to the Mixman Web site, where all your fans can listen and review them. Visit for details.


It's a classic national pastime to watch a bunch of guys crack the bat, run bases and spit in the dugout. Well, on deck is Crushed Baseball 2004 by BAM! for Sony PS2 and Nintendo's Game Cube and Game Boy Advance. it features five playable female characters, so you can become the queen of diamonds! Step up to the plate with comic-book cool and superhero strength.


Calendar Days The Rocket Summer

If only all 19-year-olds had as much energy and conscientiousness as Bryce Avary. Bryce is The Rocket Summer, and determined is an understatement. Tired of waiting on record companies to pull their acts together. Bryce managed to scrape up a tidy $15,000 budget to record Calendar Days. He wrote every song sang every note and played every instrument on the album. Now? He plans to tour "an insane amount," so maybe he's coming to your town. He'll be' backed by a band but expect him to dominate the stage with his melodic rock music, and mad piano- and guitar-playing skills.

From the Attic, Damone

Dave Pino writes the power pop/punk lineup and high school junior Noelle belts it out While Noelle sings 'n' strums she s backed by Dave on guitar) drummer Dustin and bassist Vazquez. Together, they are Damone The sum of all these parts equals a sound that resembles Avril Lavigne but with major kick-butt attitude. Noelle says she can totally relate to songs like "At the Mall" and "Driveway Blues" even though they're written by a dude: "It's about high school. It just gives off that vibe, ya know? They're really girlie songs."

Boy v. Girl? How Gender Shapes Who We Are, What We Want and How We Get Along

by George Abrahams and Sheila Ahibrand, Free Spirit, $14.95

It's OK for girls to cry, but not boys? Girls must behave like "little ladies," but "boys will be boys"? Kids are bombarded with unspoken gender-role messages. Boy v. Girl delves into the minds of 2,000 teens, exposing what girls and guys have, to say about...girls and guys! There's eye-opening boy info and invaluable insight on the, world according to girls!

Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras

by Cathy Hopkins, Simon Pulse, $4.99

Lucy's buds look like models and, of course, even her BFF has a BF. Her parents are total veggie-heads. Oh, and Lucy has two weeks to figure out what she wants to do with her life! But when she spots the guy of her dreams, she goes after her one and only with help from her buds...and an inflatable bra.

The Life History of a Star

by Kelly Easton, Simon Pulse, $6.99

Determined to postpone adulthood, Kristin is fighting her mind, body and parents. Unfortunately, her body has a will of its own. Kristin is forced to face reality--she needs a bra! Join Kristin on her wacky journey through puberty as her journal entries take you on a flashback trip to the '70s!
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