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Top 10 super heroes.

10. Thing

He looks like a pile of rocks and he's as strong and threatening as one too! Thing has a sense of humour and a famous catchphrase: "It's clobberin' time!" That make him one of the most recognized and popular super heroes out there. One of the coolest things about Thing is how smart he is in real life. His alter-ego Ben Grimm is a pilot, has many university degrees and even works as an astronaut for NASA! Not sure if it's cooler to be Ben or to be Thing?

9. Cat Woman

No one keeps things more interesting than Cat Woman. She is one of Batman's longest standing opponents, love interests and sometimes an ally. She is more of an antihero than a super hero, meaning she changes between being a thief to helping Batman fight off crime. She's confusing, complex but also very powerful. You never know what you're going to get!"

8. The Flash

There is one and only one super 9 power possessed by The Flash and that is super speed! Whether he's moving his fist toward some bad guy's face or he's running after a villain, he can do everything faster than anyone else. Despite his super speed, The Flash can't be everywhere at once so he has some major weaknesses, which makes him fun to watch and even more fun to cheer for!

7. Green Lantern

This is more a group of super heroes 9 who were all chosen to receive and use an all-powerful ring which, you guessed it, is green! This ring turns thoughts into reality so the super powers are limited only by imagination! All Green Lanterns are carefully selected to wear the ring because they've proven that they are worthy of the power. Owners of the ring are called the Green Lantern Corps. They work together as an intergalactic police force to stop crime and protect the innocent on earth from threatening r aliens in outer space.

6. The Incredible Hulk

The amazing thing about the Hulk is the outlet he provides to his shy and quiet alter-ego, Bruce I Banner. Also, he doesn't have a dorky or gimmicky costume like some of the other heroes he literally turns green and morphs into a much different, much stronger, much crazier being when he's in superhero form. Though the Incredible Hulk is incredible, he had a rocky and destructive start, so we knocked him down a few pegs. We still think he's super because he eventually learns to control himself and use his strength for good.

5. Wonder Woman

She's beautiful, fearless and an 9 amazing example of a strong and powerful woman. Like Super Man, Wonder Woman also has a full-time job - talk about a go-getter! The super hero world is mostly men so, to see a female character kick just as much butt as her male peers, earns Wonder Woman top marks! She flies, has super speed, crazy strength and she really knows how to use her accessories too! Her tiara, power bracelets and her Lasso of Truth all come in handy when fighting evil villains.

4. Batman

The best part about batman is his mystery. He's such a dark character but still seems to win us over. This has a lot to do with his gazillion gadgets, especially in the amazing bat-mobile. Pretty much everyone has dreamed of taking a ride in this all-powerful car at least once their lives. With no actual powers (just a lot of money) batman is still one of the most hardcore of all the heroes. He fights crime and protects Gotham City with pure confidence, strength and a need to stop the bad guys.

3. Wolverine

One of the coolest things about Wolverine is that he's actually a mutant with wolverine-like characteristics - no costume here! He has supreme strength and also an ability to heal his wounds in the blink of an eye. So even when you think you've got him down and out, he'll snap back to beastly strength before you know it! His claws are one of his most deadly weapons not to mention his animal-like instincts. Last but not least is the fact that Wolverine is tough as nails but has a huge, super-hero sized heart!

2. Spider-Man

You have to be a very cool super hero to turn one of the most hated, creepy crawly things in the world into a highly admired hero. Spider-Man makes the number two spot because of this. He also makes a huge difference without very many skills - he can climb, catch people in webs and swing from the silky string that comes out of his wrist, but compared to others he has very few powers. Somehow he still makes it work and he gets big kudos for being the underdog! In the comics and movies people mistake him for being a bad guy and give poor spidey a hard time, it's not always easy being super!

#1 Superma

You can t beat him. His nerdy alter-ego, Clark Kent, only makes his super powers seem more super. He can fly, he has out-of-this-world strength, laser vision and let's face it, a pretty awesome costume. Superman is the hero that started it all and he's still a major player. How many times has this character been recreated in books, movies, TV shows and Halloween costumes? It's no surprise - he was the first and is still the number one most super of all the super heroes! Also a CANADIAN created him!



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