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Top 10 performing security industry stocks for June.

Top 10 Performing Security Industry Stocks for June

Company/                    %          Stock
Symbol                   Increase      Price

CUBIC CP                   20%         $30.18

MTC TECH INC               18%         $24.56

OPTELECOM-NKF INC          15%          $7.33

SHAW GROUP INC             14%         $46.29

CONOLOG CORP               14%          $1.92

DOCUMENT SECURITY SYS      14%         $13.79

VICON INDS INC             13%         $10.22

FLIP SYSTEMS               12%         $46.25

DRS TECHNOLOGIES INC       12%         $57.27

GENTEX CID                 11%         $19.69

Symbol                                  Analysis

CUBIC CP                 Combat and firearm simulation manufacturer
  CUB                    will continue to provide highly realistic
                         pre-deployment training to U.S. troops
                         after winning contract with $468 million

MTC TECH INC             MTC awarded a $19.3 million joint
  MTCT                   production contract with Northrop Grumman
                         over a two-year period for the new Joint
                         Threat Emitter (JTE) system for the U.S.
                         Air Force.

OPTELECOM-NKF INC        Optelecom-NKF introduced what it described
  OPTC                   as a breakthrough in IP video for the
                         international transportation market.

SHAW GROUP INC           SGR announced that it will pursue
  SGR                    development of energy, transportation,
                         infrastructure, water, wastewater, and
                         related projects with Alinda Capital
                         Partners LLC investment firm.

CONOLOG CORP             Conolog said it received additional orders
  CNLG                   for 18 systems, including CM100
                         communicators, from North American
                         electric utilities.

DOCUMENT SECURITY SYS    DMC has granted a two-year technology
  DMC                    license and the exclusive rights to
                         market, sell, and distribute DSS
                         AuthentiGuard security solutions in Mexico
                         to Cultura Interactiva S.A. de C.V.

VICON INDS INC           Vicon reported net sales of $34.8 million
  VII                    for the six months ending March 31,
                         2007-up 31 percent over the prior year
                         six-month period-and net income up $2.6

FLIP SYSTEMS             FLIP announced that it has been awarded
  FLIR                   a $36.4 million firm fixed-price contract
                         from the U.S. Army Space and Missile
                         Defense Command for its Star SAFIRE III

DRS TECHNOLOGIES INC     DRS said it was one of 24 companies
  DRS                    selected to participate in the U.S.
                         General Service Administration's SATCOM
                         II contract. The contract has a ceiling
                         value of $750 million.

GENTEX CID               GNTX surged after Banc of America
  GNTX                   Securities raised its rating. BOA said
                         GNTX will benefit from strong demand for
                         its rear camera display product in the
                         auto market.

List excludes stocks valued below $1 or whose
revenue is not derived primarily from security.

Data and analysis provided by
Publishers of Investment Guide to Security Stocks[c]
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