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Top 10 jams.

Jake Shimabukuro Crosscurrent

Ah, Hawaii. The sounds of crashing waves, exotic birds and ... ukulele. The four-stringed instrument is much like a small bass guitar and creates soft tones. Jake is a master of ukulele, and you can tell just by listening that this guy is having a great time. Our faves? "Skyline," "Fragile" and "Toastman's Dilemma."

Amber Pacific Fading Days

These five guys from Seattle are young and talented. Their debut features catchy guitar rhythms combined with forceful vocals and drum beats. However, the pop punk sound that's so much fun to listen to doesn't serve up anything unique. While Fading Days is solid, it might also be slightly forgettable.

Lennon Career Suicide

This CD showcases a very unusual side of female rock artist Lennon, setting her music in a very simple arrangement with only the piano to offset her haunting vocals. As a result, the songs come off as unpolished, lending them a simple yet emotional tone. "I Hear" is an excellent example of Lennon's musical gifts coming together divinely.

Sahara Hotnights Kiss and Tell

Check out this rockin' girl band from Sweden. The songs make you want to dance and are reminiscent of other female groups, like The Donnas (the Hotnights opened for The Donnas' 1999 tour). Tunes like "Who Do You Dance For?" and "Stupid Tricks" provide energetic pop with an edge.



by L.S. Matthews, Delacorte, $14.95

As war approaches, Tiger and her missionary parents must flee to refugee camps. Just before departing, Tiger finds a single fish gasping for air in a shrinking pond left by brief rains. She can't leave it behind, where it will surely die. But how will it survive their long trek across the mountains? Tiger learns that the will to survive stirs deep within every living creature, and as long as that will exists, even the impossible can be overcome.

Spinning Through the Universe

by Helen Frost Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $16

Get to know the kids in room 214 through collected poems. Their struggles, dreams, crushes, even first kisses, are woven together by "Mrs. Williams," their teacher, who cares for each one and tries to interpret the thoughts behind their actions. Many voices, many stories make you yearn to know more.

The Buried Pyramid

by Jane Lindskold, Tor, $26.95

Jenny Benet and her archaeologist uncle hunt for a legendary buried pyramid. Jenny's gun-slinging frontier upbringing is frowned upon in high society, but her trigger finger might protect her uncle from the threatening individuals who daunt the expedition ... unless, of course, they are more than mere mortals.


Superbabies BABY GENIUSES 2

There isn't much to choose from in the theater lineup this fall, since movie studios rush to release all their good stuff in summer, when you guys aren't in school. But if you're looking for something to see (as long as you haven't been baby-sitting yourself silly), this sequel to Baby Geniuses should provide some fun and, ironically enough, mindless viewing fodder. The babies are baaack!



Even if you're not into sports, you'll be an instant fan of this drama, with Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) as 16-year-old Pete. He lands his dream job as batboy for his favorite New York pro-baseball team, to the dismay of his totally-against-it single mom. Right off the bat, Jeremy is immersed in celebrity, controversy and even romance. But the job gives him plenty of practice in handling the curve balls life throws his way.


This drama is a present-day flashback to the childhood of a future (fictional, of course) great president. Jack McAllister is strong-minded big bro to geeky Bobby, and we watch as their lives are influenced by people, events and, most of all, each other. It's a smart show with an impressive cast--you'll be particularly taken by newbie Matthew Long (Jack). He's hot!
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