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Top 10 greenwashers.

GREENWASHING--using disinformation to portray organizations as environmentally friendly--has become normalized.

In an effort to keep the public's focus on how it is being manipulated by corporate greenwashers, The Green Life, formerly Earthday Resources for Living Green, a Boston-based organization that promotes simplicity, health and sustainability in daily life, profiled the 10 worst greenwashers of 2003 in "Don't Be Fooled," a report issued on April Fool's Day.

"We're all familiar with greenwash at some level," says Geoff Johnson, program coordinator of The Green Life. "It shows up on product packaging in the form of vague labels like 'eco-friendly' and 'all-natural,' it's in advertisements that show SUVs at home in the wilderness, and it's in the way corporations churn out environmental rhetoric about 'sound science' and 'sustainability.'"

The Green Life's i0 worst greenwashers of 2003 include:

* Avalon Natural Products, for labeling a range of personal care products as "Certified Organic," though they contain chemicals and synthetic preservatives and are composed primarily of water;

* Royal Caribbean International, for giving itself an environmental award--even as it faced federal prosecution for cruise ship pollution;

* BP, for claiming to care about the environment while supporting drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;

* The American Chemistry Council, for planning a covert public relations campaign to undermine precautionary principle initiatives in California;

* Starbucks, for lagging on its commitments to fair trade coffee

* Subaru, for reclassifying the Outback from a car to a light truck, thus skirting fuel economy standards.

The other greenwashers on the top 10 list are: Project Learning Tree, Salmon of the Americas (a front group for the farmed salmon industry), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Monsanto.
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