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Top 10 reasons for office visits. (Vital Signs).


Top 10 Reasons for Office Visits

                                Number of Visits
                                   (in millions)

Principal Reason for Visit (*)
General medical examination                 46.0
Progress visit, not                         33.9
otherwise specified
Postoperative visit                         22.5
Cough                                       20.6
Routine prenatal examination                17.8
Symptoms referable to throat                15.3
Well-baby examinations                      13.1
Vision dysfunctions                         12.2
Knee symptoms                               11.7
Hypertension                                11.1

(*)Based on 75.7 million visits reported in the National Ambulatory Care
Survey, 1999.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics
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Publication:OB GYN News
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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