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Tooth truth.

I have been almost completely free from tooth decay for many years. I have gone for many years without one single cavity. I seldom ever see a dentist.

Before I learned to take care of my teeth, I had many cavities and lots of toothaches. Dentists said my teeth and gums were in very bad shape. Nowadays dentists are amazed at what sound teeth I have.

I used to be very sickly, and went to many doctors and only got worse. Then, years ago, I read a wonderful book called Pay Dirt, by J.I. Rodale. It told how to have good, sound teeth, and to be very healthy. This book transformed my life! After that my health improved something wonderful. I quit having cavities.

Eliminate sugar from your diet! Sugar is the chief cause of tooth decay. Eat very little candy, cookies, cake, pie, or ice cream. Don't touch soda pop. And never smoke, that's very important. And be sure that you never drink alcohol.

Don't eat food raised by chemical fertilizers and poison sprays. Be sure to eat food raised organically. Do these things and be sure to brush your teeth. It will surprise you to find a real improvement in your health.

I brush my teeth and use dental floss three times a day. I do this right after eating. Instead of toothpaste I use baking soda. Also, I massage my gums. "A clean tooth cannot decay." Truer words were never spoken.

Bob Cook

Eugene, Oregon
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Cook, Bob
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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