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Toot & Moo.

Toot & Moo

Roger Mason, the main man at La Sher Oil Co. in North Little Rock, has pumped up his holdings with the acquisition of a gas station/convenience store/car wash in Sherwood.

Mason picked up the Toot & Moo facility at 3038 E. Kiehl Ave., a couple weeks ago for about $350,000 ($10.53 per SF).

The 0.76-acre tract is located at the northwest corner of Witts Drive and East Kiehl. The seller, Raymond Vire, is carrying $320,000 of the purchase price via a 12-year note with Mason.

The sale represents the final Toot & Moo divestiture by Vire. He founded the chain, which at its peak totaled a half dozen outlets north of the Arkansas River.

Mason bought the Toot & Moo outlet at 1515 E. Washington Ave. in North Little Rock in December 1988 for $150,000 ($7.14 per SF).
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Title Annotation:RealDeals
Author:Waldon, George
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Nov 12, 1990
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