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Tools to make painting easy; Home Decor.

PLANNING a spot of decorating? Here's a run down of some essentials to make it go smoothly.


Brushes are versatile tools because you can paint both large and small areas with them, but if you want to cover a lot of ground quickly and easily, you're much better off with a roller.

Emulsion rollers are great for walls and ceilings, and you can also get rollers for use with varnish and wood, metal and other oil-based paints.

Rollers with rubber handles are the most comfy and if you want to spend less time hopping on and off a ladder, get one with an extendable handle.

When choosing an emulsion roller, check that it has a heavy wire frame and that you'll be able to get replacement sleeves. Small emulsion rollers are useful, and usually come in packs with small gloss/satinwood rollers (made of sponge): both types of roller head can be used on the handle provided.

Radiator (emulsion) rollers are the same size but have a long handle so you can reach down behind the radiator.

Another consideration is the length of the sleeve's fibres, known as the nap. These are made of different materials and come in different lengths. Some are designed to produce a velvet-smooth finish on interior walls; others are for rough surfaces like exterior render. Generally, the shorter the nap, the finer the finish will be.


ANOTHER option are painting pads, which have never been as popular as rollers.

They're much lighter, though, and come in lots of different shapes and sizes for different jobs.

They produce a nice smooth finish without brush marks or tracks but they don't hold as much paint as brushes and rollers so coats of paint can be a bit thin and uneven, especially on large surfaces.

Small paint pads are great for doing edges neatly, such as those on kitchen unit doors.


POWER rollers and spray painting systems haven't really caught on either, at least with DIYers, but they can be a good way to get a large or awkward area painted quickly and flawlessly, providing you can master the technology. If in doubt, stick to what you know.
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