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Tools of the trade.

Philips Pocket Memo 9500

The Pocket Memo is small and lightweight, measuring 2" x 4.6" x 0.7". It has a full metal case but weighs only 3.7 ounces. The four-position slide switch gives you immediate, no-look control over the four basic functions: record, stop, play, and fast wind. Powered by two rechargeable AAA batteries, recording time on the Secure Digital/Multimedia Card can range from 44-65 hours with a 256MB card or an amazing 349-523 hours on a 2GB card. The batteries provide 17 hours of power--alkalines will give you 15 hours. The excellent audio quality is maintained on the compressed DSS file format, the international standard for professional speech recording. Two recording modes offer a Standard Play or Long Play mode. The large display screen is backlit, and there are two smart buttons for scrolling file management. Playback is through headphones or front speaker, and there's a docking station to import dictation into documents on your PC. SpeechExec Pro Dictate is the program included with the system that facilitates transcriptions and interfaces with other speech recognition software. The SpeechExec Software has a file encryption option for e-mailing or storing sensitive files.


Logitech diNovo[TM] Media Desktop[R]

The Media Desktop will not only get the wires off your desk, but it will replace the electronics clutter with a sleek, award-winning keyboard/MediaPad/rechargeable mouse set of peripherals. All three devices send their inputs to your desktop via a small Bluetooth[R] wireless receiver that plugs into a USB port. The three parts of the system also double as auxiliaries for your laptop if you find typing on the tight, rectangular layout embedded on your portable uncomfortable or limiting. The separate number pad could get you off the top row of numbers and back to a single-hand touch system. All parts of the diNovo Desktop are made to travel. The ultra-flat keyboard is full-size and has the full vertical travel distances of standard desktop keys. The strokes are quiet, and there are three hot keys for Internet, Mail, and Search as well as media controls for audio and video and enhanced F keys for one-touch access for a number of useful functions. The numeric pad has a thermometer and time-and-date display and can be placed to the left of the keyboard for southpaws. It's called a MediaPad because it functions as a customizable remote control for PC images, video, music, and websites and has a three-line LCD readout. The cordless mouse uses a laser, and the scroll wheel tilts left and right for side scrolling and zooming. It recharges in a cradle when not in use.




ZAGG has a clear protective covering for your cell phone, iPod, camera, PDA, laptop, whatever--there are more than 2,000 customized versions for all kinds of electronics. What makes the InvisibleSHIELD different is that it's made of a military grade material--the kind of stuff that was originally designed to cover and protect helicopter blades. The online demo shows the difference when a key is raked across the back of an iPod first without, and then with a SHIELD in place. The scarred back of the uncovered player is kind of unnerving, especially when you think how often these devices share pocket space with keys and change or pens. The coverings are available for just the screen or for the entire body of the device, with all the ports and buttons left uncovered and accessible. To install an InvisibleSHIELD, there's more preparation than the usual peel-and-place with lesser screen shields. The InvisibleSHIELD is sprayed with a solution, placed, and then a squeegee is used to press out the air bubbles. There are a number of very good videos at the website that show how to do it with a couple of different devices.


Belkin Clamp-On Surge Protector

It might not happen often, but when you find yourself under your desk, fumbling around in the rat's nest surrounding your power strip and looking for a spare outlet or a way to turn off your locked up PC, even once can be too much. Belkin has a logical, convenient solution that clamps onto the edge of your desktop. Its Clamp-On Surge Protector lets you reach your outlets and keep an eye on the surge (green) and fault-ground (red) indicator lights. The strip grounds AC power through six surge-protected outlets (four regular and two BlockSpace for chargers with large "bricks" at the plug-end). The power cord is 10 feet long. The surge protector has a response time of less than one nanosecond, and the strip comes with a $15,000 connected-equipment guarantee. There are three different styles, so you might want to get one for the video rack that you use for presentations. Belkin's Web page for the Clamp-Ons is

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